28 March 2004

A Bob Weir of Flower Mound, Texas, is printed often in every single one of these papers

A one David Fisher in Dallas, Texas wonders who Bob Weir is and how he's come to have his letter to the editor published in just about every big city newspaper.
I read several editorial sections from major newspapers around the country on an almost daily basis. These include: The New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, L.A. Times, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Times, and many others.

I have written many, many times to various newspapers and have never had a single letter printed. I do, however, notice that a Bob Weir of Flower Mound, Texas, is printed often in every single one of these papers. I have read no fewer than two dozen letters to the editor in various newspapers written by him.

Who is he? Why does his opinion get so much attention from so many newspapers? I very much look forward to your response.

Though I'd never stumbled across a letter of Mr. Weir's, I thought I'd use this google deal to see if Mr. Weir indeed has propagated his his mind share across the national newspaper realm and hopefully answer Mr. Fisher's query. And indeed Weir has pasted his presence across the editorial sections of not only major metropolitan newspapers, but small town and other national news outlets. Whether it be political election campaigning, education, Bush v. Gore, politician pork, homosexual hate, criminal justice, civil rights, faith based social initiatives, and probably a host of others that arn't represented in the google space.

A biographical blurb on Mr. Weir says he's a retired NYPD sergeant, with two published novels in his credits. Though, it appears that Weir could no doubt, author an illustrative treatise on how to get your letter to the editor published.


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