22 April 2004

Caught up in the negativity surrounding Iraq

On Tuesday morning, KTAR David Leibowitz presented a case that the news in Iraq isn't as bad as being painted and read over the air a column by Andrew Sullivan boasting that the Iraq excursion was "win-win". Mr. Leibowitz gave creedence to the notion that all news from Iraq is not negative.
This morning at 9, we'll give some media time to the other Iraq -- the one where negativity doesn't always hold sway, and where hatred of President Bush and "his war" doesn't color every headline.

Is Leibowitz trying to out "Clear Channel" Clear Channel?

Here's some headlines that bring one back to the sobering reality of the deal:


Did you see the predictions liberals were making before the war? Mass refuggees? Thousands of troop deaths? A long, prolonged war. We could never get Saddam. All of their doomsday predictions were wrong. The war turned out a hell of a lot better than they thought.