6 March 2004

On the Menu and After Hours

Although KFYI continues its assault on Valley radio listeners with its extremist right wing cacophony during weekdays, Saturday evening programming is a welcome respite. The 4 pm to 8pm time slot is a joy to listen to - Nikki Buchanan and the FYI guy, aka Steven Gregory both put out excellent shows.

Buchanan's On the Menu is a welcome addition to Valley radio fare, with the only comparable competition being Culinary Confessions heard on KXAM. However, unlike the Don & Kim show which seems to be one giant advertisement for their sponsors, On the Menu seems to feature more listener feedback and the host's insight from a restaurant reviewer's perspective is most enlightening.

Steven Gregory's show has to be the biggest secret. The Edward R. Murrow Award winner covers the national and local entertainment scene in a way that far surpasses the cheesy way that most of the mainstream media treats it. The show occupies a real listener unfriendly time slot, Saturday night dinner time, but if you have a chance it's definitely worth a listen.


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