28 November 2003

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

  • Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you’re a conservative radio host. Then it’s an illness and you need our prayers for your recovery.

  • The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq.

  • Government should relax regulation of Big Business and Big Money but crack down on individuals who use marijuana to relieve the pain of illness.

  • “Standing Tall for America” means firing your workers and moving their jobs to India.

  • A woman can’t be trusted with decisions about her own body, but multi-national corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation.

  • Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton.

  • The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches while slashing veterans’ benefits and combat pay.

  • Group sex and drug use are degenerate sins unless you someday run for governor of California as a Republican.

  • If condoms are kept out of schools, adolescents won’t have sex.

  • A good way to fight terrorism is to belittle our long-time allies, then demand their cooperation and money.

  • HMOs and insurance companies have the interest of the public at heart.

  • Providing health care to all Iraqis is sound policy. Providing health care to all Americans is socialism.

  • Global warming and tobacco’s link to cancer are junk science, but creationism should be taught in schools.

  • Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush’s daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him and a bad guy when Bush needed a “we can’t find Bin Laden” diversion.

  • A president lying about an extramarital affair is an impeachable offense. A president lying to enlist support for a war in which thousands die is solid defense policy.

  • Government should limit itself to the powers named in the Constitution, which include banning gay marriages and censoring the Internet.

  • The public has a right to know about Hillary’s cattle trades, but George Bush’s driving record is none of our business.

  • You support states’ rights, which means Attorney General John Ashcroft can tell states what local voter initiatives they have a right to adopt.

  • What Bill Clinton did in the 1960s is of vital national interest, but what Bush did in the ’80s is irrelevant.

  • Trade with Cuba is wrong because the country is communist, but trade with China and Vietnam is vital to a spirit of international harmony.


This is an excellent list.
You have to be an infantile, one-dimensional jerk-off to find this smart and incisive. I'm a Republican, I do drugs every day, I'm not religious. Grow up. (PS. Last I checked, using ILLEGAL narcotics is a crime. Look up illegal in the dictionary. If you've got a problem with the law, that's one thing. I don't like it either. Do you think Republicans magically pass laws all on their own?)
"Do you think Republicans magically pass laws all on their own?"

well, stealing elections and shameless gerrymandering can have that effect, yes.
and by the way, how do you like your (allegedly libertarian, fiscally conservative) Party being hijacked by Fundy/Creationist/GodHatesFags/Bible people, big-gub'mnt crazy spenders, and the Fetus Folk?
Sheer genius. The GOP - proudly upholding the tradition of hypocrisy for all these many years.
I'm going to stash this under my mattress for when they start locking those who aren't registered R in Gitmo and I have to suddenly convert to the Dark Side.

Although Balaban, with his assertion that he's non religious and stoned pretty much proves they little anyone into their little clubhouse.... still I thought it was pretty funny.
Oh yeah? Well...

Howard dean is unpresidential. And crazy!

Best I could come up with.
doing business with "terrorist nations" is illegal unless your company is doing it.

"The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches while slashing veterans’ benefits and combat pay." but when you look at the currrent paytables in this link from DFAS the rates have actually gone up. http://www.dfas.mil/money/m...
And now if your a disabled vet you get disability pay ontop of your retirement pay where as before it came out of your retirement pay but was non taxiable.
I love this website.....where else can you drop off your logical,educated mind at the door and become an angry, babbling liberal,poking fun at your most hated enemy, the Republican? Ohhh.... that word is more vile than Stalin, Hitler and Osama put together.
You poor little degenerate individuals. Some day you'll grow up and realize that hate and envy doesn't fulfill real life.
Then again, I doubt it. You may never grow out of this pathology. I use to wonder why conservatives never answered this childish, senseless diatribe spewed by the so called intellectuals of society. Now, I realize that it's because the rest of us have too much to live for besides drugs, abortion and rampant sex.
Go ahead, my angry friends, screw one another, share the joints and white lines....whoop it up like Howard Dean. The Constitution will keep you safe and ensure you can scream your displeasure.
To the Amused Republican:

But the constitution will not always keep citizens safe--that's the fault and the beauty of it. African Americans and women are the most recent protectorates OF IT, and certain Republicans want to automatically disenfranchise specific groups BY ALTERATIONS TO IT.

I believe in the right to live your life. So long as you hurt no one else, then you have a right to be what you are. Moral persons of political sway seem to think their morals are absolutes--or do they? Are they cowtoeing to the climate, swaying with the breeze to assuage their constituents? That's the real problem, not party affiliation or misplaced ideals--it's the complete lack of ideals and inner strength to judge personal rights that hinder our current president. He has no real opinions, they are fed to him by two men in the shadows, who occasionally step into the light to let America know that they still exist.

At least with Dean, we can feel his frustration, his passion and his courage. Those are things that allow a person to fight pressure, in lieu of caving and surrendering control to those who may seem more acclimated and wisened.

I want a president who trusts himself and respects us as what we are--individuals banded under one banner, who each just want the chance to live our lives in freedom.

That's it. That's all.
To SolsticeRG:

This is the way dialogue should take place. Not with the crap of the main article. Let me simply disagree with you on your basis that Bush is not allowing americans to live freely. I believe he is. I won't get into it. But we areallowing the Iraqi citizens to determine how they will live. I think that's beautiful.
Have a good day.
I know that the writer of this knows better. He also knows that good people have different opinions. Being Repulican does not make us stupid. It simply means we do not believe everything a democrat believes in. Although something similar could be written about Democrats I would never do that. They are entititled to believe what they want. After all isnt that what its all about.
Why does Balaban even claim to be a Republican?

Must be good 'ole American greed.
To the Amused Republican:

Bush has qualitatively stated that I cannot marry my fiance. That our relationship has no legal standing, and that I am not fit to adopt children. More to the point, his Defense of Marriage Act and his proposals to change the constitution threaten that if I do marry my fiance, and if we do adopt (foreign) children, that should one of us die--then the other has no legal rights (as though married couples would) to continue on and raise the children (not to mention inheritance my or his estate).

He's devastating my future. My ability to plan my life and live with some semblance of security is vanishing more and more every day George Bush acts. I pay taxes, give to charity, volunteer with troubled youth and tutor kids at risk. I'm not a deviant, I love my job and I do everything any other respectable citizen would and should do. Why is he punishing me?

Is this what I and millions of others DESERVE?

Are you willing you condemn people like that, to deny them what you take for granted?
I just posted this site as a link on my webpage for Jan 30th. I update it every morning M-F.

To SolsticeRG: The Defense of Marriage Act doesn't infringe on the rights guaranteed to you in the Constitution.
There comes a point when the Constitution and Federal Government has to stop in their legislation of culture. We as a society and culture marry as heterosexuals, because that is the way it works. The majority of Americans have voiced their opinion that while homosexuals should definitely be free from harassment and persecution (the Texas Case), to continue further is one step too large.
I don't believe that raising children in a homosexual household is moral. I don't believe Marriage between homosexuals is moral.I already know the vast numbers of children who are raised by asshole, shitmonger heteros. I'm aware of the nonsensical, reprehensible lack of serious marriage vows among heteros. It doesn't change the face of what Marriage and Families should be.
Legal unions recognized by the state, for benefits, legal decisions for homosexuals? No problem with that. An amendment defining marriage? I don't think so. I don't want to use the Constitutionas like that. Just lookat prohibition.
I'm sorry if this sounds to you that I abhor you for your orientation. I don't. I'm sorry if you feel I'm condemning you. I'm not. I do not take anytrhing for granted, Solstice.
And please, don't exaggerate about the vanishing of your life planning and security. Clinton didn't do anything for you and your life planning anymore than an elected Gore would have. An elected Democrat won't do anything either in this issue.
You aren't being punished, or condemned.
To the Amused Republican:

Actually, you and I seem to have an issue in common: I do NOT want an amendment defining marriage. But that is the EXACT thing Bush has proposed. He wants an amendment to the constitution defining marriage as a union between man and woman. It would be a de facto extension of disenfranchisement.

But since you've stated your position on the morality of homosexuals (or lack thereof), would you then turn on the dime and reverse your opinion? "An amendment defining marriage," you said, "I don't think so." However, this amendment would provide salve to the injured sense of morality that our government has done to you by "their legislation of culture," wouldn't it?

It's all culture. Some of it just isn't your culture, so people like you rename it immoral or, as my mother describes Madonna (and I happen to agree here): Amoral. Worthless and not accorded the rights of the previously defined morally right.

I just want to live my life, love my family, and make my home. But personally, no--I'm probably not being punished. Republicans would have to know me personally to punish me personally. Instead, these poiliticians, hell-bent on morality plays, blindly lash out at populations they neither know nor understand. All done in an effort to appease the religeous zealotry of P.A.C.s who throw dollars towards the friends of the church.

I'll end there.
Every time I hear a politician stand up and stay that they oppose same sex marriages I feel like I'm being slapped in the face. I don't really care when it's a mayor from some podunk town in the middle of no where, but when I hear it from governors and the president himself it just drives me nuts. All I can think is - shouldn't the consitution be defending me from this? You can think I'm immoral or that my having sex with my girlfriend is immoral, but those are RELIGIOUS views that have no place in preventing my marriage. It's OK for me to marry a wealthy ninety year old man so that I can take his money when he dies, but it's not OK for me to marry the woman with whom I've spent many years of my life loving and planning our future together? I don't like fundamentialist who think homosexuality is immoral and fight to deny me my rights, but I'm not going to tell them that they can't do something that I can do. Some times I just want to scream, DON'T YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR TIME??? Why are you coming to these rallies to tell me that I'm going to hell when you have a new granddaughter waiting at home? It just blows my mind how people waste their time on me. It just blows my mind that I have to waste my precious time fighting back. Can't we focus on something that's more important?
Let's put it another way. We all, that is, all of humanity live in spheres of defined cultures. In each cultural sphere, the majority live within its prescribed boundaries with no quarrels, while others on the fringe tend to try and expand, or change these bounds. That's the way we have lived for a hundred thousand years.
Of course, the difficulty of a simple example like this is that some may be comfortable in some cultural traditions,or practices, but on the fringe in regards to others. The way it works is that those happy in their spheres fight change, while those unhappy fight for change. Cultural change occurs when one side wins. There is nothing inherently evil in this, despite the rhetoric from champions on both sides. On this issue of marriage and child rearing, we are at odds.
Let me reiterate, I did not decide morality of homosexuals, only of the sanctity of marriage as a holy institution and child rearing. Homosexuals, in my mind, can have at. I just don't want to completely lift the cultural weight off my shoulders and allow marriages and adoptions by homosexuals. Having said that, I still wouldn't approve of an amendment, in the same way I wouldn't approve a flag burning amendment.
I don't go to rallies, I won't condemn you to hell, I'm not a zealot. Good God Almighty, I have an opinion and beliefs that won't be shaken. So do you. Don't hate me for it in the same way I couldn't hate anyof you.
The hell bent religious politicians, whom you casually refer to as Republicans are no different than the hell bent leftist politicians (some are Dems, but not all) who want to shred our cultural heritage.

To Gay and Wishing: Marriage for MANY people IS religious. That's the point. All your examples of lousy, degenerate people marrying won't change the fact. I frown at the the stupid Hollywood couples referred to as matches made in heaven; when we all know they'll be divorced in no time. I'm nauseous at the stupid reality shows that use marriage as a goddamn rating ploy (Bachelor, Bachelorette, Meet the Shameful Parents). Marriage and the institution of it IS religious, especially in the Judeo-Christian sphere, which we are part of.
The majority of conservatives, thank you very much, don't want to judge anyone by their private actions, or even public acts of affection. But the majority of all Americans are uncomfortable with this subject of marriage and children.
Do you think forcing acceptance of this issue down everyone's throat is as equally fair as those condeming you? Time is what it takes to change. I'm sorry this sounds bad, but it's reality. It'll take time to change. Right now, no one wants this much change.
People against gay marriage and other gay rights have no scientific logical reasoning to fall back on. They can only argue from a moral/religious ground, and that's fine but they should recognize it for what it is.

The facts however tell a different story and have shown that:

Kids raised by gays or lesbians are just as well (or even better) adjusted as other kids. And to say that a kid is better off in the foster care system or in group homes, is completely ignorant.

Allowing Gays and Lesbians to marry doesn't effect Mr and Mrs smith's marriage in any way.

Allowing Gays and Lesbians to serve in the military as is allowed in other countries has no detrimental effect and probably has some very POSITIVE effects.

If you're just stubbornly against it, you have a right to that opinion, but don't try to rationalize it because you can't.
Looks like the piece degenerated into 'Same Sex Marriage' issues........typical isn't it? Well, they have had their way for ages and look at the results. As for all of the other important points, I add,


To the Amused Republican:

I agree with you on many points here. The majority in the society doesn't want the changes associated with gay marriage. Fine. Give it another decade or so, and the climate will have shifted. That's how America works. America is not the epitome of unequal distribution of rights, but we're not free from that, either. "Majority Rule, Minority Right," as one of my professors used to tout, and eventually, the rights will catch up to the rules.

Having said that, this next point may seem like the severe beating of a long dead horse, but I wanted to say it. Marriage is grounded in religious beliefs: YES. American Marriage requires religious beliefs: GOD NO. That's why any schmuck on the sidewalk can become Justice of the Peace--marriage is a BUSINESS contract between two people in order for them to better organize and live their lives together. No GOD required, simply birth certificates and two people. Right now, of course, there can only be one penis and one vagina, but that could change.

The point? If G.W. does try and include into the Constitution a D.O.M.A. that religiously codifies the legally enforced contract of marriage, then he's going to be shut down by nine people VERY quickly. Our President seems to think he can mix (Christian) Church and State with no one the wiser. Ah, aren't monkeys funny?

BTW: I enjoy your analysis A.R., thanks for explaining your views to people who can't fathom.
To SolticeRG:
You're a breath of fresh-air.
Here is what will happen with this proposed amendment: nothing. Congress, though heavy on the right, will not have the muscle to duke out a favorable bill. Won't happen. And surely, 3/4 of the state congresses will never approve it either. Especially with the news from Massachusetts today.
It's just talk from a politician, just as they all talk.

Let me ask this, and this is not to taken wrong. If marriage does begin occurring between homosexuals, do you believe divorces and relations will sour as they are today for heteros? It seems mysterious to me that people will fall in love and profess to have the perfect man, or woman; then divorce within months, or years after being married. The media goes apeshitover Ben and Jenn; whatever. Celebrities are especially relation retarded.
Marriage to me is a transcendance of sorts, it takes a relationship to a different plane than simply living together.

Someone has to answer this for me: do homosexuals feel they have better, stronger, meaningful relationships with their partners than the average joe hetero couple? If not, will we start seeing divorces and lawyers and couples on Jerry Springer? Is the gay world ready to participate in that overplayed and wrongly stated statistic of "1/2 of marriages end in divorce." Are they ready for alimony, child support, suingfor custody. I'm just curious.
To the Amused Republican:

No one is saying that marriage is a guaranteed success. The whole "Bennifer" thing makes me nauseous and relatively hostile seeing that these two obviously used marriage as a publicity ploy. But that's their right (sick as it seems). Entering into marriage puts only the people involved in the marriage at risk for harm (emotional or otherwise). Loss is a part of life, and that's fine. I full well believe the "homosexual community" (there's no such thing, really) is more than willing for their chance to roll the dice. That's all they want.
A fair shot at what the government protects for the rest of society.

And GOD NO, homos and heteros each have the same kinds of problems. Neither side has the potential for stronger relationships than the other--we're all only human, after everything's been said and done. Each individual person wants, yearns and drives for their chance at that "trancendance of sorts," that quality which "takes a relationship to a different plane." How is it fair for a couple, who reach for just that expereince, that higher existence with a mate, to be slapped down by others who have had such a right for decades and openly abused it?

In short, I'm sure that many homosexuals would welcome the chance to become part of the statistics of marriage. This would at least give them the chance to TRY and fulfill their goals.

P.S. ~ In the above, the word "mate" was not used in the etymologically classical sense of the word. (For all you pickers and O.E.D. lunatics).
To Everyone:

Just something poignant from a couple in Massachusetts:

"We will no longer have to try to explain to our eight-year-old daughter why we can't marry, or that we love each other even though we are not married. And more importantly, we'll be able to provide Annie with the full protections under marriage that we now can't possibly provide no matter how many legal documents we draft and sign."

Good things are coming.
I personally would not call "WUBBYA" a republican. This little man is a "Dictator a Tyrant and definate Coward". Bush, lied to the American people more than once and should be tried for the war crimes he commited, invading Iraq and killing and wounding not only his own people but over 20,000 Iraqi's, and then "Deported" for the good of the U.S. Bush has the mentality of Charlie Manson, "EVIL". Show Bush the Door in "2004". G. Dieckmann tech@techniguy.com
One thing I have not heard anybody mention is a response to Republicans using the Bible as justification why gay marriage is wrong.

What happened to freedom of religion? By republicans basing what's right and wrong by the Christian Bible, it leaves no multi-cultural level of understanding or representation. The United States is a menting pot afterall. Right?
Yes, Bush must go. He killed Iraqis, although not the hundreds of thousands Saddam killed, but Saddam was an elected official; state sponsored genocide is none of our business. Yes Bush must go. He committed our men to a war based on projected security concerns. He should have waited until another city was scarred by smoke, death and mayhem before declaring action. Yes, Bush must go. With a Democrat, we'll wait for the wisdom of the United Nations to guide our foreign policies. They have a great record in Bosnia, Serbia, and Rwanda. These countries are testament to the good will of enlightened progressives like us who only want peace. Bush is incredibly evil for acting, rather than waiting. That bastard! Why deport suspected terrorists when they haven't blown anything up yet? Bastard! Saddam treated his people better than Bush treats us; Hitler at least gave fellow Germans jobs, so what if most of the jobs were in the "cleansing department." Hitler "cared"; Stalin "cared"; Saddam "cared". Bush is beyond evil for daring to continue this crazy war. All we have to do is apologize to Oasam and he'll leave us alone!!! I'm with all of you Bush haters. I feel so intellectual and enlightened now.
It's really very simple when you get right down to it-- Democrats want to use the power of government to help everyone; Republicans want to use the power of government to help themselves.
All I have to say is when the leader of the Free World pronounces 'nucular' and is a hypocrite in every aspect of his government; people need to wake up and get him out of the White House . People need to listen to Bill Maher, and realize that this guy has done more to divide this nation and the world than any one person. Its sad that after an intelligent president like Clinton,we have someone who is a mediocre student, lived life on his parents' coat-tails, and someone who has effectively made some great people in the govt quit out of frustration. I pray everyday that Bush gets convicted of crimes against humanity inthe Intl. Court and his Texan swagger is all he has left to boast about.
This item posted under my name and email on Feb. 29th is a forgery, I did not post it.
It was posted by the person calling himself RIC FLAIR (another stolen name) with the email address of Nature-Boy5@webtv.net among others.
He has been stealing my identity for seven months and posting it all over the web and to spam and marketing lists and all his favorite gay porn sites.
He is a dishonest thief, forger, and a internet criminal without the balls to use his real name. Beware of this internet pervert.

