13 June 2004

B.S. Enterprises

Former KFNX news director is arrested again.
Tom Simon (Avila, on the air at KFNX) is an experienced criminal whose record in other states goes back two decades and includes arrests for forgery, grand theft, obstruction of justice and assault on a peace officer. He moved to Arizona just after being paroled from an L.A. county prison last June and immediately embarked on a very busy schedule.

Although he's been in Arizona less than a year, Simon managed to fall in love in July, marry in September, lead police on a high-speed chase in November, get popped on 14 felony counts of forgery in December, reinvent himself as a journalist in February, get fired at the beginning of April, and arrested on 20 new felony counts by the Phoenix Police Department by the end of April.

How does an experienced criminal just walk in to a metropolitan radio station and become a news director?


He pulled the exact same scam in Slidell, LA in the early 1990s and almost got away with it there. Though found guilty by the courts, he skiped town owing lots of people and businesses thousands of dollars. He definitely has his act down pat.

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