7 November 2004


Much ballyhooed is the 51% mandate that now grants President Bush his needed political capital, but I'm still numbed that the race was close at all. Barring any new developments regarding election 2004, this will be my last missive and I shall move on to other matters worthy of writing upon here. And, here is a comprehensive roundup of all the election result data, showing that all the results weren't captured by Republicans – Democrats made gains in state legislatures and had three million more composite votes for U.S. Senate candidates.

In any case, I'm still in disbelief how:

Some post election predictions:

  • Continued increase in the ranks of those in poverty and those without health insurance.
  • Boost to corporate privatization of public services that empower a transfer of wealth from working and middle class Americans to brokers, insurance company coffers and others politically connected to the Bush cartel.
  • Further concentration of wealth that places more of the ownership society into the hands of fewer.
  • Rise in the number of gated communities to keep the haves and have nots apart.
  • Graft and corruption that exceeds anything seen in the first four years, and will far surpass the sordid record of the Reagan/Bush 41. Of course, with control of all the branches of government, there may be no enforcement.
  • Supreme court justice replacement with individuals more objectionable than Scalia and Thomas. Strict constructionist is a codeword for someone with a far right bent.
  • Continued erosion of civil liberties and freedom of speech.
  • Enforcement of draconian intellectual property laws that inhibit freedom and creativity and instead reward media industry with monopolistic powers.


Great article! I agree with you completely, and could not have said it better. Thanks for citing, "Greg Mitchell's Pressing Issues" article. Very interesting and quite poignant!