19 August 2004

If you or yours are in a position to help Outlaw Joe in the future, then you probably don't have to worry about going to Tent City

For the privileged, there's a different standard employed by Sheriff Arpaio when it comes to incarceration of lawbreakers.
We all know how Joe Arpaio serves up justice to average schmucks. He proudly shows no mercy. He subjects them to the vilest of conditions. Death and injuries often result.

But it's a different story for the rich and powerful.

If you're the daughter of Jerry Colangelo or Glen Campbell, you don't go to Tent City, you get to stay at the "Mesa Hilton".

Several law enforcement sources tell me that Mandie reported to Joe's secret jail. Maricopa County detention officers call it the "Mesa Hilton." I call it the Glen Campbell Unit -- in honor of the country singer who spent 10 cushy days there in July before throwing his Tent City concert that garnered Outlaw Joe worldwide publicity.

Arpaio claimed to have shuttered the small Mesa jail several years ago. There's a sign on the front door telling visitors that the facility is closed. But the truth is, Arpaio uses the Mesa jail to house those who can either scratch his back themselves or get it scratched.

Mandie, my sources say, was allowed to bring her cell phone and her own meals into the jail, which is air-conditioned, quiet and safe. She was allowed to leave the jail each day for up to 12 hours to attend to work and to her children. Campbell had a similar arrangement.


Learn the real truth about America's Toughest Sheriff.
i love him! he's awesome! thats what all sherrifs should be doing.it will be thta way very soon,especially when the we americans had a whole day without them! that was a great eye opener,it was great!they need to march everyday
Awesome Joe? No, I think not. Joe is a servant of the law and as such is subject to such.
We have a con man who employs sadistic and vicious people he allows or orders to torture, maim, and even kill people in his jail. It doesn't surprise me to hear of the "Mesa Hilton" arrangement he grants to the wealthy and famous in positions to get him publicity making him appear as though he is a righteous and benevolent, maybe even approaching humane, man while beating down further the already downtrodden.

There should be no difference for any prisoner in any facility in America -- no better, no worse, no different. And a majority of voters in the state of Arizona shouldn't be so gullible and easily fooled by a con like Joe Arpaio who is obviously "saving" that money by feeding inmates green baloney and other spoiled food, keeping them in tents to suffer the extreme heat of summer and freeze in the winter, removing every possible comfort but who is he saving that money for? Where? Well, getting stopped in San Diego multiple times in which thousands of dollars in cash was discovered in his vehicle's trunk ---most of us don't carry $25,000+ in the trunks of our vehicles especially just going from Phoenix to San Diego for a few days vacation, do we? Then why does Joe Arpaio? Think maybe he's stashing a lot of cash somewhere in California to avoid detection of funds he's stealing from the taxpayers of Arizona by the savings off of inhumane treatment he is dishing out to inmates in his jail? It is the only logical explanation, just as the only logical explanation for his smashing a vehicle through the windows of a store in Fountain Hills is that he was impaired -- extremely impaired -- not that his "gas pedal stuck", isn't it? I mean, has your gas pedal ever got stuck so that you drove right inside of a store? What do you think would be the result of your doing that? Would it be nothing, like happened to Arpaio when he did this? Or would you be in some jail, albeit maybe a better one than in his tent city? The very thing that he is incarcerating citizens is the same thing he did that day and probably he's been driving while impaired more than once in his life. How is that equitable treatment? Why is it that his lackeys are able to get away with murder and I mean literally get away with murder of people in his jails? If stories from a lot of reliable sources are correct is it acceptable that he takes women out of his jails to "parties" where they are on the menu, or that he is taking a cut right off the top of all the drugs imported into Arizona? How about that house he owns in South Phoenix where who would then have been his tenants were manufacturing drugs on a large scale and arrested by Phoenix P.D--is it even feasible to believe that Joe didn't know what was happening in his rental right by his tent city and other jails? I don't think so. He must have ticked of the P.D. is what I think.

When will the people here wise up to a criminal con man being in charge of the people he arrests and detains in his jails? Maybe forever; maybe not. What if Joe really screws up and is totally exposed before he retires and has to stay in his own facilities? What if he has to eat his own rotten food and be cold in winter, verging on heatstroke in summer, and is forced to wear his own pink underwear?

If what he has sent around comes back around to him? Would that be enough? Hardly --- but it would be something and it would be a start. Perhaps they will find his stashes of cash stolen from Maricopa County residents taxes and be sentenced for those crimes by a federal court and onto a federal prison where he can experience the difference between professionally ethically run facilities and his own little chamber of horrors -- for the rest of his life. Now that would be a really good start.

What, you say? What else could anyone do to him after his life ends here? I believe there is a court tailor made to assess his performance on earth; and it is someone that isn't amused nor will Joe be able to con this judge who will be issuing his eternal sentence. Joe is going to pay for every single bad deed and he is going to be paying in spades.

Justice won't come to him on earth but justice will come to Joe Arpaio and I say "Hallelujah!" to that knowledge.
I have a friend who was sentenced to the tent jail about two years ago for six months. He told me that the guards are getting drugs inside and allow fights to take place between the skin heads and other groups.I am not surprised at anything here. Arizona has always been behind the times, but this should not continue.
I know several people that have been in "joes house" HE STEALS THE SOLES OF OUR CHILDREN. I have not heard anyone mention those in closed custody. This is where you are put in solitary confinement, {which by the way was deemed inhumane and outlawed some time ago}then fed slop{who knows what} once a day,allowed into a cage and moved by two huge guards with full body suits and shackled like visious animals for 1 hour a day {unless of course your on restriction} to use a phone that is mounted 2 feet off the floor and shower 1-2 times a week.Most are kept here 1-2 years while waiting to go to trial.Then if they still have somewhat of a mind left they are takin to court wearing a remote control belt with enough voltage to kill them. The reason we dont hear about this much is by the time they get out of these conditions,they no longer have a mind or a sole.I almost forgot, they also drug them so heavily that they can hardly talk sometimes with drugs like seriquil,tegratall,lithium,etc.These people dont have a chance in hell to defend themselves by the time they get to trial. So those of you that think "joe" is right better hope you or your children dont ever upset him in any way or you to will become part of his sole ccollection. like i said HE STEALS THE SOLES OF OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!
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Arpaio has long been considered by the entire social psychology profession as a text-book example of "functional" psychopathy. This is not a man who will die quietly in bed at the end of a life of public service. His sadistic tendencies will continue after he is too old to maintain his position which will lead to adopting a life-style that has more in common with a serial-killer.

Watch and remember where you heard it first.

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