26 October 2004

Doctor and a lawyer turned radio talk-show hosts battle it out

On C-Span The Washington Journal show. It's dated (taped October 13, 2004), but still, it was keen to see Valley radio talkers Mike Newcomb and Tom Liddy on television together.

Watch the video.

According to the On Second Thought newsletter, Dr. Newcomb was flooded with emails in support after the show. I'd like to post a link, but it seems the webmaster there hasn't updated the site in eons.


Naum, since I rarely listen to either, and don't watch clips on the cpu(slow bastard)was the show interesting; was there some good arguments, sparks flying-heads shaking?
Mostly civil, though a few of the callers lit into Mr. Liddy for his rude "facial expressions" and Clear Channel serfdom. Newcomb got the obligatory "you commie" crack too…

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