You are welcome to remove the entry. Thank you.
G. Dieckmann
right or wrong,something must be done about terrorism.hating each other,and arguing will do nothing to make our country stronger and more secure.
on the gay marriage issue...i wait patiently for the day when government will revert to its original purpose of keeping people in line, and stay away from religious dogma and trite moralisms. you can't make people think the way you do, and that's not how government should operate.
maybe we should invade sweeden i hear its a hot bed of terrorists and they have w. o .m .d.
Am I republican... because I think abortion is wrong? Because I believe in God? Or am I democrat... because I think gay love is every bit as beautiful as straight love? Why does it have to be "democrat" or "republican". Why can't it just be "what we believe". Screw politics.
oh why dont you democrats just go kill another baby?!!!!!!!!!!
George Bush drives around in his car drunk, and his wife crashes into people and kills them. Sounds like a good couple...
Republicans have gotten behind a smirking monkey puppet, now they can't admitt their wrong...so 500 million $/3 months of our tax dollars (not including military escort) go to give iraq 50 cent/gallon gas.


Soooo...here some more things we have to believe to be a republican today

Iraqis should pay 50 cents/gal while americans pay over 2 bucks/gal.

Clinton cut and ran from Somalia not confronting terrorist while Reagan saved lives after terrorists bomb 168 Marines in Lebanon.
Drilling in ANWAR will solve all of our energy needs but solar,wind,biofuels,all hydrogen fuels,and conservation does nothing.

I could go on and but Ashcroft is probably building a file on me now....
I like helicopters...I call them "Whirley-Birds"
mistake i meant 5 cents/gal too many drinks
Fuck GWB. Fuck the US Government. Fuck the CIA. Fuck them all. They are all going to go away. Because I said so.
Here's my contribution:

You're more concerned about what children hear over the air then you are about the actual air they breate.
Unfortunately if ytou don't like Bush, I doubt that Kerry is gonna make your smile magically appear. Kerry has said nothing of the strongarming Howard Stern is receiving from the FCC and can only support "womens rights" every chance he gets. He has said nothing of protecting infant males from R.I.C. or stopping the requirement of every male to register for the draft at 18. In Fact Kerry has said very little except he hates Bush and supports womens rights to receieve abortions but never know the history of the doctors who perform the operations, the history of the clinics, the training history of the workers. The care women recieve at abortion clinics is an abomination, no matter who is president.

The gay marriage arguement is a smoke-screen. Instead we should be discussing the state of health care providers in this country, but we're to hung up on rather homosexuals are deviant and might spread their deviancy to children.

Public education is the blame. People believe the contraversies that the media tells them to. Get in line, eat lunch at 12.
Same sex marriage is all about money . Insurance companies , HMO's and big buissness are against it because of the coverage for spouses and children . They want to keep their money so they can give part of it as campaign contributions the rest to be used as bonuses and outrageous pay for CEO's .
Converted Liberal , they weren't "projected security concerns" but outright lies . Facts twisted by the current administration . "Deport suspected terrorists" the bin Laden family was escorted from the U.S. after the World Trade Center fell , when all other aircraft in this country were grounded . I guess you could call that deporting them . And , Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with Iraq until Saddam Hussein was removed . He didn't want that threat to his authority either .
Staunch and speechless. What has happened to people... or perhaps what has it grown to in such a short span of time?

There is so much indifference, hatred, and intolerance alive right now you could choke on it.

This was a great read, thank you...

And now, something of perhaps more poetic esteem minus the politics... imagine that, difficult I know, especially during times like these, but I thought it would be appropriate to escape - into someone else's mind.

"Little Susie"

Written and composed by Michael Jackson.
Produced by Michael Jackson.
Somebody killed little susie
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
She was there screaming
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon...
A fall down the stairs
Her dress torn
Oh the blood in her hair...
A mystery so sullen in air
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care,
Oh the blood in her hair...
Everyone came to see
The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head...
And suddenly a voice from the crowd said
This girl lived in vain
Her face bear such agony, such strain...
But only the man from next door
Knew little susie and how he cried
As he reached down
To close susie’s eyes...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
Oh the blood in her hair...
It was all for god’s sake
For her singing the tune
For someone to feel her despair
To be damned to know hoping is dead and you’re doomed
Then to scream out
And nobody’s there...
She knew no one cared...
Father left home, poor mother died
Leaving susie alone
Grandfather’s soul too had flown...
No one to care
Just to love her
How much can one bear
Rejecting the needs in her prayers...
Neglection can kill
Like a knife in your soul
Oh it will
Little susie fought so hard to live...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
So young and so fair
my favorite is the 9/11 commission and the widows from colts neck are literally blaming NORAD for the 9/11 attacks. Those guys in cheyenne mountain were tracking those 4 jets, and 39,996 other flights that day, they should have known the planes were hijacked and shot them down, thunderous applause from the gallery. Oh, your husband wasnt on the plane he was in the building. That logic and applause adds up to those people knew their loved ones were working in a building that was a target. People had been killed in terrorist attacks years before, yet you allowed your husbands to continue to go to work with a bullseye on their backs. You failed your husbands, you should apoligize to your husbands. Do I think the wives from middletown and colts neck failed their husbands? No. But that is their militant logic. Lets blame the 19 terrorists who flew those planes into buildings. A thing that will never happen again, ever! why? cause the passengers on the planes will never let that happen again, they would die first. So move on and blame the terrorists, they are pouring into iraq to kill americans, and themselves. Message to Al-Quieda, dont kill yourselves, let us kill you.
Howard, I love you, but you should really stay out of politics. You just don't have a clue. Stick to being a funny guy on the radio. I am Jewish (though really an atheist) and a REPUBLICAN. I obviously disagree with lots of republican social policies, but the democrats will make our country weak, raise our taxes, and ruin our improving economy. I VOTE WITH MY WALLET.
As a former mega-ditto head Republican I found this quite amusing. It sums up quite well all the problems I have with the present day Republican party. Those Republicans who took such great offense at it and attacked it for being simplistic (it's a quasi-humorous list not a college dissertation) probably didn't like how dead on it actually is.
Atheist Republican, you realize your president believes Jesus rules the white house, right? A true atheist can see how dangerous this is to the rest of the country, and would never vote for such an ignorant and narrow-minded individual. Get a clue.
whatever happened to being an American, forget all this republican and democrat bullshit. I'm sick of ALL politicians, not just Republicans and notjust Democrats, imposing their moral and religious beliefs on me. What happened to the separation of church and state?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

that is the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The very first sentence states the separation of church and state, yet on every piece of currency and in every courthouse in this country it says "In God We Trust". The second sentence provides for the pratice of free speech,yet the FCC regulates what people can say, hear, or watch. As an American citizen, the government should not be telling ME what's appropriate for me to hear, I should be making that decision.

Finally, I believe Howard Stern is right to get involved in politics, because that's his right as a citizen. He tells the truth, he tells it exactly as it is, he doesn't care what other people think about him or what he's saying. I think it's great that he's making a stand for what he believes in and I think more people should.
I'm throught with Republicans. I'm ashamed to admit I ever voted for them. But I realize that the Democrats are really not any different. The two parties are one in the same. I'm making my vote count in November. I'm voting Libertarian from this point forward.

Wow. I have found that I've become increasingly Libertarian as of late. I support the rights of all individuals in the pursuit of happiness. Whether it be gay marriage or what have you. I believe the government should keep its nose out of peoples' business (my bedroom, my house, etc.)and run the country. Let's legalize some drugs and reap the revenue! The only time the gov't has any right to my home is when it is for the purpose of protecting another person. I support neither Bush nor Kerry. (Does anyone actually know what Kerry stands for? I have yet to hear more than two platforms. Pro-abortion and he does not support gay marriage, just "gay union." I guess its better than Bush.)What I want is a President who can run this country, decrease the bullshit spending, and stay out of my life.
All I have to say is that IF by some miracle of the deep black abyss, his 'appointedness' maintains his position, we're all better off going down to K-Mart and picking up a few new brown shirts...

Seems like it is that or being shipped of to re-education camps with bibles tied to our necks.
To all republicans that think a democrat in the white house is bad for the economy -- guess what. Open your friggin eyes. Both Bush Senior and Bush junior have presided over the worst economies we've had in the past 20 years. Republicans CREATE bad economies. Democrats CURE them from ridiculous republican policies.
I agree with CMU. Just be an American and lets take care of our own. By the way I am a Capitalist.
The Bush "ass kissers" are using the death of Ronald Reagan to draw (imaginary) comparisons between the two presidents. A better comparison might be between Bush and O J Simpson!
check out this website:


it shows short, 30 second ads that regular people produced about the Bush administration. The most powerful, I think, is the first one, titled "Child's Pay". It pretty much sums up Bush's economic failures.
We all need to wake up to the reality of our situation as Americans. The problem cannot be blamed on either Republicans or Democrats. The problem is us. We have been given so much personal freedom and so many diversions that we really don't care what corporate America and organized religion is doing through the government. If we can manage to pry our attention away from our TV's, movie screens, fast food troughs and SUV's to focus on who we really are and what is really going on we might just see things improve. It's so easy to blame one party or the other and then go right back to our distraction of choice, blindly hoping that it will all work out in the end. If we could just exercise some will power and show these greedy, manipulative, ego-driven corporate swine what power really means. True power is love and unity. Peace, brothers and sisters.
Republican, Democrat what's the difference? Neither of them run the country, PACs do. George Washington warned that political parties would be the ruination of this present constitution and the influence of PACs is the manifestation of that ruination. As for the gay marriage argument, all i have to say is what ever happened to that wonderful little thing that helped create this great country of ours...TOLERANCE???
Dear Republicans,
Whatever happened to the core American values you say you cherish: honesty, integrity, and fairness? You seem to be saying it's okay if someone ignores those values as long as he's on our side. Well, those of you who feel that way can eat shit. And the rest, if you don't like Kerry, then DON'T VOTE FOR HIM! There are lots of third-party candidates to choose from. Try thinking outside of your own selfish world for a change and PICK ONE!
The real fun comes this summer in NYC during the GOP convention. Wanna guess and see if there is a record amount of money spent on hookers that week? I guess thats trickle down economics in action.
Hey, being Republican isn't a crime. It also doesn't make you stupid. Often, however, it makes you wrong. The two types of people who vote Republican (generally, of course, not 'always') are the Rich (who benefit by this vote) and the ignorant (who are trained in ethics, politics, and 'life' by Fox News, fair and balanced but not much more than propaganda and tend to actually be shooting themselves in the pocketbook (keep in mind 'Catsup is a veggie' in school lunch).
I have even voted for Republicans (John Lindsey, Nelson Rockerfeller to name a few); since the 'Big Tent' opened and let in all the Neos whose philosophy is 'turn up the volume', Lie to the masses (that ALWAYS worked throughout history), and serve your own interested at the same time you deceive the world, I've not been able to do anything with Republicans except fear them (because they do Wars predicated on invented 'intelligence' (which, if it is invented isn't 'intelligence' at all, but fraud), STEAL elections (get real; that IS what occured in 2000. Period), commit treason (doing things like stealing elections fundamentally undermines the United States national Security, thus it IS treason) and more...and more...and more.
So, we'll soon see if the American People are as stupid as we fear. Will they wake up to find that 'Manufacturing Jobs' like McDonald's Hamburgers are all that are left (assuming they aren't outsourced to India where the cows might object anyway)? Will the awaken to find that the US Treasury is now in the hands of Halliburton, Carlisle Group and 1% of superrich? Will they awaken to find the middle class has gotton an eleventh finger, the middle finger of those robbing them? Probably not. But we can hope.
Anyway. Feel free to be a Republican. But do this: tell me what you stand for, what your policies are, and how you can effect said policies without damaging our lives (the rest of us who aren't super rich...)
States Rights Forever! Unless, of course, they interfere with our agenda!!
On the gay marriage thing: how many religous people get married in a courthouse? None. How many people select phrases from the legislation to use in their marriage vows? None. When people want marriage defined for them, do they ask their pastor, or do they ask their Senator?

This should be a classic, obvious case for the separation of church and state. This whole debate is an absurdly stupid waste of time and money.

If people want to get their panties in a knot over this *sacred* term, *marriage*, then let's get government out of the marriage business altogether and switch to legal unions for all, whether you are straight, gay, spinster sisters, whatever. If you want a marriage, go to church.

Like it or not, this is reality: there are gay people in every community in this country, they are living their lives. And you know what? They are ALREADY getting married in the eyes of their churches. I have been to a couple gay weddings that, although not legally sanctioned, were performed in large, prestigous churches with the full support of their congregations and church leaders.

So for crissake, let them file their damn taxes together. What friggin difference will it make to ANYBODY??? If you hate gays you are still free to join a church that condemns homosexuality. Knock yourself out.
I am 35 and this is the first year I will vote. I never felt like I could make a difference. I never felt like there WAS a difference between one rich white (mostly southern or new england) corrupt politican and another. I still feel this way but what has happened with this administration is loose cannon, out in the open corruption. and they dont care that we know. It needs to be changed. I dont think most of our concerns will go away if Kerry wins but the strangle hold the Bushs, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Ridge and Cheney have on this country and others needs to be halted.

Angel, CMU: I agree.
I have always been extremely moderate (oxymoron, yeah) in my beliefs. I wish people would stop hurting each other but only if we get to hurt the hurters. If what you like to do doesnt hurt anybody, directly or indirectly, go ahead.

Gay or any other kind of marriage and kids: Get rid of it. Give no benefits, no legal standing, no financial rights. It IS a religious ceremony and has no business in government. Take care of the kids we got. Dont make more. Zero population growth for 10 years. We wont die out, I promise.

I was going to list all of my beliefs/position on issues but my response is already too long. look for me on livejournal.com if you want to know.

Amused Rep and Solstice: this is what happens when disagreements run their course. We realize that we really dont hate each other and can eventually discuss things in a respectful way.

Froglips: I like helicopters too. :)

I got here by way of Howard Sterns site.
Can somebody explain to me why there are so many articulate, intelligent Republicans on this board who want to vote for a guy who can't speak a proper English sentence? I seriously don't think I have ever heard G.W. speak a complete sentence without making a glaring grammatical error or inventing a word. I know he's from Texas, but the guy *DID* supposedly attend Yale.

This list should be renamed, "Things you have to believe to VOTE Republican THIS YEAR". There are lots of Republican positions I can respect, and there are plenty of good Republican polititians, just as there are certainly crumby democrats. But I just can't possibly understand how any thinking person can vote George W. Bush. Just look at his record.

ALL of the Republicans I have spoken with recently will be voting for John Kerry. They may be conservative, but they're not STUPID.
Yeah, its interesting to watch people realize the party line isnt in the best interest of themselves or country.

It give me hope that someday, maybe in 50 years or so, this mostly two party system will go away.
To Common Sense:
The FAA requires comercial filghts to file a flight plan stating where they are going and how they will get there. At 8:28(EDT) am on 9/11 American Airlines Flight 11 went off course. At 8:50 am on 9/11 we lost contact with another flight, American Airlines Flight 77, AFTER the towers were hit. We know this, there are FAA records. At 9:24 a.m. on 9/11 fighter jets were scrambled. Terrorist are to blame to the attack. At 9:04 a.m. on 9/11 President Bush was advised of the attacks and does nothing because he is reading with school children. At 9:30 a.m. the President says we have suffered an "apparent terrorist attack". Who is to blame for the delayed responce time?
People - look for the facts of what is happening in the REAL world. Don't look for the truth in American Media-radio, T.V., and newspapers. Look to the press of other countries and the internet. Use your vote backed with infomation. I myself will vote for the lesser of two evils, Kerry. People need to look at the larger picture. If you want change - pick someone how has the greatest chance to effect change.
Vote for Kerry. At least he speaks english.

"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream. " --

I have read everything on this page and let us be real about it. Whats wrong with America is the question. The answer is that of true simplicity. Somewhere in time (lets cut that down after Reagan and in the middle of Bush 1) "We the People" lost sight of the true meaning of America. This is a country that all though we wish to think seperates church and state was founded on religous beliefs, the founding fathers addded the sepration into the constitution because they themselves were escaping persicution. Freedom of speech is something that we should all be concerned about. The FCC is going after Howard Stern because they have no desire to have him on our airwaves. This is not a Bush issue but it is the issue of a person he appointed to the office. And that he should address.
Look at the overall problem here. Politicians have made a career out of a situation that was once a prestigious honor. We the people are electing these people that have forgotten about a civic duty and the responsability to the people they serve.Wake up people a campaign has become a popularity contest when it should be focused more on issues that really need to be addressed.
I personally do not beleive in abortion but I will contend that as long as it is legal we should be funding stem cell research. Lets take something bad and get something good out of it.
Reality check here we did not go into Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction we went in for retrobution of the over three thousand people that died because someone didn't like their way of life (sound familier Hitler). So istead of us saying that Bush was wrong lets say is the body count of the enemy higher than that os Sept. 11. I am not saying that we have not mishandled somethings over there I am saying that we all need to get off the whole WMD thing. Terrorism is like the pyramid set up, just by taking out one cell does nothing for the entire establishment.And I do believe in the theory of blow the shit out of the country to show we are not messing around. We have given the people in the middle east plenty of time to turn over who we want.
Going into same sex marriage is always interesting. I say with all this shit going on today if two people of the same sex want to marry who cares atleast they found love. And if they can raise a child with that love let them. On the other hand this should be a majority vote issue and to both sides on this whatever the out come rest in the fact that it was your peirs that made the choice and not a bunch of elected officials that really don't care as long as their check clears at the end of the month. MA has a problem because the people spoke and then were illigally assaulted by a court that over turned their choice, see this is totally wrong.

