21 June 2004

Party of Inclusion

Democrats opening up convention coverage to web bloggers.
Democrats say they'll offer media credentials to a handful of bloggers. The Republicans say they've yet to decide what to do about them credentialing deadlines passed with no announcement on whether bloggers could even apply.

GOP spokesman Leonardo Alcivar said details are still being worked out, but some analysts believe the party is wary of bloggers, who tend to be less predictable than mainstream journalists.

More evidence of the myth of liberal media bias Republicans are quite happy with the conventional media and are leery of open reporting.


Just an FYI: list of some bloggers accredited at the Republican Convention at:


Note that one listed is a Kerry fan; one is an ex-liberal; one is undecided (Oxblog was also at the Dem convention); and one (Command Post) is keeping silent (Naum, do you know this one? I haven't read it, yet).

Also, some words from Captain's Quarters on reaction of this news from Daily KOS:

"After the Wall Street Journal published its profile of the accredited bloggers to the Republican National Convention, I expected a bit of blogosphere critique on the selections. After all, with so many excellent bloggers to be found, arguments can be made for inclusion at the expense of any of us who were fortunate enough to be chosen for the privilege.

What I didn't expect was silly, superficial, and factually deficient crabbing like this found at the Daily Kos, this one from Kos himself. Here's Kos' idea of insightful commentary:

Boy, did those conservative bloggers whine, whine, whine when the Big Bad DNC didn't accredit enough of them at our convention. Yet the Democratic Party did invite several conservatives, as well as non-political tech-focused bloggers. None of that at the RNC convention. Not that they should allow Dem bloggers in (I was always clear that only partisan bloggers should've been admitted to the DNC convention), but boy, I remember all that whining. Yet suddenly, those same dufuses aren't so concerned about ideological litmus tests anymore.
Oh, and are there any prominent non-white conservative bloggers. That's a pasty bunch.
Apparently, Kos either can't read or chooses not to, since at least one blogger profiled -- Brian Reich -- publicly stated that he intended to vote for Kerry. As far as I recall, that is one more than the DNC bloggers who proclaimed a solid choice for Bush. Another, David Adesnik, has not made up his mind, while a third chose to keep his decision to himself. Nor is this list complete, as Elizabeth Weinstein did not get responses from all of the RNC bloggers, as she notes in her sidebar:

Accredited bloggers who responded to our questionnaire. Links go to their entry.
Kos asserts that "the Democrats invited several conservatives," neglecting to mention that most were disinvited shortly afterwards. Bill from INDC Journal lost a few hundred dollars in non-refundable travel expenses thanks to that flip-flop from a disorganized organizing committee.

Finally, Kos tries to ignite a little racist war by noting the complexions of those bloggers who sent pictures as a subset of those who responded to the Wall Street Journal's profile requests. Three profiles don't have accompanying photographs of the bloggers. But more importantly, we weren't asked our ethnicity when we applied. It's not like we're on TV, and most of us don't display our picture on our website, at least not on top. All Kos had to do was ask one of us how we got picked, but instead of actually finding out how it was handled, he prefers to just call people bigots instead.

Mean-spirited, ignorant, and lazy -- Kos gives you everything the hard Left has to offer."
Naum, I'm curious-what blogs (besides TPM do you regularly visit and what was YOUR reaction of coverage from Boston? This would be a good post, actually, instead of radio stations.