16 March 2004

Just one-third of Arabs say the war liberated rather than humiliated Iraq

That's what the headline of this ABC news blast could have read. Instead, it trumpted how well things are going for Iraqis since the U.S. invasion.

But is the poll extremely flawed because of the "face to face" sampling methodology? In a time and land where it's threatning to even venture outside for many. Sounds like a big bit of PR to me. Seems to violate just about every tenet of balanced statistical sampling. If I stand outside a corner and ask people passing by their perspective even here in the U.S., it's hardly representative of the population as a whole.

Also, note the big gap between Arabs and Kurds in outlook: a majority of Arabs believe invasion was wrong, feel by a 2 to 1 margin occupation is wrong and most alarming, 1 in 5 think attacks on coalition forces are acceptable. But if you just read the headlines, you remain ignorant of these numbers.

U.S.-led invasion:AllArabsKurds
Was right48%40%87%
Was wrong39469
Liberated Iraq 42% 33% 82%
Humiliated Iraq 41 48 11
Presence of coalition forces:
Support 39% 30% 82%
Oppose 51 60 12
Attacks on coalition forces:    
Acceptable 17% 21% 2%
Unacceptable 78 74 96


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