In the end it is "We The People" that effect change, not a President not a congressmen or a senator WE DO. So you can keep arguing over who is wrong or you can become and American and start to show more respect to yourself and this country. America is not a plot of land but an inspiration that we all carry within ourselves. Lets make the founding fathers dreams continue with respect and not take things for granted. Embrace all the ideas of your neighbor and then make your own dession after you hear both sides.

The problem with using the term "morality" to justify legislation is that morality is both subjective, personal, and often connected to one's religious beliefs. I find it strange that conservatives, Republicans, and members of the Christian Coalition (conservative Republicans) seem to view homosexuals as immoral, promiscuous, and hellbound; yet any effort by gay couples to declare their monogamy and commitment to each other (effectively proclaiming that they DO NOT choose promiscuity) is met with furious outcry by those same Republicans who claim to promote family values. I also find it strange that people like George W. Bush think that terminating a pregnancy--preventing the continued development of something that may someday be a person is far worse than murdering thousands of realized people- people with families, with history and experiences- in the name of War.
The list of Republican/Christian hypocrisy is nearly endless, but I guess that talking out of both sides of one's mouth is something that these people learned early--from the priest/pastor/bishop at church.
>It give me hope that someday, maybe
>in 50 years or so, this mostly two
>party system will go away.

Frustrating as it may seem sometimes, the two party system WORKS. It's always amazing to me how the congress is consitantly close to 50/50. Opinion polls and Presidential elections fall right along party lines, usually very close to 50/50. It shows that most people in this country have fairly similar opinions and reach a consensus on a broad range of issues. We split hairs over gay marriage and prayer in schools, but the central issue, separation of church and state, is something we all pretty much see eye to eye on.

In an election, there are people on the left who will always vote Democrat, and people on the right who will always vote Republican. So the politicians are wise to focus their attention on the MIDDLE. It's frustrating for those of us on either extreme, because the politicians all start to sound the same. But that is simply because they are competimg for the SAME VOTES - the *undecided*, middle-of-the-road voters.

But I suspect that many of those people who thought Bush and Gore were just a couple of clones probably see things differently now!

A third party will work if it can jump right in and take a full third of the vote and take equal parts from the exisiting two parties. Otherwise, the new party is just canabalizing one of the exisiting parties. There are plenty of people who criticize the two-party system who are none too happy about the effect Nader'04 could have.

Having said that, I would fully support a third-party of neo-conservatives to splinter the Republican party! But that's not going to happen because the Republicans have done very well with their united front. Liberals and progressives should rally together to strengthen the Democratic party, THEN work to make it better.

Interestingly, the argument I am making here has alot to do with why many worry that democracy may not be possible in Iraq, where there is a broad difference of opinion between distinct majorities and minorities. In an election, there is a definate likelyhood that minority groups will get a leader who's does not represent their interests.
All Republicans are obviously not all stupid. Too bad Rove had to go and screw McCain so badly, he would have been infinately better than Dubya. Howard's comments on the Bush twins and how if they were raped, Laura and George would be all for abortion was hilarious, but it wasn't realistic, you know they would just disown their daughters. I also wish we could stop voting for the less of two evils, and vote for the hero, but that's not going to happen for a long time. And to be fair, the Iraqis only make the equivalent of $1000 per year, but when we can't fund that 5 cent/gal gas anymore, they are going to be screwed; so another way we're screwing them.
Oh yeah, I love it when Republicans attack things like this, because for 1, it's under the humor section and was obviously just poking fun, and 2, because they never back up their arguments with anything other than "oh you lying liberals, you don't know what you're talking about."
Howard only cares about one thing: money. He got fined and the prissies are mad about his dirty jokes. So Howard does a 180 and now every Republican is insane. Howards whole act revolves around probing the edges of good taste, so this whole outrage with Republicans is a bunch of BS. Also, all this foaming at the mouth about Bush is pretty funny. Look a Cuba and the former Soviet Union and it's pretty obvious that SOCIALISM doesn't work. So stop hiding behind the Democratic party you bunch of SOCIALISTS.
btw...Howard and company are a bunch of ugly adams apple scanks. Thats why their TV show sucks.
I wish gays would go back in the closet.Life was alot simpler when things were that way.You would think that they would think it was more exciting or special that way.I don,t care that there gay god will judge them ,Saint Peter will lock the gate when he sees them coming.The idea that they can marry is gross and immoral,what next I love my dog can we marry so I don,t have to pay for a vet bill.Please if you made your choice to be gay leave it in the bedroom were it belongs ,quit pushing your gay tv shows on the normal american people.Please it make me sick.
socialism doesnt because people are individuals, no matter how sheepy they behave.
howard is a twelve year old boy that is occasionally funny and gets guests to talk more frankly than they might on other shows. but, no, I cant watch the tv show. everyone is really ugly but what does that say about us if we can only watch pretty people on tv?
kevin carbone loves you.
Thats it AdamsApple, resort to calling people names. Very mature.
With all this hype for President Reagan's funeral, let us not forget that he was afflicted with Alzheimers. Alzheimers is one of the many diseases that stem cell research can help find a cure for. Of course though, the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft regime is against this. Their religious beliefs don't justify it. Good call fellas. Makes absolutely no sense. And if you ask Mrs. Reagan, she will agree with me.

At least he has done wonders for our environment.
To A Straight Normal Person:

to "a strait normal person" first off strait is spelled straight. Second, who the fuck are you to tell other people to keep their opinions and lifestyles to themselves while you spew your illiterate, uneducated bullshit freely? And even if you did marry your dog you would still have to pay your vet bill you dumb ass.
Straight Normal Person is probably the product of a brother & sister having sexual relations
Howard AdamsApple: You sir, are a baboon. Cuba would be a thriving and growing nation IF there was not an embargo against them for the last 40 years as the U.S. would be one of their major trade partners. Funny, as pointed out earlier here, it is fine to trade with CHINA, the largest communist nation on the planet, who we regularly acuse of human rights violations...

Soviet Union: Uh, it collapsed from its own weight more than anything. Include dozens of nationalities pressing for freedom, economic pressures, growing political isolation, huge arms spending bleeding SOCIAL programs dry, etc. Btw, Russia STILL has better, more inclusive health care and pension programs than we do...before you take that out of context, I am talking of INCLUSION, not just payout.

Our nation has slipped further and faster toward a Facist state in the last three+ years than at any other time. Corporate control and those of power granting and protecting that control are foremost to blame. Add in the 'righteous wrong' (read 'religious right') and their blatently obvious agenda to mandate and legislate morality; plus the energy industry (i.e. Oil) and top it off with folks with every intention of limting or dismissing civil rights and you have a real dark outlook.

Take away 9-11 and what does this administration have?? NOTHING. Mediocre nothingness, which his appointedness would be an expert.

On Stern: He is looking out for his best interest, and ours. The first step to censorship of any kind is always the FIRST one. The current administration has no problem with curbing rights nor lying to the public and then when called on it, blaming someone else or just saying "Ooopps...". Stern is right to fight as he does. Where's the pressure/review of Oprah?? From the lips of the FCC (paraphrase) "She's too popular/loved..."

Regardless, it is waking people up, and although there is no easy answer, the fixing begins with a vote against Bush and his self-delusional 'mandate'.

I too am stunned at the incapacity of hard-core Conservatives to argue a point and support it. They are so good at spewing forth the party line of rhetoric and 'canned' comebacks like a bad comedian on amatuer night. They have nothing to offer but their fear and intolerance and they plan to keep us scared lest we see the real light.
Electing John Kerry as president would be like handing your 16 year old a bottle of whiskey and the keys to your Buick. Not a good idea . . .ask George he knows . . .
Congrats to crazyStupid for offering the first real solution so far. Our government sould recognize civil unions only (since we are a civil society) and get out of the dogma branding marriage/divorce business. If those who wish to have a two tier union, they would then have to go through a two tier process to disolve it. It just might slow down that 50% of us that do break up.

So let's try to solve another issue that only has each side screaming and no solutions are ever offered. Abortions (yes the "A" word!).

Regardless of which side you're on, there is one fact - an abortion IS a mean, nasty, cruel process, and in most third term cases it is borderline barbaric. However, the issue needs to move beyond womyn's rights vs. right to life to how to significantly curtail the need for an abortion in the first place.

Abortions happen(except for the health of the vessel)because the vessel does not want to raise the child. The womyn determines that she doesn't have the time/finances/resources/social sphere to raise the child. She knows that there are abused children, orphans, welfare, impoversed, neglected children out there - ALL of which is more tragic and a more egregious stain on our society than an abortion. As long as these conditions exist, abortions - legal or not - will continue.

If the right to life crowd realy cares for human life, offer solutions for those children who are alive today. Get rid of the need for an orphanage, or a foster home, or kids living in poverty or in an abusive situation. And not with bandages - guarantee health care and a loving home, the right to attend a decent school safe and secure - a future. Only when all unwanted, abused, orphaned, foster cared, poor, and neglected children no matter what race, creed, or sex they are have these rights only then can society offer solutions to an abortion.

If you don't want a vessel to have an abortion - guarantee the fetus future. If adoption is an option, guarantee that ALL (no matter what race, creed, or sex) will be adopted into a loving home with the mean$ to give that child a future. If a vessel decides on an adoption - they get free healthcare and compen$ation and no right to change their mind after birth (no tag backs).

Womyn get rights and restrictions too. 1. Pregnant by rape - right to terminate, period. 2. RU486 available w/o prescription. 3. In cases of health of mother vs. health of fetus, mom wins. 4. If the fetus has an incurable congenital defect or an incurable disease, the womyn has the right to terminate anytime. 5. Once fertilization is confirmed by a healthcare provider, the decision to terminate or not is made in 7 days except in previously stated rights. Seven days is plenty of time to discuss this with spouse, family, or clergy. Elective late term abortion is cruel and a vanity based decision. 6. If adoption is selected all healthcare and compensation will be provided from that day forward - no reimbursement for previous financial outlay. 7. The womyn has until the onset of labor to rescind an adoption agreement however full restitution of healthcare and payments made to her are due.

Is this proposal controversial, hell yes. Will the extremes on either side go for it, no. But could this proposal go a long way towards insuring that a child born has a fighting chance at a future, infinitely more than what we have today.
This is quite a website, I must say. I have several things I would like to get off of my chest.

First of all, the "War on Terror" is a complete farce. Has Osama Bin Laden been captured? No. Has the Al Qaeda been disbanded? No. Are our borders secure? No. We are not being protected at all.

Secondly, Howard Stern is the MAN. He doesn't hate Republicans - he hates the Bush administration. Howard still supports Republicans such as Gov. George Pataki and former NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Third, I don't trust ANY politician. They all lie to get what they want, and they are all crooked and care only for themselves, no matter how sanctimonious and honest they may seem...it's all smoke and mirrors.

And, last but not least, I am not saying that John Kerry is the best man for the job, but I know for a fact that George Bush ISN'T. Bush has had his chance, and failed miserably, and now it's time to give someone else a turn. We all know Bush will be much happier anyway, on that ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he already seems to be spending the majority of his time.

People should vote their consciences and abandon this voting along party lines bullshit. It's retarded.
Why is it illegal for me to buy a Cuban cigar, but its okay to have almost eveything I buy made in China. We have become economically dependent on China and the Middle East. Eventually none of the products that we need will made here. China is our enemy and we have entrusted them with our economic exitance. Dosen't that scare you? It scares me.

Bill Clinton was the Champion of Free Trade, and he had bi-partisan support. Both Democrats and Republicans share the blame. Big business runs this country and they would rather make deals with the Devil before agreeing to pay workers a decent living wage.
we were lied to by the president of the united states about going to war with iraq. either that, or we went to war on completely wrong information. for those who believe pre-emptive war is a reasonable policy, lets look closer. GBW says we have the right to attack a nation with wmds, one that has shown a willingness to use them. he also includes the criteria that although the threat they pose may not be imminent, it must exist. If all nations accepted this policy, the first country that they would attack is the USA. we have and have used wmd's. by invading iraq based on deceiptful or just wrong intelligence, we are now a threat to everyone. certainly you could make an argument that north korea is justified under this doctrine to attack us after the rhetoric coming from the whitehouse calling it part of the axis of evil. if all countries accepted this policy, the world would devolve into total warfare pretty quickly.

even if you are a good republican ( there are many), you must let any president know that placing this country into a war, asking us to sacrifice our children, without being ABSOLUTELY SURE that we are threatened, will absolutely prevent your re-election. you owe that to future americans , and future presidents, so that they know what the people of this country will accept. If you vote to re-elect him, you are saying that it is ok if you are wrong, we will still vote for you, even if you place us in a situation that damages national interests, national integrity/reputation, and kills our children.
Reality Check, you wrote that the founding fathers were religious but put in seperation because of their fleeing of persecution. While their beliefs had root in Christianity, Washington, Franklin, Adams, and others were Deists. Meaning they believed in God, but that is it. They live there lives based on logic and hope for a good life after this.

The statement "in God we trust" is a misnomer. It doesn't mean God of Christianity, Judaism or Muslim, it meant to them that god exists and that is it. This is why they put in seperation of church and state, because some believe and other do not, and it is not the purpose of a gov't to tell it's citizens what to believe.

As for Dave, if you talking about a bottle of whiskey and keys to a car; wasn't that Bush who crashed his car while drunk driving. I don't think Republicans are stupid but you walked into that one.

Electing GW Bush would be like getting the worst terrorist attack on US soil, the worst economy, the highest gas prices in history, the highest unemployment in history, attacking one country in reaction, attacking another for personal reasons, a religious zealot that believes he was put there by god, an attorney general that annoints himself with oil, and the most convicted criminals in one administration in history.

Oh wait...that's what the last three years have been like

but I see your point Dave.
To "a strait normal person:" your message is clear proof that poorly educated, 13-year-old cretins should not have unlimited and unsupervised access to the internet. I hope your mom catches your bad behavior and sends you early to bed without your favorite scoop of ice cream. And by the way, do not embarrass all normal people on this board by calling yourself one.
Its a good thing republicans support the second amendment so we can hunt all you nigger-loving bastards down.
to kevin carbone: who me?
That last comment should be deleted and the person who wrote it sent to a watery grave.

P.S. George Bush is ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Fucking Texan impersonators man...they're the worst.
The one by Art Vandalay
Class, Class, Class...

I believe the super rich elite (you know...the people that own almost EVERYTHING) love it that we knuckleheads bash each other over the head, label each other Liberal or Conservative and spend our energies fighiting the people we share the most common cause with.

Wake UP! Every year our class loses a little more...the death of a thousand cuts...while the upper class always gains more at our expense.

Both sides are guilty of falling into the fantasy that one party is right or wrong. I am not a Democrat but have to say that I hold Repblicans guilty of starting the virulant form of party fanaticism. In response to that Neocon dementia this web page is completly warrented!

I respect peoples abortion, gun, gay etc. beliefs but how many times do the average Republican party members have to get screwed over to wise up that the party is using them to get in just so they can pay off their corporate cronies.

At least when the Democrates fuck you in the ass they have the curtesy to give you a reach-around.

I didn't love Bill Clinton but I certainly didn't feel that that he was the enemy of the working man the way Bush is. Let this prick have another four and we'll all be working at Walmat (part time of course...no benfits).

Wise up folks, vote Bush out, give Kerry a chance, and if he doesn't deliver get him out in four years.

Don't let the pricks get comfortable. Don't let them count on you being a mindless idiot.

Foo Fighter
Sniff, sniff, what's the smell? Oh, it's the patchouli wearing, tree hugging, chocolate choo choo riding Rainbow Brigade. I suppose most of you @ssheads live in Northern California.

Republicans might suck, but Hitler was leader of the socialist party in the 30's. Think about it before you give change to that dirty son-ofa-b*tch begging for junk money on the corner of Van Ness and Market.
I think all right thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up in this country with being sick and tired. Well, I'm certainly not, and I'm sick and tired of being told that I am.
Bill Clinton lied about a blow job and nobody got hurt. Bush lied about "weapons of mass destruction" and over 800 Americans have been killed. Which one is more worthy of being impeached?
all you little bitches are still mad that Al Bore lost. f*ck all y'all.


We now know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. His body can be found buried under the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq.
I don't think all Republicans or Democrats are bad, there's bad ones and good ones in both parties. What I have a problem with is the fact that the Bush administration is infringing on the rights that are given to Americans in the Constitution. We, as Americans, have the right to freedom of speech. I'm sick of Bush and his appointed members of the FCC imposing their censorship regulations and fines because what some people say are offensive and immoral to them. For over 200 years, it has been the policy of the United States to allow its citizens to express their opinions and their ideas freely.

This censorship thing is getting out of control. There is no reason that Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel, and other radio and tv personalities should be fined or suspended or have licenses revoked because they're expressing their opinions. This level of censorship is the first step towards a totalitarian state, where the people are controlled by those in power. While it may not seem evident immediately, as more regulations and laws are put into effect, it gets increasingly worse. And it has to be stopped, because maybe 50 years from now, the government will be telling what you can and cannot listen to, what you can and cannot watch.

