19 March 2004

No, no, Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan

Former White House terrorism advisor Richard Clarke says the Bush administration wanted to bomb Iraq instead of focusing on Osama bin Laden just after 9/11.
"I think they wanted to believe that there was a connection [between Iraq and al Qaeda], but the CIA was sitting there, the FBI was sitting there, I was sitting there, saying, 'We've looked at this issue for years. For years we've looked and there's just no connection,'" says Clarke.

More proof of the criminal antics of this administration and another reason they should be voted out this November.


Proof? Hardly. Clarke is in deep shit for ignoring his faults and outrageous mistakes in the Clinton era. Osama was offered on a platter several times between 1996-1999!!! We could have gained valuable info from Sudan, but Clarke declined the offer. The result? Bombing of our embassies and the USS Cole. Oh yes, I'm sure he forgot to mention the first attempt at the World Trade Center in 1993. Nothing he can say will beat the Great Fuckup of Clarke, Albright and Clinton. NOTHING!!!!!
But of course, the angry left, always eager to crucify and destroy the names of conservatives to advance their hate causes are willing to ignore it all and throw their support for a deranged, lying shithole.
Hey,appeasers! Neville Chamberlain may be your hero, and now Zapatero; but I prefer those who are willing to act with aggression to end evil, like FDR, Truman, Reagan and Bush II.
Go ahead and cheer on Peaceful Tomorrows, United for Peace, Peace Action and MOVEON; support their PARTISAN, Bush-Hating agenda; I'll cheer on our military and the rest of the surviving families of 9/11 who strongly support our president.