18 June 2004

Gary Webb, my friend, you are owed a huge apology

On today's KFNX Bob Mohan show, the partisan blowhard host scoffed at a caller reference to Gary Webb, and claimed that the journalist who broke the story on CIA drug running in the 80's was a "flake". It served as another vivid illustration of how great a grade A clueless moron Mr. Mohan is. While I find his show to be entertaining and enjoy his "Blow out the Phones" program, his grasp of factual historical record is deluded. Here is a written piece by a 25 year DEA veteran that collaborates Webb's investigative findings and claims, even further, that the scandal was bigger than even Webb had discovered and detailed.
The interesting thing to me, about the Webb article is that the CIA is† provably† (and now admittedly) responsible for much larger scale drug† trafficking than Webb alleged or even imagined in his report.†† In fact, according to a confidential DEA report entitled "Operation Hun, a† Chronology" that I used as part of the proof to back up the undercover† experiences† detailed in my book The Big White Lie, (optioned for a movie by† Robert Greenwald Productions)† the CIA was actively blocking DEA from† indicting many members of the ruling government of Bolivia, from,† 1980-83óduring a time period that these same people were responsible for† producing more than 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States.


It would be cool if you could provide a usable link to that article. Very interesting. Thanks.