If you don't like what people have to say, then don't listen to them! In 1989, in the case of the State of Texas, GWB's own "homestate", vs. Johnson, Justice William Brennan said "If there is a bedrock principle of the First Amendment, it is that the government may prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself to be offensive or disagreeable."
I believe that they should get rid of the word "marriage" from all legal government documents and change it to "civil union"...including both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Civil unions should be allowed for all couples, heterosexual and homosexual. Marriage should be religious, civil union should be political. If you get rid of the word marriage from laws and replace it with civil union, it take the "GOD" argument away from religious nuts and leaves you with only the economic issues of recognizing gay couples unions.
Just because the majority believes something doesn't make it right...
Hey Long Dong Texan

Go fuck Bush in his ass and after that give him a blowjob and tell your name is Monica, you fucking texan faggot :)

And I'll bet that your long dong is not larger than an inch or two :) Go jerk yourself of with a tweeser!!
Can't we just agree that bush is a horrible president and has not done anything he said he would except he seems real interested in giving illegal immigrants rights and reasons to flood are borders looking for jobs that us americans can't even find. And now were flying the illegal's back to mexico because it's too hot but it wasn't too hot when they came running over here. Lets open borders to people from third world countrys where its life or death not because they can't make enough money where they live.
Also are we gonna get any free oil for freeing those camel jockeys I'm sure tired of paying 2.15 a gallon.
Those of you who bought the bullshit that Bush lied obviously haven't heard the news coming out of the UN, not the US, but the UN today and I quote, "The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 2003.The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council on new findings that could help trace the whereabouts of Saddam's missile and WMD program.

The briefing contained satellite photographs that demonstrated the speed with which Saddam dismantled his missile and WMD sites before and during the war. Council members were shown photographs of a ballistic missile site outside Baghdad in May 2003, and then saw a satellite image of the same location in February 2004, in which facilities had disappeared. UNMOVIC acting executive chairman Demetrius Perricos told the council on June 9 that "the only controls at the borders are for the weight of the scrap metal, and to check whether there are any explosive or radioactive materials within the scrap," Middle East Newsline reported.

"It's being exported," Perricos said after the briefing. "It's being traded out. And there is a large variety of scrap metal from very new to very old, and slowly, it seems the country is depleted of metal."

"The removal of these materials from Iraq raises concerns with regard to proliferation risks," Perricos told the council. Perricos also reported that inspectors found Iraqi WMD and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags.

He said the Iraqi facilities were dismantled and sent both to Europe and around the Middle East. at the rate of about 1,000 tons of metal a month. Destionations included Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The Baghdad missile site contained a range of WMD and dual-use components, UN officials said. They included missile components, reactor vessel and fermenters – the latter required for the production of chemical and biological warheads.

"It raises the question of what happened to the dual-use equipment, where is it now and what is it being used for," Ewen Buchanan, Perricos's spokesman, said. "You can make all kinds of pharmaceutical and medicinal products with a fermenter. You can also use it to breed anthrax."

The UNMOVIC report said Iraqi missiles were dismantled and exported to such countries as Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an SA-2 surface-to-air missile, one of at least 12, was discovered in a junk yard, replete with UN tags. In Jordan, UN inspectors found 20 SA-2 engines as well as components for solid-fuel for missiles.

"The problem for us is that we don't know what may have passed through these yards and other yards elsewhere," Buchanan said. "We can't really assess the significance and don't know the full extent of activity that could be going on there or with others of Iraq's neighbors."

UN inspectors have assessed that the SA-2 and the short-range Al Samoud surface-to-surface missile were shipped abroad by agents of the Saddam regime. Buchanan said UNMOVIC plans to inspect other sites, including in Turkey.

In April, International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Mohammed El Baradei said material from Iraqi nuclear facilities were being smuggled out of the country. "
This is from World Tribune.com
Everyone who reads this, read the entries for the past day or so and ask yourself a question as you do; does this person hate, or just disagree. It seems to me that given the total absence of logic to the Republican's arguments, the only thing left that could possibly be motivating them is hate. You dems who are motivated by hate...shut up. You're not helping anything.
Who cares about gay marriage and WMD's? Live Free...or Die. I care about $3.00/gallon gas! Screw the Arabs and the eco-nuts..build some refineries and begin drilling in ANWR. Let's see how much the planet huggers cry when they're paying $5.00/gal for gas. Actually I prefer nuclear powered cars...wouldn't that make the Halliburton's and the Sierra Club's of the world crazy!
Please, someone help me understand, why are the gay marriage proponents making a national debate out of this after the Republicans won the house, senate, and white house? For so many (first half of Clinton Admin.) years the Democrats controlled all... why not then? It does not make sense.
To "Michelle", who wrote:

" oh why dont you democrats just go kill another baby?!!!!!!!!!!"

And why don't you Repugs start caring as much about people who are here as you do about fetuses?

Shame Bush and Ashcroft weren't aborted!
Both Dem's and Republicans need to thoroughly read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights...cause both parties have strayed. Neither are right. This great country was founded by those who recognized that there is a higher power (call it what you will) and that freedom is an inalienable right to all men (and women). Yes the Republicans need to detach themselves from the "religious right". NO, "in God we Trust" on our money does not "establish" a religion. No Gay Marriage will not destroy the social fabric of this country. Yes abortion as birth control is murder (I challenge anyone who has had a child to think otherwise)but if you are a victim of rape or incest it should be allowed. Yes we relied too much on too little intel regarding WMD's in Iraq, but Iraq is better now than it was a year ago and we are fighting Al Qaida in Baghad, not Los Angeles. Yes Dem's tax too much and rely on too much gov't. Yes Rep's don't do enough for social programs.

Point is: start thinking for yourself- both Dems and Republicans. The Al Franken's and the Rush's of the world are too far in the outfield. The truth is somewhere in-between.
I am a conservitive and an NRA member. I tell everyone to get Bush out of office. I gave that ass hole my trust in the build up for war. He lied so he goes. His ties to wacky,ultra right wing Christianity is scary. If he stays in power, he'll nuke somebody for Jesus.
Go here:
and see if you really are right wing or left wing?
Those of you that think that Kerry is going to help Howard's cause better think again. "KERRY SUPPORTS FCC INDECENCY CRACKDOWN; CITES 'FAMILY TIME'
Fri Jun 4, 2004 12:32:11 ET "where you have children involved, where you have a broader cross-section of the public, where there is sort of a sense of family time or hour."
I don't understand what the problem the democratic party has with the war in Iraq. Democrats are so into the idea of furthering the civil rights of Americans as well as illegal immigrants(meaning not US citizens) yet they think that it is wrong for America, which is supposed to be the model country, to prevent saddam from killing thousands of Iraqis. No one complained when we went after Hitler, and he was doing the same thing. Secondly, Bush acted on military intellegence, and not on his own beliefs. True, there was some incentive for Bush to try to get the son-of-a-bitch who tried to kill his father, but that was not the only reason. He was told that there were weapons, so he did what he thought was right. He didn't wait around while the UN jerked off and dragged their feet all day, he did what he thought was right. And at the time, the country was telling him it was right. But I think that a lot of the left wing became bored with the war and used the liberal media to turn the moderates opinion of the war. Lastly, the men and women who entered the military were not drafted, they enlisted. Of course it is a terrible thing when someone dies, but they know when they enlist that there is a chance of that happening. Just like a police officer or firefighter knows as well. But it is their job and their line of work. That is what makes them extraordinary people. So when they die, remember them for who they were and be sad for them and their family, don't point the finger and cause more hatred. War is hell, no doubt, but the soldiers who enlisted knew this when they enlisted. It was their choice to risk their lives to defend America, and I know I would be proud to die for that cause. Not for this specific war, but to defend the country.
I have no doubt that GWB will be remembered as one of the most wishy-washy of all presidents, solely based on his rhetoric. The mistakes he has made also speak for themselves. Bush was very popular at one point early in the war and I have no doubt there were WMD in Iraq shortly before the US forces reached into the country. The intelligence could not have been that misguided (we have inventory sheets and proof they have been used on Kurds, but no evidence documenting their destruction). All that said GWB and his administration should have waited to stabilize Afghanistan and N. Korea before the insurmountable task of the Middle East. Then going in unprepared proves some form of zealotry is manifest and proven by the illusory religious notions and fantasies of Bush himself. Anyone can make a short list of proof to show the ignorance of any administration and mine will show a weak president with an unrealistic agenda that is not cohesive for the future leadership of this country. Bush has botched national, foreign, and economic policy and is being influenced greatly by cabinet members and party think tankers. The election in November will be brutal again because of its closeness and inability to hide obvious fraud, plus the candidates are once again both quite poor leaders. The greatest country in the world is listing into the rocks of confusion due to poor leadership and a lack of continuity or integrity in the two party system. We are left with the lesser of the two evils and the obvious choice, if you are a freedom loving person, and Kerry is still a lousy candidate. Good luck American. Prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised if things continue to improve despite the reckless problems. The future might surprise us all.
I have voted Republican and I have voted Democrat, I am a registered independent. However, I believe most Republicans by their conservative nature have a limited and myopic view of the world. This comes to the forefront particularly if they believe George Bush deserves to be re-elected. All this nonsense about voting for him because he will spare your wallet is a sad case of not examining the facts. He is not fiscally conservative. He is spending more than any president before him, without the revenue to back it up. This is the same way he ran the businesses he was involved with. He was handed three companies by his father and cronies and managed to drive them all out of business. But not before escaping with a nice chunk of change for himself. He is now doing the same to America. And all this talk about him being a "Wartime" President is also missing several basic facts. This "war" is the first time America has ever inititated a preemptive strike against a soveriegn nation. Yeah, Saddam was a bad guy who abused his people, but so are half the leaders of the African nations. Saddam was contained because he wanted to be the big fish and he knew that beyond his borders (after what happened in 1991) he was just a small fish. He wasn't Hitler redux except to his own people. And we can't go depose every asshole dictator who abuses his people. We'd be declaring a new war every month. That's not America's role. We should be a a model to other nations, not the judge, jury and executioner to regimes we don't agree with. The excuse that attacking Saddam and his phantom WMDs was part of the war on terror is nonsense. Saddam was self-contained and actually limited the spread of terrorism because he had one of the few non-fanatical Muslim countries in the Middle East. Terrorists weren't breeding in Iraq. His people were too busy trying to stay out of his way, and the fanatical Muslims had no use for him because he didn't strictly adhere to their conservative Muslim views. Now Iraq is a new breeding ground for Muslim extremists. You watch what happens there over the next five or ten years. If GW and his lunatics were honest about their war on terror, they would have put Syria in their crosshairs. That country is a hotbed for every fanatical Muslim terrorist group in the world. But before even doing that, if they (GW et al) truly are committed to this war on terror, they would have finished the job in Afghanistan. I don't know how good a president John Kerry will be, but I do know that another four years of George Bush, who spends over 40% of his time on vacation, will be a complete disaster for this country, and the world, that will take years for us to recover from. By the way, the other important aspect of this war is the fact that GW Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of those morons missed something any idiot could see – once Saddam fell the country would descend into near chaos. They weren't going to welcome us with "open arms". The admistration clearly had, and still don't have an exit strategy – no contingency planning whatsoever. Good leaders think ahead (FDR, Churchill) idiots ( GWB, Rumsfeld) react blindly beating their chests (and sacrificing our soldiers), then try to scramble to find a way out (hanging their hopes on the U.N. who they scoffed at before). This all proves how smart Americans really are, the majority didn't elecet George W. Bush and with good reason – he will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever. Calvin Coolidge can rest easy, a more incompetent president has taken his place near the bottom of the class.
To Proud Republican:

I agree, Further more where were these liberals during Kosovo? I mean we were attacked on 9/11 and these libs just act like we are going over to Iraq to "get thier oil" well why haven't we taken it yet? I already posted the article where the UN said that there WAS WMDs. The Chech government already said that on April 8,2001 Mahamad Atta met with a high Iraqi Official. Ther are connections between the Saddam and Bin Laden. They found many letters. Dems believe that you repeat a lie loud enough and long enough until it becomes the truth. I can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for it. These mind numbed robots go around a spew the lies of Michael Moore and Al Gore and any talking points the dems come up with. What really surprises me is the Dems always critize the war, but what is their solution? I mean where were they on 9/11? Terroists have shown us what they are capable of. They want us dead PERIOD! Look at what happened to Nick Berg! Dems act like we should all sit around and hold hands with terroists and sing Michael Row the Boat Ashore or something. When ir comes to terroists you need to hit them and hit them hard. They don't want peace. Look at the Clinton years. They hit us five times during the Clinton years and we did NOTHING, look what happened. Terroists have to be deal with.
To Recovering Republican:
I posted and article today that reported that the UN, not the Us said the Saddam did find WMDs. He got rid of them before and during the war. They are turning up in Jordon. They found ballastic missles. They have satallite photos of arsenals there on Feb 4, 2003 and gone May 2004.
Read about the right-wing Taliban here:

And let's keep fighting for freedom and democracy,
just like we did in Nicaragua! Or was that Chile? Guatemala? No, I think Iran in 1953!

You smug little republican fucks don't even realize it's your mid-western, jesus loving,
trailor trash kids getting their limbs blown off for Haliburton. Geniuses, amazing.
To Reagan:
I thought libs are suppose to be "Tolerant". Aren't you being a bit predjudice against christians? What if you replaced Jesus loving with the n wrod or homosexuals etc. But I,m sure it is ok to use those words against Christians. If you don't like freedom and democracy, which this country is about, then why are you still here?
all you republican banner wavers making under a quarter mil who aren't cristian zealot freaks are the dumbest shits on the planet.
for continuing to back gw, that is.
I am intolerant of Christians because I'm tired of being told how to live. Besides, most church-goers seem mildly retarded to me.
well well well. what an interesting site. to all the zealots out there...go to the back of the line, get out your bibles, and start READING it. that's right, read it. if you read the WHOLE thing, and not just the condensed big print new testament version, either, and can still say with utter certainty that jesus wants w to win...well, go back and try again. in particular, in your second reading, pay attention to what jesus did and what jesus said. esp. the parts about hypocrisy, and what the chances are of a rich person getting into heaven. oh, and don't forget the love your neighbor bit. not a very popular quote nowadays, but it is an idea jesus promoted.
If America were actually free, I could do anything I want in the privacy of my own home as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. I can't do that. America is not free. Never has been. As long as Goerge W, Bush is in the white house, Jesus will be running this country....and from my past experiences with him I can say I don't trust the son-of-a-bitch! Be yourself, by yourself, and stay away from me!

God, please save me from your followers!
oh, yes, there is plenty more.
to all you you folks who are against gay marriage b/c of your religious beliefs..may i suggest the same cure. read your bible, the whole thing, and take a good, long look at what marriage is like in the good book. you might especially like to take a good, long look at your brother/sister in law, b/c it is gods word that says if a man dies, his brother MUST marry the widow. what fun we'll all have with a 'judeo christian' basis for marriage! really! concubines for all!
Typical of most liberals, when they don't have a relevant arguement they resort to name calling. Don't liberals do the same thing? They are constantly telling us who to vote for, to be tolerant of others, how we shouldn't beleive in God or else you are "mildly retarded" Liberals also have institutions where they go to tell people how to live and what to believe in, they are called Universities. And yes I did go to college, and received a master degree. I managed to get through it with my beliefs intact.
for those of you who really, really, in your heart admire and respect our appointed leader....i have a bridge to sell you...it's a nice one! in brooklyn! and if you have any money left over, why, i'd be happy to sell you some more really great stuff! never mind democrat or republican for the briefest of moments. you have been lied to, more than once. from the great big whoppers...wmd's are the first of about TWENTY different 'reasons' peddled to us for invading iraq, down to the ridiculous... do ANY of you remember w telling america, and the world, MORE THAN ONCE,his thoughts and feelings as he watched - LIVE!- the first plane crash into the wtc? anyone? the problem? NOBODY saw live footage of this. the video of the first plane wasn't aired until the following day.
I have yet to find a single person who is against gay marriage you can tell me why. They all say things like "sanctity of marriage" and "marriage should be between a man and a woman" But none of them have been able to give me one single actual reason. What possible effect will gay marriage have on ANYONE??
If you're not gay, and you're not getting married to a person of the same sex, what effect will it have?
People who are FOR same-sex marriage are not trying to stop anyone from doing anything...while those opposed are trying to stop a group of people from making choices about their OWN lives, because they don't agree with their lifestyle. This is called Nazism.
...and don't even get me started on "civil unions" which are nothing but the "colored" drinking fountains of the new century.
I have yet to find a single person who is against gay marriage who can tell me why. Without dragging their god damned bible out and waiving it around. They all say things like "sanctity of marriage" and "marriage should be between a man and a woman" But none of them have been able to give me one single actual reason. What possible effect will gay marriage have on ANYONE??
If you're not gay, and you're not getting married to a person of the same sex, what effect will it have?
People who are FOR same-sex marriage are not trying to stop anyone from doing anything. They are doing NOTHING that will effect anyone else's life in any way....while those opposed are trying to stop a group of people from making choices about their OWN lives, based on THEIR opinions, and because they don't agree with someone's lifestyle. This is called Nazism.
...and don't even get me started on "civil unions" which are nothing but the "colored" drinking fountains of the new century.
how about w and the republicans and their shrill accusations that dems are weak b/c they didn't want a homeland security dept? did you buy that?
children, it was joe lieberman and his fellow dems who passed a resolution for a homeland security dept, on a partisan vote by the way.
w rejected funding for homeland security SO MANY TIMES, that a REPUBLICAN leader (appropriations cmte) finally spoke out and asked him to stop acting like a brat and instead act for the common good. you can verify this by...reading congressional records. i know, it hurts. it is boring and time consuming. but you should know, not assume.
Kl: I am interested in reading about that. Do you have any links to it or a webstir?
Opps Imeant website.
sorry no website. suggest trolling senate appropriations committee stuff. the 2004 budget specifically reduces hs funding. also, sen.fritz hollings had an amendment for port security...rejected.
I believe this list is great. However, I agree with some writers that the Republicans aren't the only idiots here. The Dems were afraid to challenge Bush 3 years ago. Thanks God they are doing it now though. These "Republicans" aren't Republicans. They give real Republicans a bad name. Not that the vast majority of them have really good names anyway. (Cough, Santorum Thurmond and Farwell).
apologize..hit send before i meant to. james carville has a nice list in his book 'had enough' now don't you all get excited out there. if you're willing to fry your eyeballs it is all out there on record. i know, i looked. but did not keep log of all links.
just one more...
to all you folks out there 'voting with your wallet', let's talk deficits. i know that lately your leaders have been hinting and coyly suggesting that 'deficits don't matter'. guess what. they do. short answer why? with massive deficits national savings go down and long term interest rates go up, which has the effect of, ever so gently, lowering your income. and with a three trillion dollar deficit..and this without additional tax cuts, mind you, guess what your tax cut looks like if you are NOT in the top one percent of the income bracket. check out the non-partisan citizens for tax justice, where they have lovely examples. here's one: for the middle twenty percent of americans ranked by income, they will get $3791.00 in tax cuts 2001-2006. at the same time their share of the national debt will grow by (not to, by)$24,859. to clarify..the government is basically borrowing $1000.00 in your name, and generously handing you $250.00 of it. the republicans' rabid application of tax cuts just isn't going to work. paying a fair share, and yes, this means getting corporations off of welfare and paying their fair share, too, is how we grow a strong economy, protect our country, and take care of ALL our citizens. we are smart, hard-working, compassionate people and we need to start acting like we all belong to the same country.
Watch GW try to turn into RR over the next couple weeks with talk of good things yet to come.
This is all so funny. Like many of you, I am an independent voter. However unlike many of you I am not so quick to let Howard Stern decide who I am voting for.

