5 May 2004

We're probably going to get beat down for helping him

In between tangling with enemy rappers and pimping his juvenile prisoner bury the indigent program, the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been doing battle with webmaster Jim Cozzolino, who is the arpaio.com proprietor. Previously, the good Sheriff deployed the Threat Squad to snuff out forum board posters there spreading ill news of Arpaio and his exploits. But the latest ordeal involves Cozzolino's incarceration for an illegal firearm discharge offense and a campaign to dish out a lot of ill fate to an outspoken critic.

I've not kept close tabs on the Sheriff Joe Watch, but this story on Arpaio vs. Cozzolino was troubling to me, at least if the charges Cozzolino states are true. What an abuse of police power, to arbitrarily inflict punishment based upon false pretenses.

Stay abreast of the latest Sheriff Joe goings on here.


Several bits of fluff about Arpaio: (1. he always talks about dealing with "criminals", but of course, almost everyone he deals with, except, primarily, those at the "tents", are merely suspects; according to the Constitution of the United States, these persons are innocent until PROVEN guilty. (2. he is involved in law enforcement. If so, it is peripheral. He is more in the line of Josef Goebbels, P.T. Barnum, and that other icon of fraud in Arizona,
Charlie Keating.

I sued him for what amounts to fraud, and he settled very quickly. There was false imprisonment involved. In the entire state, I could not find an attorney who would proceed
on the same grounds again the Mesa Police Department, but their turn will come soon, too. There are hundreds like me, flim-flammed into what amounts to a scam by so-called "police officers", held for excessive periods of time
based on exaggeration and perjury, and the
conspiratorial nature of the "system" bleeds
them so as to try to generate trumped-up
confessions and plea bargains. For this reason,
jail conditions--which DO NOT involve
"prisoners" but only inmates, by the way--are
kept far more brutal and less humane than
real prisons.

Joe and scumbags like him are costing Maricopa
County many millions in lawsuits, due to
incompetence, error, attempts and showmanship,
perjury, and worse. False charges in these
venues, and grotesque exaggerations of
real events (which MAY be worse) are so common,
and the judges and courts so derelict and
the prosecutors so corrupt, there is little
hope for those caught up in these absurd

Look up the names Markey/Markley and Brown
in connection with the City of Mesa and
Maricopa County, if you really want to become
ill at miscarriages of justice and down-and-out
ripoffs of the public AND of innocent

It's time to quit mollycoddling some of the
most malignant criminals in this country,
the terrorists who live off people's agony,
and subject THEM to the criminal prosecution
they so richly deserve.

Arpaio is just one of them, but the
most obvious and the most fraudulent.