18 April 2004

Since I was moved out of prime time, KFYI has turned in its worst quarterly ratings in well over a year

Charles Goyette takes issue with a recent editorial blurb by Arizona Republic editorial writer Doug MacEachern.
If my problem with Clear Channel's KFYI was about ratings rather than about my opposition to Bush's elective war with Iraq, it wouldn't have taken them 3 1/2 years to figure it out. Instead, in January 2003, more than three months before the war, they officially notified me they would be extending my contract at their option for another year. With still another increase in salary.

A few months later I declined management's kind invitation to shut up about the war and at the end of the second quarter was moved from afternoon drive time. That, despite the fact that Clear Channel paid me a ratings performance bonus for the quarter! Management's recent spin that it was about ratings is just that - recent. Last year station management denied to a writer from Phoenix Magazine that moving me was about ratings. That was before I went public with my account about being a war opponent at Clear Channel. Thereafter, the ratings spin started.

More proof that Clear Channel and KFYI are tools of the neconservative power block, interested only in shilling for the Bush administration.


So what do you want to do? Have the government take Clear Channel off the air?

Quit bitching.

You guys have every major network, music, movies, television, and most big newspapers. You even have "the newspaper of record". We have radio talk shows.

I wish I could be in your position.