It amuses me so much that so many of you, who seem like reasonable, intelligent people would think of following Howard's lead.

Howard Stern is out for himself and only himself. He is concerned about his well being and his wallet. He is concerned with only one issue......his own freedom of speech.

You have to realize that like driving, having a radio station requires a license. In other words, it is a privilege for a company to have a license.

Howard is being very short sighted in his argument. He blames President Bush for being dropped by so many stations when in fact it is his own fault.

Just like any employer, they have the right to drop his show. Clear Channel just made a good business decision to drop Howard. Once a product, in this case, Howard's show becomes unprofitable. It is best to drop that product as soon as possible so you don't lose more money on it.

I am truly a Howard Stern fan. However, I believe when it comes to politics, he should keep his mouth shut.....mainly because he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Howard would truly hate the Democrats if he knew what they really stood for. In the Pre Reagan years, the top tax bracket, Howard's tax bracket, was taxed at 70%......Reagan lowered it to 35%.......I am just wondering the outrage Howard would have if his income was cut in half???

I see that a lot of people here have been stating their opinion on the War in Iraq. Apparently they have not done their homework on the subject. It seems that the Republicans are being blamed for this.

Actually we can thank good old Jimmy Carter for this one. Once upon a time, Iran was a strong ally of the United States. However during an attempted coup, our friend the Shah called on President Carter for help. He refused to help and was overthrown by the radical Muslim leader the Ayatollah.

The US was then forced to back Iraq and Saddam in the Iran-Iraq war. At that point Saddam was the lesser of two evils. Saddam was not holding Americans hostage

Secondly, everyone seems to be jumping on that we have not found any weapons of mass destruction. We know he had them, he used them against Iran and against the Kurds. Shouldn't we be more concerned that we can't find them?

It is also bothersome to me that everyone is so concerned we did not get the approval of the UN. Why do we have to have Frances approval to defend a threat to our country?

Many of you don't see Iraq as a threat to the United States, however look at Saddam's track record. In the last 20 years he has invaded 2 of his neighboring countries. He had chemical weapons and was trying to aquire a nuclear arsenal.......does this not sound like a threat to you???

We need a strong proactive president to lead us in the war against terror. The democrats are far too soft. Clinton proved that. The Sudanese government wanted to hand him over, however Clinton declined....... Was that a good call???
Yes! Finally someone with some sense! By the way today the UN came out with a report that they are foumd WMDs in Jordon , Turkey, and the Nehterlands. They have found ballistic missles. They have satallite photos of arsonals that were in Iraq in May 2003 and then gone this last Feb 2004. Remeber when Howard was for the war? How do you do a 180 like that? Also remember resloution 1444? The whole world thought that Iraq had WMDs and voted as such. Bush just held them to the deadline. Saddam could have stopped it at any time.
t-rex. sweetie, you really and truly have to read more than the republican party fliers. i know that it may hurt, but try to remember the economy under clinton. (it was very, very good) please remember that it was reagan who sold the iranians weapons capable of taking down our very own planes (tech they didn't have before) try very hard to remember that after the gulf war, we owned iraq. the no fly zones? the satellite images? we know that saddam had chem weapons. we sold them to him.
all the 'evidence' has turned out to be.... a political play. and really, if it is the republicans dearest desire to preemptively strike countries who may, sometime in the future, strike us, who possess nuclear and other wmds (admitted and proven) who most definitely sell arms to terrorists...can you say why we aren't 'liberating' korea?? how about iran? just how many preemptive wars do you honestly believe we can fight? un 'approval', more truthfully called un support,dearest, gives us legitimacy in the eyes of the world. important? well, yes. it actually is very important. critical? w proved it isn't so. though he's crying in a very pitiful manner to the un now that he's discovered there are'problems'. re helping the shah...you have not done your homework if you think there was anything short of genocide stopping the iranian revolution.
During the RR presidency average CEO pay rose from 27 to 90 times the average employees pay. It now stands at 232 times average employee pay. I'm all for prosperity, but this trend will drastically alter the make up of this country. Greed is our great engine of accomplishment. But greed needs to be regulated and controlled to serve the best interest of the nation and insure that prosperity is available to those who are willing to work for it, not just those that already own everything.
The economy under Clinton was good....... for a while. If you go back and look at numbers in 1991 the economy was well under recovery. Then with Clinton's Stimulus Package ( tax increase) in 1992 the ecnomy took longer to recover. In the mid 90's the economy was great. What did Clinton do to make our economy so robust? Well it was playing hide the cigar with Monica I can tell you that! It was the .com revolution! It was a gold rush of sorts. Then in March of 2000 the ecnomy headed south. The UN is a joke. They set foruth resolutions and then didn't bother to reinforce then. So what good is it to keep passing them? Look at what happened in Rhwanda? The UN scewed around and people ended up dying and help was never sent.
Oh ans we wouldn't have to worry about Korea if the CLINTON administration didn't sell them arms.
That, pignipples is communism.
To T-Rex: I am a Howard Stern fan, but I would never let ANYONE tell me how to think, and I refuse to let anyone make my decisions for me. I make my decisions based on my personal observations and experiences. Case in point: Even though I am a Stern fan, I have never been to a strip club, don't watch porno and I think "Private Parts" was a complete bore. Anyway, I digress. I think we all know what the problem is here. Free thinkers scare the hell out of the conservatives. If you can make an educated decision on your own, the conservatives have absolutely no use for you. The Republicans preach their message of smaller government (Bush even emphasized it during his news conference proposing his constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage - can you believe that?), but history shows us that their philosophy is quite the opposite. They want to permeate and control every aspect of our lives, because they think they know what is best for everyone, and God help you if you disagree. I am a responsible citizen - I have never broken the law, I get up every morning and go to work, I begrudgingly pay my taxes, and I don't bother anyone. At this point in my life, I don't think I need anyone telling me what I can and cannot watch on television or listen to on the radio.

By the way, as I mentioned before, there is NO war on terror. It's such a huge farce. Nothing has been accomplished. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian. Why haven't we declared war on them instead of Iraq, who opposed absolutely no threat to us? As I also said, Osama Bin Laden is running freely, Al Qaeda is still doing their thing, and our borders are open to any and all who wish to enter the U.S. Is this the protection Bush promised to us?

Lastly, as I also mentioned before, I am certainly no fan of John Kerry. I wish General Wesley Clark was the Democratic candidate. Better still, I wish Rudolph Giuliani was the Republican candidate, because he would get my vote. It's just time for Bush to GO. He doesn't need another 4 years to prove that he is a complete failure as a leader - he's already accomplished that.

And again, this 2 party system SUCKS. There are faults on both sides. No one is blameless or without reproach.
Forget Iraq and the economy for a second and lets look at what this upcoming election really means. Our country is going to be shaped by who gets elected for the next 20 years. Through supreme court nominees and possible constitutional amendments, we could end up either moving foward or stepping back. We have the power to decide these things. If we continue with the Bush docterine, women will lose control of their bodies, people with degenerative diseases won't be able to hope for a cure through stem cell research, and I wont be able to watch a porno in my house (not that I do). I want to be able to decide what my daughter watches, not the government. I want to have the power to disagree with the administration with out fear of reprisal. I want my gay friends to be able to enjoy all the benefits I have. We have the power to do this.

I would like to believe that a vast majority of people think the same way. But it is the minority that is setting the pace. We need to change this!
Amen, Pistol!
KL, your condescending attitude does little to help your presentation. If you wish to sway people with the information that you present, it may be wiser to not put them on the defensive with your insulting tone. Of course, if you just want to show how much smarter you are, have at it.

I also do not wish to see Bush in the White House, but Kerry is a lousy choice as well. The current 2 party system has made me bitter. I will be casting my vote for Nader for many reasons, not the least of which is in order to support a future where we are not restricted to having to carefully consider which candidate is the least sucky.

I realize that this is a throw away vote, and probably damages our chances to remove Bush from office, but in voting for Nader, I'm being true to my beliefs.

Oh, some mention has been made on this thread of the "Great" Clinton economy and the "Dipshit" Bush economy. The reality is that the internet explosion significantly aided the 90's economy and the collapse of the .com industry influenced our current economy. Regardless of what some former Vice Presidents might claim, the Clinton and Bush administrations didn't really have a lot to do with that. Of course, some fore-sight from the Clinton administration might have made that collapse let devastating, but I don't really blame them for that. You would have had to have been Nostrodamus to foresee and prevent that.
Kerrysucks, get your ism's straight. Also RR financed temporary prosperity with deficit spending and BC eliminated deficit spending and got a meager start on the dept, and with all these "horrible" taxes in place. I'd rather be taxed to try to level the playing field than get wild deficit spending (delayed time bomb tax) so those that already have can have even more. In addition to deficit spending time bomb there's the lack of money sent to the states which causes the states to get there money elsewhere, guess where?
elle and doglover i beenin a man fuckin my sister would be sick ,plain and simple.you thinkin of fuckin brother and sister is the same sickness as man on man,woman on woman.i would rather go back to the stone age theres no homos or homo lovin fucks like yourselfs.please proof read this "fuk u aceholes " thank you very much for the very needed spell checkin.get it hahahahahah
I don't like Kerry. However, I can't imagine that his admin will be SHOVING the bible UP OUR BUTTS like this. I want stem cell research and free speech restored. Or at least, an admin not dumb enough to parade it's "top secret" ops around in front of every grunt's cellphone-camera. Idiots.
Pignipples, you said that you wanted greed regulated and you wanted it available for all people. That is communism! If you want a corporate job then you have the freedom to get a corporate job. We live in a capitalist society. We have the freedom to get the jobs that pay. Is it fair that celebs get millions of dollars per movie or Shaq gets millions a year? But that is capitalism. You want everyone to be on a level playing field and the government to regulate it (COMMUNISM). This goes against human nature. What you need to worry about is the fact that poor people don't pay any taxes. We all have to support them. If they got up and acutually got a job then the rest of us could keep our money (that is government regulation) or government redistribution. I would rather not be taxed and decide what is best for the money that I earn. It is so much fun writing a check to the IRS and then standing behind someone at the store paying with food stamps.
condescending? not really. tired? yep. mad, check. feeling silly? that, too. take a moment, please, and tell all just what is mr. naders' economic recovery plan. really, i don't know. could go to his site...and prob. will someday.. but for now, share, if you will, what is his platform that is going to change america. his foreign policy? trade agreements? does he back any/all of the int'l treaties we have abandoned under w? what is his take on iraq? kerry has some ideas i don't agree with, but many that i do. no one candidate is going to please all one hundred percent. it is a reality of being a nation of more than one person. maybe it is a throwaway vote, but it is your vote to throw away. i don't believe this is the election to make stand. we can throw econ stats around all day, talk about private vs govt, but for me THE most compelling issue is the infringements on our personal freedoms and rights. these are basic, important foundations of what makes our country unique. the bush administration has eviscerated many of our constituional rights. i urge you to take the time to 'google' free speech zones, first amendment rights, sneak and peek, citizenship rights, etc.... it can be time consuming and tedious reading reams of 'legalese', but it is worth it. know, don't assume, what is happening to your rights as an american. if you do make the effort, i STRONGLY urge you to try and find 'non-partisan' sites. they ARE out there. i think it is msnbc that has a link to 'findlaw'... there are others. having lived in the middle east for the past eleven years, it was horrifying to come back home and find...that i was living in a country where the govt could look at my email, see what i was reading at the library, scan my bank account, wire tap my phone, and even take away my citizenship on w's say so. i felt like i had never left the middle east.
one more comment, then it is back to the flower garden for me. re being bitter re elections. get involved! it will help! if its nader you want, are you 'in' with your local nader campaign? don't forget the lowly local level...not quite as exciting as a presidential campaign...but also, an excellent way to get your voice heard. for the most part the people involved local to natl are great. i attend rallies with my kids, host house parties, get on the phone, do office work...whatever. to just stay home and surf the web is poison. really! i believe this! hope you are getting out and getting involved.
Maybe national policy shouldn't be to enact massive tax cuts for corporations when the successful corporations of this country are each sitting on billions in cash.

Maybe Martha Stewart should be low on the governments list to prosecute when energy markets (which directly effect stocks/bonds) are manipulated for profit, stock and bond market trading is manipulated for profit - to the tune or 100's of billions, and the shareholder pays the freight.

Maybe capitalism should not be defined as anything the business sector can get away with. Because I have enough money to place politicians who write laws that make my actions legal and set policy, does that make the law or the policy effective for a strong nation because it was done in the name of capitalism?

Maybe a regulatory agency should regulate and fine based on critera that don't include who/what the administration likes, rather base their findings on actions committed by the regulated. Certainly when dealing with a constitutionally protected activity. And maybe that regulatory agency shouldn't be able to stop a corporation from conduction business if the corporation wants to challenge the regulatory agency in court. If Stern and Oprah commit the same act then both or none should be fined.

Kerrysucks, if you don't think history (current included) doesn't demonstrate that the private sector needs regulation then it would be fruitless to continue this diatribe. I reject the premise that capitalism must exclude controls. And by leveling the playing field I meant that the government shouldn't pander it's laws and tax policy to selected rungs of the economic ladder at the expense of the others.

Kerrysucks, you wouldn't happen to be a trickle downer would you?

Maybe tax policy shouldn't make it more attractive to headquarter your business in the US and conduct your business abroad.
I don't have all day to write my feelings down,so I will keep it short.I will die before I vote for John kerry...I feel like I am a good Judge of character and kerry if nothing stands only for what will get him elected. at least bush stands for something!!
KS-- What boob-alicious dementia you have.
First off on some other points... A couple rational thoughts on 'why' Iraq and not N. Korea...

1. Oil, of course. Iraq has it, Korea doesn't.
2. WMD... Iraq doesn't, Korea does.

The 'boys' don't have the balls to go after the REAL threat which also offers NO economic benefits to their league of supporters. Iraq was a much easier target when N. Korea should be the one we tackled, if any. And I wouldn't support that either, but hell, they'll get their lies in line for the next one. Btw, Syria?? Yep. If you're gonna start cleaing up terror sponsoring states, there's your gem.
dear john,
if you are between 18 and 35, you may actually GET to die for your guy. if you are, indeed, a good judge of character...then it begs the question, what sort of standards do you have? not even being nasty, just mildly curious. w has lied to you over and over and over again. and it isn't just 'liberal rants' .... follow his speeches, his vetoes (or threatened vetoes), his actions AND his words. over a period of time. i guess if you need something ANYTHING! to admire, you can admire his ability to lie. what exactly do you think he stands for?
John- you in the millitary? You may get your wish if Kerry isn't elected.
Isn't it interesting that all the repubs find it soo easy to question the motives of Dems given no information other than their own pre-conceived notions, (or those of Rush L, which they seem happy to adopt), and yet become so very upset when W's motives are questioned given mountains of evidence. Do like kl, do your own research and stop letting biggot bullys like RL and BO think for you.
Yo John - Bush stands for something? What would that be? Hate, fear, intolerance, his oil buddies, dogma chanting religious zealots, the belief that his decisions in office are the will of god?

Personally I wouldn't loan my powertools to anyone who's ascended to the national political spotlight. They've had to suck more d than a passel of porn stars to get there. Not much I can do about that but I can review how someone's led there life and draw some distinctions.

GW, at best lackluster - placed by fam connections into safe military service, alcohol, partying, drugs, car crashes, all enterprises given by family or associates and then run into the ground by his inept handling, late overnight conversion to religion conveniently aligning with need for right wing support, interesting outcome of parenting skills, current belief that his will is god's will, more time away from white house than any previous president. What about gbonics Oh, and that smirk!

Kerry, signed up to fight in the viet war, exemplary service, courage to speak his mind upon returning, worked diligently as a public office holder, looks like he did a pretty good job of parenting. Oh, and can actually speak, in english.

Hey, any of you "liberal media" freaks want to try to explain in what way the media is liberal? Would that be through it's liberal thinking corporate ownership, jumping on Clinton every time the Republicans sneezed, hands off Bush, the cable news channels, the pandering to the Republicans 1st volley of RR being one of the greatest presidents and, hey, let's put his face on some money, hands off the fcc subject?
T-Rex- you're obviously not a Limbaugh fan if you find HS to be too opinionated. And O'Reilley must give you fits. So where are you getting your info? Could it be that you are just spouting you opinion, (along with some useless statistics), just like Howard (who should keep his mouth shut) Stern? You opitomize the hypocracy that is typical of the right.
Divide and conquer.

We are the bickering giant.

You've seen how fast our politicians (both parties) change their dance when they suspect we might be aligning on any subject.

