15 October 2004

Firing from over here Firing from over there Firing from the boat

ABC Nightline demolishes Anti-Kerry Swift Boat Story.
ABC News Nightline went to Vietnam and interviewed villagers who witnessed the firefight in February 1969 that led to John Kerry being awarded a Silver Star. The incident is a center piece of the allegations made by the so-called 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth', whose leader John O'Neill has claimed that there was no firefight and that Kerry shot dead a fleeing teenager. Nightline's detailed interviews with the villagers, including former Viet Cong fighters who took part in the incident, verified Kerry's account of events. When confronted by Nightline's Ted Koppel, a clearly rattled O'Neill refused to address the content of the report.


Wow! Interviewing villagers who witnessed the whole hing! You got my vote!
What a crock of shit.

Sorry Naum, don't mean to burst your bubble. But c'mon....what makes their testimony any more credible? Nothing! This is like a sleazy trial where two "experts" are testifying about the same event with contradictory facts.

And I'm the Kool-aid drinker who believes anything radio hosts spew! Good God, but conservatives can never win....