16 June 2004

Credibility of the officers and the tactics they used are so abhorrent that we believe the likelihood of conviction has disappeared

County attorney Rick Romley and Sheriff Joe Arpaio square off at eachother again, this time over undercover officers who crossed the line and used investigative techniques that "undermined prosecution", in a prostitution sting crackdown.
Records detail instances in which deputies or posse members fondled the breasts and genitals of the women and allowed the women to touch their penises with their mouths and hands ó all in the hopes of convincing the women they were not law enforcement officers.

Officers going nude is unacceptable, said Barnett Lotstein, special assistant county attorney. Participating in sex acts is that much worse.

"This behavior is not appropriate. We don't approve of it and we never authorized it. I want to make that clear," Lotstein said. "I have never read a report where a law enforcement or a representative went as far as these people did."

Another colossal waste of taxpayer resources that Sheriff Joe has foisted on a duped Arizona public. And it seems to me that the officer behavoir was indeed criminal, and Mr. Romley should pursue charges against those individuals for solicitation.

Arpaio's reign is a disgrace and it's really time for him to go.


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