How 'bout we teach our kids critical thinking and reasoning skills. Oh no, my kid might not grow up to like/follow the same doctrine as me or drive the same make of car. Go to a different church, NEVER. I suppose it's easier and self assuring to continue to be egotisical about our ignorance.
I am a republican, but many of you have missed that this is a comedy piece. It tries to convey an extreme far right view. Even though I disagree with some of the points, I still think its funny, and thats the whole point of it. You can make same examples of far left people, mainstream republicans are not what this article portrays. But in the end its just a comedy piece. Get over it
PissinPA: I think you are on some drug induced flashback,
IRAQ HAD WMDs! Don't you read or listen to the news? THE UN, not the US, said on JUNE 9 that IRAQ HAD BALLISTIC surface to air MISSLES (June 11 Tribune.com)! And for the oil we still didn't take it yet, besides even if we did, do you drive a car? The enviros wouldn't let us drill in Alaska so yes, we have to rely on the Mid east.
As for Korea thanks to Clinton. We probably will go after Syria and Iran, and yes, we will have to listen to the libs whine and cry about how we shouldn't go to war AGAIN.

Pignipples, yes I am a trickle downer, it worked for Reagan and JFK!
How the media is liberal....Didn't you read the PEW report that just came out that said news reporters considered themselves to liberal by 93% ! Did you ever read Biased by Dan Golderberg who worked forn CBS and Dan Rather. He himself is a Dem and said the media is in fact biased. They spike the news, and slant it. Look at 60 minutes. The last tree months they have every liar on that has a problem with Bush, but none for Kerry? On the night of election 2000 Brokaw said, "All we need is Florida and we win!" Refering to Gore. Tom Brokaw has even been considered to be the VP canidate for Kerry. NBC decided not to show the last presidential speech on Iraq.
Kerry in the military..... maybe you should ask the 200 men who served with him and said he was unfit to serve as President. Yes admirals and commanders alike joined together and signed a petetion. Why would they do this? Well first of all, this glorious militatry man was in Vietnam for four months and got four medals for every little scratch he could find on his Lerch like body. Then he comes over here and joins up with Jane Fonda and bad mouths the military. Then he either threw his medals, his friends, or who knows because no one can get a straight answer out of him. Vets like my boyfriend's dad can't stand him becasue unlike Kerry, he actually fought for a year in heavy combat, and when he got out Hippies met him at the airport spitting in his face and calling him baby killer.
Oh well. Personally I think being a full on Democrat or Republican is just Bi Polar thinking. There are no direct right or wrongs in life. Murder isnt right or wrong, the situation for which it happens can be judged right or wrong. Taking the life of someone like Hitler is no problem. Taking the life of an innocent human being is a problem. This proves murder isnt right or wrong but the situation its being used. So dont Vote strictly Republican or Democrat, vote your consience and mind.
PS Id rather have a President who gets screwed than a President who screws people. Clinton got screwed, Bush is screwing us. Enron Halliburton and the energy crisis which was created by Companies directly tied to funding Bush. Its funny how these people broke the law and got off. How all the money dissapeared. I dont give a rats ass that he is a Republican President. What i care about is how he is taking away human rights and increasing the National Debt while screaming Patriotism. Sounds more like a Nationalist Dictator to me.
kerry sucks: you are misrepresenting your own article. there were no wmds found. there were missile engines found in scrap yards ( not missiles) the reason they know these missiles came from iraq is that the UN inspections teams had already inspected them, tagged them for dismantling. the concern is that they may now fall into the hands of the wrong people. if you doubt me , answer me this, if they are truly wmds, don't you think bush would be shouting about them from the mountaintops?
secondly, why is it that if anyone questions the war, they are hurting our fighting heroes, our soldiers, who deserve the thanks of a grateful nation? but on the other hand, it is ok to question the service of one soldier, who volunteered for an unpopular war, reupped, and saw combat. he was awarded medals ( for both injuries and bravery) meanwhile your man avoided dangerous duty in the national guard. when kerry came home, instead of forgetting about his fellow soldiers, he protested a war he thought unjust. your boy got drunk. why do conservatives get to question the service of an american soldier. if your brother was in iraq, would you allow anyone to question what he did? the petition you are talking about is political, the people who signed it did not serve with kerry, the people whop did, are on his commercials praising him. john mccain has good things to say about kerry's service and defense record. is he a liberal pansy also?

lastly, if marriage is so sacred, why is the only divorced president a republican, why did rush just call it quits on his own THIRD marriage.
KerrySucks you wrote that there were WMD found in Iraq. There were none found. Missles were found as well as mustard gas and other chemical weapons that were all beyond their date for being usefull. Many countries have Missles but that dosent make them WMD. Perhaps if chemicals were attached that were good or if nuclear devices were found with them they would be defined as WMD, but there wasnt. So take your Freedom hating self away for a moment and look without your GOP glasses on. See things as they really are. Laws without tolerance is Tyranny. We have laws to protect the innocent while having a bill of rights to protect the innocent from the laws. If howard stern must go to cable or to late night to be able to say what he likes, then free speech shouldnt be called free. Ever heard of Economic slavery? its coming soon to a nation near you. Say what you like as long as you can afford it.
By the way trickle down economics didnt work for Reagan. Where do you get your history books from? Reagan was a great communicator but a incredably lousy president. Wake up. The Christian Right wants to make the end of the bible a reality. Ever heard the saying " If you look hard enough for it youll find it" Vote your consience and you will find you vote both Democratic and Republican. We will be nothing as a nation when the bill of rights gets taken away to be protected from terrorism.
as for trickle down, not only didn't it work for reagan, but he was smart enough to recognize it, and RAISED taxes when it became apparent that his tax cuts couldn't generate enough revenue. reagan was a great president, but not because of his policies , which were pretty uniformly bad. he was great, because he was the first man to restore some luster, passion, and hope to an office that had been diminished by nixon, ford and carter.
and as for ending communism, i wa salive then, and it seemed to me that it had more to do with afghanistan, a pope who was raised in poland constantly speaking about the evils of communism, and mostly the spread of technology which prevented the communists from having total control over the flow of information.
They did find ballastic missles, not just the componets but the actual missles, which were illeagal under the UN resolution. The article did not say they were to old for being useful. The UN is very concerned because these weapons and scraps are in the Netherlands, Turkey etc. The scrap metal was used for WMDs. So if you had any common sense, if they have the materials and the arsenals for making the WMD wouldn't you think they would have them? Not to mention the fact that EVERY single country that voted for resolution 1441 agreed there were weapons, and not just the US but Israel, England, and Chech intelligences said that Saddam moved the weapons to Syria and Jordon. Lsst month our troops were hit with 4 litters of sarin gas. That is over gallon. It only takes a drop to kill someone. In April Syria foiled a plan that Zaquai (Sp) was planning to kill 80,000 people in Jordon with chemical and biological weapons. So you can stick you head in the sand and be naive and say, "Bush lied" but if you see the evidence and look at the big picture it is scarry. I want to be safe. Where were you on 9/11? ARE YOU NOT AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF?

Bush was a pilot, he wasn't just behind a desk, I have a friend who is flying missions over in Iraq right now as a part of the Missouri National Guard. Kerry came back from Vietmaim and was a traitor as far as I am and a lot of Vets are concerned. Did you not read the story on Memorial Day that Kerry flipped off a Vet in front of school children? Real class!
The petetion had both dems and reps, and yes MCcain is a lib as far as I am concerned. Kerry did question every soldier and what THEY did over there! By him being a traitor to his own fellow vets made their life a living hell! They thought they were coming home to the same thing every other veteran of war was coming home to, acceptance, but thanks to traitors like Kerry they were spit on! I was alive during the 80's too. I remember the cold war and the fear of nuclear war, Reagan got rid of that. The deficit was caused by defense spending that broke communism, they couldn't keep up with us anymore. Cutting taxes is what moves the economy. I am smart enough to spend MY money the way I want to spend it! I don't need the government to tell me. I get up every morning and earn money, why should I have to give it all away so the government can piss away so that drug addicts can sit at home and collect welfare checks and sociaL security?
if, as seems true from your little temper tantrums, you are silly enough to believe every single thing that w, hannity, cheney, limbaugh, etc...giggle and decide to spoon feed you, without having the sense to verify...well, you drank the koolaid and there's no sense to be got out of you. good luck to you. here's hoping that maybe the day will come that you decide to think for yourself. it's a tough, hard decision to be an independent thinker, but if you try hard and work at it every day, you might just make it.
I'm a Brit and a fairly famous scientist and I moved here to New York 20 years ago because then the US was a pretty cool place. I mean no disrespect to your country, but honestly, a lot of the fun seems to have gone out of it in the last few years. We had the Puritans in England in the 1600's..didn't persecute or oppress them, just laughed at them and carried on about our own business of laughing, dancing and enjoying God's cool planet. That seemed to piss them off so they came over here. For God's sake my American friends, don't let these disturbed and demented people ruin your fun and your country. It is a great country and you are a great people and because of your Grandfather's sacrifices in WWII, I didn't have to grow up as a little boy wearing brown shorts and doing a lot of marching and saluting Heil Hitler. I don't think your Granddads would have been upset by Janet Jackson's tit.
Dr. Kent
it's a sad but true fact that we seem to be stuck with the puritans. my favorite theory is that they hate the muslims so very much b/c they are seriously jealous that THEY get to have religious dictatorships.
my granddad is still alive....and you're absolutely correct. ms. jackson's boobie didn't bother him one little bit.
Dearest KI,

It is so typical for libs to resort to name calling when they have lost on facts, and as for listening to Hannity, Limbaugh, and whoever else. I work for a living and don't have time to listen to talk radio. I have even managed to receive a masters in college where I to listen to rheteric from college professors. But it is obvious to me that you being the "independent thinker" that you are get all of your info and even deliver it in the same manner as YOUR buddies; James Carvol, who demonstates in his book how to argue with the right (fun the way you swallow all his lilttle Clintonisms no pun intended) , Al Frakin, Howard Stern, Al Gore, Moveon.org, and all the mainstream media. As to where I get my info, it is from all sources. I don't just look to the right or the left I read both and then judge for myself.
If the media doesn't start pushing the other parties (green, libertarian etc. were doomed to big government! It's not a two party system. There's alternatives!!!
I love how all these republican jerk offs have upped thier bs lately.
I guess they have good reason since GW is going down fast.
Worried boys?

Howard Stern for Prez!

I even asked my wife to get rid of her bush in a show of support. If she can,we all can!!

All of this and more is totally true about these nazi repressionist bastards.
Dear Everybody,
Not being a Democrat, nor Republican, I must comment. When are we as a society in whole going to stop gerrymandering to party lines and actually CARE about our country. I gain my info , the same as you and filter through it. There are pundits on the left and right.Those who can open up dialogue and discuss matters of principle w/ integrity and w/o bias and turn discussions into mandates and laws and (sic) government of the people, by the people and for the people who truly are our fathers history. A Republican said that when our great country was divided against its brothers. We must look to our government tomove us forward and together. I must say, this ADMINISTRATION has accomplished one thing : to divide and conquer our nation as a peoples'. Liberal, conservative, their our a great many ideals intertwined in both ideologies, but they must come together for ONE common cause, the people of this great nation. This CANNOT be achieved by by the ancient ROMAN idea of dividing and conquering. I did not vote for either of the last candidates, they both had nothing to offer (me). I voted Libretarian, (although I do not agree w/ the "unsecular" stance they have obided to as of late). I also did not vote for Bill Clinton, at all. Mistake. I view this man as one of the greates modern day Presidents of all. Simple.....when a country is flourishing, ie; economy, trade, markets,you get the picture...... it stands secure, and strong unto itself and it's people. That country is now in a position to be a world leader through the strength of it's people. Now, don't get me wrong...ALL admininstrations of all governments make mistakes. WE must be strong as a nation before we look outward. From Washington, to Jefferson, Lioncoln, Grant (both) Roosevelts, Kennedy,Eisenhower, Reagen, Clinton and future fathers, they must all not forget the principles of those before them.
Sorry people , should have proof read my comments.1) Corrections: Comma after that, when our great country.2)"Space" between to and move us forward.3)Spelling: Change "their" to there are a great many ideals.
i'd be perfectly willing to listen to 'conservatives' like yourself if you had anything sensible to say. read the posting from mark r. above. yes, i read carville, listen to al franken, and believe the wic progam is something i am happy to deliver my tax dollars to. i also read 'conservative' offerings, peruse their websites, and 'listen' to what they have to offer. i do not listen to limbaugh/hannity/coulter, simply b/c they are SO driven by shock/hate/vindictiveness that their opinions have no value to me. there are thoughtful, caring 'conservatives' out there. i know, i'm related to several of them. and yet even among the immediate family, even the ones in that upper income ranking, there is deep disgust at the republican party of today. we share the same disbelief that so many americans are so willing to abandon our constitution, and be proud of it! i believe it was in cynthia tuckers' column that she said that while the actual differences between the two parties isn't always that great, america is so huge, and so influential, that even a small difference can make a huge impact on the world. our government is supposed to be about the people, not the corporations. i live in a state with a high rate of property taxes. is there whining? well, yes, some. but not as much as you might think. i pay those high taxes, and send my kids to exceptional public schools. we are a 'tree city usa', and have even been listed as one of the 'best cities' to live in in the us. we have a top notch fire dept, police with training, and beautiful public parks. we have a 'living wage' law.....and you know what? businesses still want to locate here. this is what govt can do locally, and do it well when we can come together and act as a community. we can, and have, done equally amazing things overseas. its not communism, it is community and pride in our nation. one last word on next pres election. forget party lines, different economic ideas, taxes, even jesus, for a moment. i would think that the one place all americans could come together would be in protecting our constitution. it is a unique document, and is being hamstrung and becoming cramped and mean under the present administration. i would urge you to take that masters educ of yours and use it to do reasearch on this subject. skip the rhetoric, and really know what liberties are being taken with our rights. anyhow. off i go, back to my real life. this has been interesting. never chatted before, and prob. won't again. my son is convalescing from surgery, and i ran out of reading material the other night...so twirled through the net and found this site. again, interesting time. good luck to you.
Howard Stern will sway the November presidential election. GW and Michael Powell have made a grave mistake in underestimating Howard's influence. I am a 42 year old white male and I am thoroughly disgusted by the actions and lies of GW. Worst president of my lifetime even lower than Jimmy Carter. This country is in a tailspin and is in need of new leadership!!
Let's stop kidding ourselves. The "war" in Iraq is to give them their freedom, well thats the cover story anyway. Since when did we ever care about the hardships and opression of anyone other than ourselves? Tibet is still occupied by China but the only products they export are blankets and outsed religious leaders. Whats that? No fossil fuel? Wait...who is invading?China? Your on your own there guys.

EVERY war ever that has been staged has been so for one reason....Money. Either directly or indirectly and this one is no diffrent.

Sure we are over there to make Ol' Dick's Company a little scratch but even that is not the main reason. Why do you think so many EUROPEAN countries didn't want us over there in the first place? Because once we get "a foothold of democracy" in the middle east and sink our teeth into the big black vein in Iraq then we have more control over the flow of money and oil to Europe.

And if four years ago has taught us anything, its is: your vote doesnt mean a damn thing. Don't even bother because the REAL people in power will place whatever puppet-head THEY want to in the white house. Even British Intellegence knew the outcome of the election BEFORE it actually happend. So keep kidding youselves and thinking that you actually can make a difference with your *chuckle* vote.

