14 February 2004

They only care about profits, they have lobbyists everywhere and they own this White House

Senator John Edwards, doing his best to earn my vote, as he speaks out on American jobs and offshore outsourcing.
The outsourcing of service and white-collar jobs, says Robert Borosage, co-director of the pro-labor Campaign for America's Future, "has outraged not only the well-educated middle class but also working-class parents. They were sending their kids to college so they could get good jobs that are now being shipped abroad."

Consider the exit polls in Tuesday's primaries. In Tennessee, 71 percent of the voters said that "U.S. trade with other countries" took more jobs from the state; only 12 percent said trade created more jobs. In Virginia the comparable figures were 55 percent and 19 percent.

The Bush administration, completely out of touch with the plight of the American worker, beliefs this massive migration of manufacturing and white collar jobs is part of a "positive transformation". Yeah, it's had positive impact on the bank accounts of CEOs, corporate lobbyists, and immigration lawyers, but for Joe Worker, the results have been disasterous. Unemployment is still high, many folks have simply tossed in the towel, and consumer debt levels and personal bankruptcy rates are at all-time highs.

Corporatist James Glassman of the American Enterprise Institute tangled with CNN Lou Dobbs in defense of Bush's pro-globalist, anti-American economic philosophy. Dobbs coverage of "Exporting America" on his show compelled Glassman to call him a "table thumping protectionist".


James Glassman is completely out of touch with the realities of the streets of USA. The USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history and Glassman keeps the facade of Free Trade going.
The unemployment rate is also a facade and can not be compared to the past when the rate was based on full time jobs with benefits. By its onw admission, the Bureau of Labor statistics tell us that at least 4 million are missing from any kind of reporting having given up looking for jobs. The number is actually larger than this.
The Get America Working forum reports that one half of American human resources are not being used. Only about 80 million workers have full time jobs. About 50 million only have part time jobs. This means there are at least another 50 million in limbo. A person making only $100 a iis as if they do not exist.
Free Traders do not want to pass on the obvious failures of the past ten years.
Millions have lost their jobs. Millions have drifted into a silent depression. Families are being split as members leave searching for work. Many families from the Applachian Mountain area are now going home to live off the land again with jobs petering out in the big cities.
Personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcies keep breaking records. 47% of small business man reportedly have max out their personal credit card trying to keep afloat. Only 40% of all workers now qualify for unemployment insurance. 60% do not work long enough or make enough money in any given period to qualify. One third of all over 55 who lose their jobs, never find another one. The need for emergency food keeps breaking records. The homeless now include working families who are working but not making enough money to pay for shelter. Our prison population has broken all records with it now being the highest in the world based on population. There are miles of main streets in our major cities that look like third world countries. There are dead towns with closed down main streets while Wal-Mart thrives by putting out more and more small businesses and then they too leave when the money plays itself out. A CEO of a textile manufacturing company says that even if his company paid their workers absolutely nothing, they can not compete with the imports sold at Wal-Mart.
Hundreds of computer companies have closed down in recent years. Major corporations have too. Over a million lost their jobs in the computer field, about 500,000 in auto and about 700,000 in steel and related industries. Over 35 steel manufacturers have gone bankrupt.
This is not the American that we once knew and the American Dream has been reversed while people like James Glassman pass on the lies of Free Trade. See the Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror art by Ray Tapajna asking who will now untangle the terror Globalism and Free Trade have bred. See Art that Talks and Tapart News at http://yestapart.bizland.co... or short url address at http://tapartnews.filetap.com See top newspaper story featuring the American Dream is Burning art at http://tapsnewstory.filetap... and view all the editorial art and cartoons at http://arklineart.fotopages...