Just go back to sleep, meander into work each morning, watch all the sopranos episodes you want, keep drinking beer, form your useless opinions and feel good about the big "D" or "R" branded onto your ass.....MooooOOOOOoo

hey he's laying down..looks like its gonna rain
A Couple Points.....
1)BOTH parties have been hijacked by special interest groups.They NO longer represent the majoritity of Americans.
2)Most politicans are puppets for these special interest groups.We all know This.
3) Just don't vote Bush out....vote THEM ALL OUT..from State Governor down to state representitive.....show the we mean business!!!
4) Don't trust lawyers!!!!!!!!!!!
5) Follow the money trail....
I've said my peace.......
I think the whole "Electoral College" system is bullshit. Let's count actual votes and see how it shakes out.
That link to the website a few weeks back was well worth the time to take a look. http://www.bushin30seconds.org
Polemics is for the stupid. Go do something dangerous and then reflect on your life.
KI, You accused me of only listening to conservatives in which I told you I listen and read BTOH sides. I hear both sides where you just admitted that you dismiss one side as being full of hate. So in other words, it doesn't matter what the right has to say becasue you have closed them off. I am sorry to see that you have a very narrow view of the world. The left HATES BUSH, CHRISTIANS, JESUS AND even AMERICA. See you are only willing to see only what you want to believe. I thought libs were suppose to be tollerant? It amazes me when they tell everyone how tollerant they are but if you don't happen to agree with them they call you stupid or hateful. I can't help you if you are continually being spoon fed the BS that the left gives you.
Didn't you see Al Gore\ and Howard Dean have their melt downs? I listnened to their speeches and found them rather interesting. I heard a lot of hate in them. I believe that the Democratic party is the "Divisionist party". They divide us by sex, race, financial status religion etc. Since when is it ok to hate people because they are christian? If you hated people that were Jewish that would be anti semetic? I have a lot of friends/family as well that are Democrats who feel the same way. They are embarassed of their party and the way the conduct themselves. I was embarassed a couple years ago when one of my second grade students saw a picture of Bill Clinton and said, "He is a liar!" It is funny, but they as well as I believe that the left is the one trying to ruin our country with their hate. I have a few friends who are leaving the party. They are deeply disgusted with the way they say they love America but are gleeful when America looks bad, (i.e. the prission scandal). I too live in a great city and pay my taxes. I never said that we shouldn't pay any taxes. I just believe that people shouldn't rely on the government to help them. I believe that in this country that you can rise above things and do it for yourself. My family is not rich. I put myself through school while working full time. It was tough, but I did it. I didn't go running over to governmnet with my hand out. This country gives us the freedom to be what we want to be. Being a teacher I have to deal with big government regulations and money. There is so much money that goes to waste! O course we must pay taxes, but I think a lot of people take advantage of the system. My boyfriend went to the market the other day and some guy was trying to sell him food stamps for cash. I know libs hate corps, but what about celebs? I mean they make gobs of money, The movie and entertainment industries have huge money making power. The right loves this country, freedom, and the constitution.
Dear KerrySucks;
I will spare myself the indignity of debate with you. But I will offer you these thoughts. It seems by your own dialogue that you have fallen prey to the very neo consevative views of this generation. I am by no means judging you, I don't know you. Belief systems are a virtue and should be cherished, but not at the expense of other human beings. What do I mean by this? Well,It appears that you are a very intelligent and articulate woman w/ strong values. By your extended views on this page it appears that your cannot tolerate the unfortunate or the "liberals" of this world scathing hard earned revenue from you. I offer you this. What are we to do as a society with these people? American, Iraqi, African or otherwise? Shall we cast a stone their way? Is not the "liberating" of the Iraqi people that your consevative party tells us we sent our brothers and sisters to war for a liberal cause. This seems to me, I could be wrong, to be a very "liberal" cause,(ie: liberal, liberating).You are too intelligent to let yourself be caught up in the games of party politicians. Your very profession that you worked and scrimped so hard for is a noble and liberal cause....the teaching of our children. Ghandi and Mother Theresa , Jesus were "liberals" by todays definitions. Are they to to be scathed...oh they were.I am a registered Independent, have been my whole life. I've had the fortune to make money and I've also lived by the dime. I simply cannot cast off my fellow brothers and sisters. I believe in capitalism, it works.....(everybody read Ayn Rand). But there are abuses going unchecked also. The S&L scandal, Enron, Halliburton,blah, blah, blah. The fall of the "Iron Curtain" , pushed and demanded by conservative (God Bless him), Ronald Reagan....liberal cause. Richard Nixon........moved us into a talks and treaties with China, did more for women's voting rights than any modern day president....not a liberal cause? I ask you to be the intelligent, gifted woman that you are and ask yourself for one minute, what has this administration done for the American people? What I do is take the label of Democrat and or Republican away and look intelligently, unbiasedly at the facts. I'm sure you will do the same.
dear kerrysucks
please produce an accredited newsource that states that someone has found whole missiles in scrap yards...whole missiles?! when you can't (and you can't, because it hasn't happenned), ask yourself who told me this and why? why does someone want me to believe something that isn't true?
again, if there had been ANY wmd's found in iraq, or felt to have been in iraq prior to the war, this administration would be crowing for all to hear (hell, we heard about evey barrel of insectiside they found). they aren't, and that should be enough to convince you that it hasn't really happenned. if you believe that you have found such a source, please cut and paste the link so that we can all read the information for ourselves ( i prefer to read the original article as opposed to someone elses version of it).
as for kerry's war service, imagine for a second that a good man finds himself fighting in a war that he feels is wrong. doesn't he have an obligation to his fellow soldiers and country when he returns to tell them that, and do everything he can to bring that war to an end? finally, despite your petiton from "admirals" etc...these people didn't go to war with him, they know him by reputation, after the war, or in the senate. he recieved an honorable discharge, and medals. who are YOu to question whether he earned them , when his commanding officers pinned them to his uniform? as for bush, the air national guard of 1968 is not the national guard that is dieing in Iraq. you're right, bush didn't sit at a desk, he let his flight eligibility lapse ( by not presenting for his physicals), and worked on a campaign in alabama, BY HIS OWN STATEMENTS!
ok, couldn't resist one more. we've had a bit of a relapse and the boy is back in bed...so free time. anyhow, you're right, i didn't repeat back to you that you read all sides. what i was trying to say is ..... read all sides with an open mind. each has something to offer. if you look at my posting carefully, i singled out hannity/limbaugh/coulter because to me they sound like pure evil. i can't believe that republicans, conservatives, anyone, really, would claim that they represent how they think, what they believe. i don't believe they do. and it isn't that they are conservative, it is their hatred for those who disagree with them. you are right when you say that there are liberals, progressives, and independents who hate bush. again, i strongly recommend that you research law sites that discuss the patriot act, recent legislation, and uncharted territory in executive privelage. america is founded on the principle that WE allow government to work for US. they don't 'give' us freedoms. though currently they are working very hard to take them away. this is not 'lib rant'. there are many, many committed conservatives who are deeply disturbed by the actions taken by the bush administration. forget the economy, forget iraq, forget welfare, safety nets, etc... look at what they have already taken away from you, and their plans for the future. we have soldiers and civilians dieing to 'give' democracy to the iraqis, but are casually and even gleefully throwing ours away. its weird, and its frustrating to see. i really do believe that this is something that transcends political ideology. you and i can be snotty back and forth all day, lecture and pontificate and get huffy....but we'll prob. always vote differently. :) that is part of living in a democracy, and it is good that there are diverse viewpoints. what has held us all together through political upheavals and ins and outs and different econ fads and so on...is our bill of rights and constitution. this administration, no matter what they do go on about, has shown by its ACTIONS that they hold our constitution in contempt. they have consistently put their political needs/wants/desires above ours, which is wrong. WE are the source of THEIR power. we need to take it back. ks, i can't tell you how sad it was while living overseas to have people come and ask me what is going on in the us? they are really discouraged that what was something to aspire to was becoming....just like their corrupt countries. and i still don't know why. i am tired of people hating anyone different from them. and even 'tolerant' people don't have to put up with the garbage that comes out of hannity etc.. no, i don't hate them. but i reserve the right to call them limited and really, i think borderline mentally ill. not being sarcastic, either. how can you be so full of hate and venom towards your fellow americans...because they won't vote for your candidate? it is ridiculous.
anyhow. please take the time to look into free speech issues, and this isn't about howard stern or janets breast, this is YOUR rights to protest, read at the library, etc...also executive privelage, etc etc. whatever your political views, this should concern you. well, i guess the fascists and anarchists prob. don't care. :)
again, good luck to you. p.s. try to get over the celebrity thing. paying someone 20mil on a film that will net 20billion is called a good investment. :) and remember, there are cheats and losers everywhere, but good people are out there, too. even poor ones on medicare. :)
Kerrysucks, liberals all result to name calling? You feel Kerry acted as a TRAITOR when he came back from viet? Who has more right to take have an opinion on viet than a person who went there voluntarily and fought with honor?

You know, the TRAITOR tag is now being stated or inferred by the right for those that don't agree with the administration and it's policies. Shame on you. This demonstrates your intellect is not tempered by your breadth of exposure or historicl perspective.
Dear Mark,

First, I am not against the poor and unfortunate, I am for helping them to be able to become self sufficient. I don't look to government to help me do anything. I don't expect GW or any politician to do anything for me. Teachers, Jesus, Reagan etc. all have the same message. Reagan use to say give a man a fish and he eats for one day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time. I empower my students. We are all capable of a great many things. Our lives have worth and meaning, if given the freedom and opportunity to do it. Reagan brought down the wall, Bush liberated Iraq becasue of the belief in freedom so these poeple have the same oppotunities to live their lives as we do. It baffles me that libs cry out about every person's human rights but turn a blind eye to the attrociities done by Saddam. What would have happened during WWII if people truned a blind eye to Hitler and the concentration camps? I watched a show on The History Channel where Saddam decided he didn't like a man. Saddam had the man's wife raped right in front of him, then they took their infant and threw it against the wall in front of the parents. The babie's brains splattered against the wall. As for what this administration has done for the American people? Well they are keeping us safe. I can't believe how libs just discard what happened on 9/11. This is not the same world. Not anymore. Clinton did nothing during his administration to get rid of terroists. Doesn't that tell you something? That if you sit around and do nothing they will still come after you. Look at Israel. Look at how they live. What would Kerry do to help us? I have yet to hear anything offered by the other side in terms of solutions. I have a question for you, by your standards are all deeds that help people inherently liberal, and are all acts that involve money corporation and scandal inherently conservative? People tend to fall for the touchy feelly crap meanwhile look at Clinton, while he was claiming to "feel your pain" he was renting the Lincoln bedrooms and selling secrets to China. Now that China has nuclear weapons pointed at us I can take comfort knowing that Clinton feels my pain. My boyfrined was an Independent. I exposed him to a few sites, and admittedly it took a few years, but now he is registering a Republican.
yes, look at israel...they have aggressively fought terrorism, and what has it gotten them? more terrorism. the purpose of terrorism is to trick a government into overreacting to a threat, repressing its own and other people, thus gaining more converts to the original cause. this administration has played into their hands perfectly. you can never kill enough terrorists to get rid of them, but you can show people that where you come from is better than what the terrorists are offerring. i don't think we've done that in the past few years, do you? the fact that you have worn down your boyfriend doesn't impress, but when EVERY single official that has left this administration has claimed that this administration ignores the facts, at some point, they can't all be traitors, etc.., and if they are, what does that say about the competence of an administration that appointed them or retained them in the first place.
you can always blame the clinton adminsitration if you want ( you're wrong, but you can) but it still doesn't tell me what GBW has done to protect me. have me take off my shoes before i get on a plane? tell me the threat is orange? osama bin laden is still out there, while all our resources are going to a country that was absolutely NO THREAT to america. wake up and realize that they are not protecting you, they are protecting their narrow view of what america is. but america is all of us, the poor, and the rich, white and black, south and north, liberal and conservative.
want to read something important, try this
Alan, for the FOURTH time this was a UN report that came out June 9. World Tirbune.com. If youn scroll up I posted the whole article on Friday. All news affliates reported the sarin gas. I think it was around May 9,10 0r 11 . As for Kerry sure he has the right to say what he wants to but not when their are boots on the ground! There is a difference between what you can say and what you should say. This is the same vet who came home and testified before the senate with fake vets who weren't even there! This Same war hero came home and admitted that him himself committed atrrocities. Oh, and the Viet Cong kept the war going because of people like Kerry. The media called it an"unwinable war" that we were winning. The Viet Cong new that if they hung in there and Vets like Kerry came back and bad mothed the troops America would loose the taste for the war. You must read the book, "A hundred Miles of Bad Road" by; Dwight Birdwell . Also in this book it talks about how some vets wrote themselves up for medals all the time.
Again I ask you what is the soluton to terroism? Look at Libiya, as a result of Iraq they have disarmed. Israel has to fight, laying there and doing nothing results in more attacks. Do you think the terrorists are going to give up and go away? WE LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD NOW. Obviously you haven't lost anyone to terrorism.
Hi again, you say that Hannity/limbaugh etc. are full of hate, but that you listened to Al Frakin. Didn't he come out with a book called Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar? And Al gore's melt down ......Ummm sounds like hate to me. As for loosing freedoms I don't agree with the FCC. As for the partiot Act WE LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD NOW! Maybe if we had it before 9/11 we could have caught those bastards!
and again kerrysucks, i will ask for a reputable and accredited news source NOT worldtribune.com. ther is no doubt that iraq once had wmds, and ther eare reports of sarin, yet not enough to kill anyone, certainly not enough to go to war over. as for talking when there are boots on the ground, he is supposed to wait until his fellow soldiers have died and the war is over before he says it is wrong?!
as for the patriot act, etc...the head of the 9/11 commission, former gov kean, a republican, has already stated that he believes 9/11 was preventable BEFORE the patriot act with the laws as they were. no generation of americans has ever sacrificed their freedom to avoid a threat ( especially one so mild, one that has cost americans less than 3000 lives over as long as you want to look at). real freedom is difficult, and it involves living with some risk
Alan, I read you site. Reagan experienced the same kind of thing on his quest to eliminate communism. So I guess you soloution is to do nothing about terrorism. A little word of advice. You might want to listen to something other than CNN.
So Alan that is your excuse now? Not a credible news source? That was a UN report I thought you libs love the UN? Is the Un credible? Is CNN a credible news source? Don't you remember 6 moths ago CNN was in troulbe one of their reporters was fired for misrepresenting the news.
O ne drop of sarin gas can kill you and they have found over four gallons. Please tell you don't think that is the only one they had? You libs probably pray all night long that they don't find any WMDs (even though we all not they are there) becasue Kerry is over if they do. YOu think loosing three thousand innocent lives is MILD?! Oh boy! It could happen to you or your family! You were lucky maybe next time you wiil be eating lunch with a a loved one when a suicide bomber comes in a blows you up! Read the book about Viet Naim, it will explain it.
first, i don't think 3000 lives is mild, but i think it is mild compared to other things that have affected our country, such as ww2, and vietnam war, each of which led to 100,000's of dead americans. already in iraq, america has lost over 700 soldiers, and over 10,000 iragi's have dies, so place 3000 in a context.
as far as sarin goes, we know that iraq had wmds, bu tthe question is, did they still have them in any amount that represented enough of a threat to justify going to war. for the record, i was in favor of this war, because i believed my president would be absolutely sure about such a thing befor ehe too k us to war. this administration ONLY looked at the facts that supported what they believed, and because of that american soldiers are dying, and MANY more terrorists are being produced every day. meanwhile, the organization responsible for 9/11 is stronger than ever, while we try to figure out how to get iragi's jobs!
no, i don't think of the world tribune as a credible news site, because if you read the article, it has little to do with the headlines. the article describes a un report that states that missile parts were found in scrap metal. in addition, these were ALREADY KNOWN TO UN INSPECTORS AND TAGGED FOR DESTRUCTION, PRIOR TO THE WAR. there are no wmds tht this war protected us from. read the article again, and try to answer my question. if the administration believed that this means there were wmd's in iraq, why is our government not raising the issue? the headline is written to suggest something else, because they want you to believe they have news no one else does. or do you think that NO other media outlets want to pick up on this story.
what do you do abou tterrorism. you try to defend it, but not at the cost of your own citizen's freedoms, and not in a way that brings about 100 new terrorists for every one you stop.you don't abuse innocent iraqis im jails, and you don't abuse the guilty ones either. you do things to make people want to be more like americans, not less. past administrations (dems and republicans alike) have understood that. gbw took a world that was very sympathetic towards us on 9/12/2001, and turned them all against what is becoming an imperialist nation.
ks. good grief. my sister is right, chat groups ARE the silliest things on the net. al franken makes statements, and backs them up with credible sources.plus, he's funny. hannity etc.. give 'impressions', or 'opinions', or 'thoughts', and back them up with gibberish. try to source coulters book. al franken may make you mad, but again, he's funny as hell. you should also read p.j. o'rourke. also one of the funniest guys around, and a staunch conservative.
three links for you to TRY to see what many people are trying to get folks like you to pay attention to. ok? just give them a try. all are credible, respected sources. though you may sneer at one....go to the page anyhow. ok. one. http://www.ucsusa.org/globa... this is a scientific journal sort of place, and don't get your knickers in a twist, even though 'environment' is mentioned, it isn't about you having to adopt a fern. this is about the bush administration, the cdc, and lead poisoning in children. am being a bit pushy in saying that i assume you hope to have children some day... you apparantly teach children... read this. two. http://www.boston.com/news/... it is the boston globe oped page for 2/25/04, and it talks about hhs tommy thompson, the bush administration, and mistakes/apologies. talk about this is available other places, this is one that came up on google. three. now this is the one that is going to hurt, but do it anyhow. you do claim to read all sides, now, so be brave. go to........ http://www.aclu.org/Safeand... this is a primer for you going out into the world and exploring the patriot act. notice that this particular page is all the conservatives. committed, die hard nra guys. phylis schlafly, for heavens sake. the findlaw site has analysis of different cases. strongly suggest browsing and just seeing what is going on. it may surprise you. which is actually a fourth site. again, good luck to you. you seem to be very young, but perhaps not. and re my not having lost anyone to terrorism, you are wrong. a friend died helping americans to hide and escape an invaded kuwait. she was lovely, and risked it all to help complete strangers. she was killed by the iraqis,in front of her family home. good night.
correction. the aclu site should read http://www.aclu.org/Safeand...
never mind, it won't write it as safeandfree. but that is what it is. anyhow, google aclu and conservatives, and in a pinch that should work.
YOUR the one that said 3000 lives is mild! Congrats, you just proved my point! 100,000 in WWII and 10.000 in Viet Nam and 700 in Iraq. Where every life is sacred, 700 is not a lot. We lost 7000 in the battle of Nomandy! We lost more than 700 in traffic accidents last year. The article states that the UN HAS SATALITE PHOTS OF SADAMM'S ARSNEAL DATING FROM MAY 2003 TO FEB 2004 AND SADDAM MOVED THEM, now the metal, missles, and scraps are relocated to other countries. Do you really beleive that Bush just made up WMDS? You said yourself that we knew they had them, and it wasn't just our intelligence that said they did. It was England, Israel, Spain, Czech. Go back and read resoulution 1441. The whole world agreed that they STILL had them! They all voted for 1441. Bush set a deadline. You must follow through. We went on for months while Saddam played us! Please, please, please, tell me that you you can see that. The countries that were not really behid us were France, Russia and Germany, and do you know why? They have documentation that France, Germany, and Russia told Saddam that they would not vote to go to war, They were selling him weapons and they have oil deals with him as well! Bush still believes there are WMDs. So did he lie to himself? Love him or hate he believes in whst he is doing. We have found evidence, remember at the beginning of the war we have found labs that were emptied, we have found during and after the war that they had all the components for WMDs add that to the UN findings and the sarin gas (4 litters) and, what do you have? Suppose you walked into a room and you saw a bong, zig zags, and smelled pot, and even saw smoke, but everyone was gone. Would you think that
it was just your imagination? Wouldn't you look at the evidence? And as for the justification forwar. Saddam we know had WMDs and he wanted to aquire more. What would of happened if Bush just said, "I'll just wait until something happens because I want Europe to like me." What if nukes, Chemical, and Biological weapons got in the hands of terrioists? Which may have happened thanks to the UN. Then all the libs would have said, "You knew he could have weapons and you did nothing!" I don't care what other countries say about us! The president of the US can't let other people dicatate to us what to do. That is not leadership. Especially when they have under the table deals with Saddam! And I have news for you France never liked us anyway! We bailed their sorry asses out of trouble time and time again and they are ungrateful! The terrorist want us dead. They have decided that don't like our life style. So your solution is just to sit there a do nothing? Why don't we invite them over and have a big party! We can put Bin laden at the front of the conga line! Terrorism will NOT stop by making our country look good, that is what they hate about us! They are jealous of us and they want us dead! You have such a naive view of the world! Did you see Nick]Berg's beheading? They are not people, I shouldn't even say people becasue they aren't worthy of it, who want peace. There is a story of a man who found a snake. The snake was sick and the man nursed it back to health. Well when the snake was better the man picked up the snake up and the snake bit the man. The man said, "What did you do that for! I took care of you and nursed you back to health?" The snake said, "I am a snake, asshole!" If I have to take off my shoes at the airport, and watch for the orange or red alert so be it. It is better than getting blown to smithereens!
Are you serious? Innocent Iraqis in jail?! Get out of here! Those thugs in jail are terrorists for God sakes! Should we abuse them, NO, but they are not innocent victims by any means! As for credible news source, I guess if you want to ignore the facts when they are reported go right ahead. Remeber 93% of news reporters consider themselves liberals! Thye don't want to report anything that might be a positive thing for Bush! Look at the PEW report and read Dan Goldberg's Biased! . Once again what is the "All knowing war hero" Kerry's solution going to be?
I read your sites, the ACLU, Boston Globe, and the Emnviromental crap was amusing! I just can't stop laughing that people acutally believe this propaganda! Al Fraken should be funny, you know why? He's a comedian! He
is not someone that I give a lot of credibility too! If Al was so great why is his radio network going down? What you are saying is that you are choosing not to believe Hannity, Coulter etc. And did I hear you say, "Gun nuts"? You mean YOU want to take away the freedom to own guns? If I didn't know better I thought you might want to be taking away someones liberties? I am shocked! I thought you were about freedom!
ba ba booey
Dear Kerry Sucks:
I don't deem standards of helping people liberal or conservative, nor do accredit all policicies of fiscal spend thrift to be conservative ( in party). Alas, plenty do, all up and down these pages.
Oh how the Repukes will toss and turn, turn red and have diarrhea all day when Kerry wins in a landslide! It's all ready over. Don't believe the polls. So argue your "facts" over and over. Feel your frustration reach a fever when no one seems to be listening to your "truths".
Then take a deep breath.... and turn your attack machine back on and begin the impeach Kerry campaign. And what a four years it will be!! How many Supreme Court Justices do you think Kerry will get to appoint? One? Two? THREE? You'll be so god damn pissed by time Mr. Kerry is done you'll be tempted to leave the U.S. like dumbass Alec Baldwin proclaimedhe would after GW won. But please don't leave, stay so we can watch you simmer in your own juices. God bless America! And the Republicans too. Keep up the futile fight. LOL!!!
Once upon a time, Democrats wanted to spend working folks cash on self agrandizement and enriching their buddies. They Played the religion card and paid lip service to civil rights. Republicans (Lincoln's Party) sought restraint, understood that people deserved their hard earned cash, and that the government should stay out of peoples private affairs. Democrats got involved in wars, Republicans tried diplomacy recognizing that trade bred peace and democracy.
That was a party I could believe in, and that's why so many of us loathed the Democrats.
That's all changed now. Nation braeking deficits, war replacing diplomatic leveraging, excruciatingly blatant cash grabs for buddies, Dictatorship style laws ripping apart privacy, for profit jails, and religious influence, these things and so much more have turned the Republican party into what it once hated.
There are responsible Republicans left, but they are few and branded traitor in this coup.
Likewise some Dems have, from the opposition, re-discovered values worth fighting for.
Thats why the fringe left and right wind up with so much in common.
Even Nancy R and George Sr. are at odds with the crew in power today, a crew whose corruption rivals Democrat Huey Long - the previous standard for graft and dirty deals. Many of these boys are the remains of or apprentices to the last stain on the right, the Nixon posse.
So bash me if u want, but u know I speak true - I've been shamed by whats been done in the party's name - Angry at being driven to vote across the fence, and repelled by the unthinking, unquestioning loyalty being shown to the least true Republican White house ever... A true Republican is not afraid to stand up to imposters and their syncophants. A Kerry win will make the GOP purge it's ranks of the stinking corruption that has so dishonored it - and let it roar back with a real mandate and the heartfelt admiration of a nation. Kerry in 04 - and a real GOP candidate in 08!!!!!
I am so amused by you KS...
First it's "They have WMDs, we have to invade..."
Oooppssss. Didn't find any, Ok, new strategy.
"Its a war for freedom..." Yeah, go with that.

I'd love to bet you that in one year, or five, Iraq will be no more stable, nor democratic that it is now. You just don't change an entire country overnight, regardless of the 'virtues' that you try instill or site as your motive. You do not change the way people THINK. You can change they way they behave, through oppression, but not what they THINK. The Iraqi culture is a long history of strong handed dictators. The people grow to prefer that type of leadership. It is what they know. It takes generations to change that.

I believe that what angers the conservatives so much is that they are questioned. They feel that their beliefs should be those of all. Dare to disagree, to THINK and QUESTION for yourself, and you are rocking the boat.

Todays 'Conservative' is the most intolerant, judgemental, and intrusive force we've ever seen in this country. You espouse that the Dems 'hate' and that the Liberals are intolerant. Open your eyes. I see frustration in the posts here of 'Liberals' and only intolerance and hate from the other side. It's what today's Republican party is building itself on. Hate, Fear, Intolerance. From the conservative Righteous Wrong on up.

I take the time to listen to all sides and debate the opposing views every day. It scares me stupid to hear the political commercials from the Bush camp...they are building a culture of FEAR. The religious conservatives have only three isses: Gays, Media, and Pre-marital sex. All of which they preach a Hate of, Fear of and Intolerance of. They are slowing turning anyone and anything that they do not agree with into the next bandwagon: SAVE THE FAMILY. To further their own goals. Soon anyone outside their definition of 'normal' will be criminalized and degraded as, oh, lets say 'unpatriotic', 'unamerican', 'ungodly'.

This group IS in your White House. And if the current administration survives another four years, you will hardly believe the state of this great nation by 2008. Intolerance, dictated morality, censorship on a scale to make Stalin weep... It's coming, dare I say, it's already begun to arrive.

The 'right' hates 'us' because we dare question, we look to a better nation where freedom OF is equally balanced with freedom FROM.
The only reason anybody "hates" bush,jesus christians etc. is because they can't seem to get it through thier thick F'in skulls that not all of us are christians or support thier BS doctrine and don't wish to have it legislated upon us.
If you want to do the jesus thing fine,your welcome to it but I don't wish to suffer all manner of repression just because some dumbass let a bunch of romans nail him to a plank of wood 2000 years ago.
Keep it in your church,we'll all get along better for it...
ok, i'll go back and read resolution 1441. like i said, whne my president said that iraq had wmd's , i was not against a war. but go back ansd read every other un resolution, and explain to me why we have ignored so many, and this is the only one we've ever felt the need to enforce by invading a sovereign country AGAINST THE WILL OF THE SAME UN. its liek saying that you killed someone because they broke the law. it is the job of the government to have poeple obey its laws, and sometimes they feel they don't need to bring the full weight. in this case the un rejected force as a means to enforce inspections at that time
old school republican, although our views may differ, i couldn't agree with you more. i didn't vote for reagan in 1980 ( i voted libertarian) i did vote for him in '84 because i felt that he was good for the country , even if our politics were different. the people in this administration serve a very small group and the worst part of re electing them would be that they would consider it a mandate.
i think it is the height of hypocrisy for them to imply that any questioning of the war with troops on the ground, or investigating abuses of prisoners is tantamount to aid and comfort of the enemy, while at the same time attacking the COMBAT record of a political opponent, while EACH AAND EVEY ONE OF THEM DID THEIR ALL TO AVOID COMBAT. i don't blame them for doing what they did in the '60s, many goo dpeople did the same, but to belittle a soldiers medals because his wounds weren't severe enough?...what does THAT do to the moral of troops on the ground.
if john mccain were running this year, i'd have no problem voting for him, but the biggest threat to freedom in this country is not islamic terrorists, it is the religious right in our own country, and this group will give them whatever they want as long as the religious right allows them to line their pockets.
You go back and wonder why we ignored so many? First of all Clinton was presidant! He was to worried about his image to do a damn thing! The Clinton administration back in 1998 knew we had to go to war with Iraq, Madeline Albright was out there promoting war, all of them came out for war but Clinton didn't want people to hate him. If you look at 1441 they all agreed that something had to be done about Saddam. We set a date or deadline and said, Saddam if you don't disarm by blah blah blah we will go in and disarm you. Saddam played his game, he didn't let us look at everything, wouldn't comply etc. So Bush said. ok the deadline has arrived. Saddam could have stopped the war at any time. It is like with kids, when you tell them to stop doing something if they don't stop a consequence must follow. Otherwise words mean nothing. If it was up to the UN we would still be messing around with him. That is why I am positive there are not only WMDs, but that Saddam stalled it long enough to get it into terroist hands. Which we have seen. Remeber Iraq is the size of California, they could be ANY where. Not to mention , like the article said, Syria, Jordon, Trukey, etc. The reason why this time was 9/11. On 9/11 we were attacked, it was an act of war. Oh and by the way the other day the UN security council voted 15 to zip in favor of the Iraqi sovernity! I could really care less, but since it seems so important to you so there you go! :)

I feel sorry for you, you claim to listen to all sides but you sound like the chairman of the DNC. Did you hear Al Gore's speech? That wasn't hate? Did you hear Howard Stern everyday? What about MOVEON.ORG? That isn't hate? I don't know where you have been for the last three years, but Hellooooo we were attacked on 9/11! Scroll up and read, yes read, the article and comments I have made about WMDs. I know it will be hard. You are so buried in the propaganda the left has been spewing, but give it a try. As for Iraqis having freedom that is what they said when Reagan brought down Communism, "It can never happen," Well it did! Don't they deserve the same rights to freedom as we have? I thought liberals were suppose to be so caring and "tolerant". And have you ever heard of polictical correctness? That was brought about by the left? Just out of curiousity what are yout thoughts on that?
The hate and contempt for Bush by liberal democrats is very evident. They just cant get over Clinton's impeachment and will lie and twist the truth to get their revenge. Unpatriotic morons.

Thank god someone with some sense!
he said beaver. hu hu hu hu hu
i wasn't just limiting it to un resolutions on iraq, but all the others, the un resolutions to ask the us to pay our bill ( through all the 80's, republicans administrations), the un resolutions equating zionism and racism, etc... like the original topic says, to be a republican you have to believe we should get out of the un, but sacrifice our sons to enforce one particular resolution....
as for 9/11, can you please remind me of the connection to iraq? because even the president admits there is none.
and lastly, because we attacked iraq (according to you) saddam shipped his wmds to terrorists. does that mean if we hadn't attacked, they would still be in iraq, and not in terrorists hands? is that how our government has protected us?

like i have said, i was in favor of this war, because i believed our government would NOT take us to war without being absolutely sure about the threat. either they lied or they were incompetent ( i know other adminsitrations and other countries also BELIEVED iraq had wmds, but none of them felt the need to go to war over it) if you go to war, you need a higher standard of proof, wouldn't you agree. in addition, it is not just a coincidence that this administration wanted to go to war with iraq as soon as it got into office ( before 9/11). this is confirmed in woodwards FIRST book, about 9/11 and the war with afghanistan (which you don't hear any of us complaining about, because they were going after the right people), published BEFORE the Iraq war began.
as for beaver, the clinton impeachment was a joke, and honestly one of the causes of 9/11 (remember when clinton sent cruise missiles into afghanistan, and republicans questioned whether he was just trying to distract from monica? how could he proceed with that response?) i don't think there is any lying or twisting of the truth here, but i KMOW it is not unpatriotic to question my government if i believe them to be wrong. it IS however , unpatriotic, undemocratic, to accept everything they do without questioning it.
Wow... seeing all this surprised me.

Voting is a personal issue. I'm for Free Speech, Pro Choice, and Gays can marry/civil union.. whatever you want to call it and divorce all they want just like anyone else. They are PEOPLE after all... why is this so hard to understand? I'm also for people who belive in God to have their right to worship. I would never come to a church and wave a sanatanic flag.

I love our country and I believe we as a nation have so much potential.I love how its diverse and we have so many people. I think the blending of cultures is awesome. We are the melting pot.

I don't know if I can claim the right to be called a democrate. Some of the things they say, I don't go along with. I know I am not a rebublican.

I am, however, an American and I know what Bush is doing to our country. I don't like he tells men like Billy Grahm he knows more about God. I don't like the idea that he and his wife have let their daughters run wild, if they can't keep their kids in order... how can they keep this country in order? And he looks to God and Jesus for everything.

I am all for having morals, but you don't need to consult your bible and your church for your job. Especially a job putting you in charge of such a range of people. I know its an impossible task to make everyone happy, but do you have to go out of way to make them all miserable?

I want a President who works for his country. If nothing else, Bush has spend more time on vacation than any other president. I want some one new. Some one who may make better choices. At least some one who doesn't have a history of drunk driving and covering up so many things.

I don't want to force my opinion down anyone's throat. I mean.. I do like talking with people and learning about what other people believe. I however didn't vote for Bush last time and I won't be this time. Why vote for some one who OPENLY says I'm going to hell when I have lived a moral life.. probably more so as I never drove drunk and my kids never ran around drunk at 18.

And I'm babbling... so flame away...
I've always been pretty moderate and financially probably benefit from having Bush in Washington. That being said, I just got done reading "The Politics of Truth" by Ambassador Joe Wilson. Reading how the Bush administration went after this American hero for telling the truth including outing that his wife was a CIA operative made me nauseous. The problem I have with this administration is that they don't listen. They don't listen to other countries, they don't listen to their own people. Instead, they seem to pound ahead with their neoconservative agenda. To be honest, I'm not sure if Kerry is the answer, but he's got to be better than what we got now.
i have read this entire scroll and the only person who seems to make any sense is kerrysucks. even if more wmds arent recovered is the region better or worse without saddam? if democracy emerges in iraq it will have a lasting effect that will have history books praising gwb for all future generations. just like eastern europe loved reagan, iraq will love gwb. ignore the critics gwb and keep doing what your doing, maybe if our wonderful european friends helped us this vision could be realized a lot sooner. also i am not stupid to not believe that certain people have profited during this administration and quite simply i dont care, it has happened in every admins. and it always will. we will never have a completely honest and mistake free admin.
Assume that everything in that UN report is 100% true, exactly as Kerrysucks says it is. Would this means that W was telling the truth when he said Iraq had WMD? Yup. Would it mean he was right to invade Iraq? Well, as is blatantly apparent from the article, now all those WMD are proliferating to other countries. We've got no idea who has them, or what they might want to do with them. So, even if KS is absolutely right about the WMD evidence, we're all still the worse off for W.'s dunderheaded action.
A couple more quick points: First of all, all this belly-aching about liberals not being "tolerant" enough is pathetic. No liberal has ever said that their highest virtue is a total acceptance for everything that might be said or done in their presence. That's a straw man argument, and if you don't like it being done to you, then don't do it to others. When I say I'm "tolerant" of something (which is something that I'm not sure I've ever actually said, but whatever), what I mean is that I'm willing to let something happen without feeling the need to legislate against it. I might have a problem with it, I might speak out against it, but I'm not going to say that someone doesn't have a right to do it. And example of tolerance woudl be, "I might not like what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Tolerance is not "Say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and tell me that I don't have those same rights. I can't do anything about it, because I'm tolerant." It's just silly for you to expect someone to be "tolerant" of your attempts to quiet them or restrict their freedoms. You've got every right in the world to be a conservative Christian, or a devoted fan of Rush Limbaugh's, or whatever; more power to you. But it's asinine to think that just because someone's a liberal (which, btw, is a term that a lot of you conservative Christians and Rush Limbaugh fans throw around waaay too freely; congratulations in your near-total appropriation of the formerly-diverse category of "conservative"), they're not allowed to take issue with anything that you might choose to do, even if you choose to do it to them. I'll agree to not care what you do if you agree to not care what I do.
You know, Beav, I consider myself to be neither liberal or conservative. I'm just a free thinker. So, okay, Clinton faced impeachment because he lied on the stand about having "sex" with Monica Lewinsky. Whatever. Nobody died, okay? Bush lies to the American people every fucking second of every fucking day, and people are dying daily as a result. And, it just keeps spinning and spinning out of control. Kerry does suck, but what the heck? I say get Bush out of the White House ASAP. Actually, I wish we could overthrow the whole government and start over from scratch, because the system we now have is flawed beyond repair.

It's always the same...the Democrats blame the Republicans for everything and vice versa. It's all such bullshit, really. And, still, in spite of it all, the United States is, without question, the greatest nation on the planet, hands down.

Oh, by the way, any white American who decides to voluntarily travel to any location in the Middle East is obviously retarded.
you can't decide if the world is bettr off without saddam until you see what replaces him. 100's ( and more to come) of american soldiers have died. if a democratic government arises , there can be an honest debate about whether it was worth it....but, if a fanatical, iran-like government ends up there, screaming death to america, will we have done the world or ourselves a favor?
in eastern europe, we offerred our support ( as did the pope , who was incredibly effective at the time) to a people who wanted democracy. has anything about iraq suggested to you that the people have a desire and a will to achieve it? saddam has been out of power for 14 months, and the majority of the population believes that america is an occupying nation, that the only way for a leader to show he isn't owned by america is to lash out at us.
i am not comparing vietnam to iraq, but we also tried to free those people from the yoke of comunism, BUT THEY DIDN"T WANT ANY PART OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, and they are still communists today. people would rather be ruled by their own dictator than by a foreign benevolence. we were worried back then about a domino effect that never took place, but now we are hoping for a domino effect? if you don't learn from history,.....
Here's a little tidbit that made me involuntarily shudder :

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country."

--Hermann Goering, Nazi-Minister before the Nuremberg Trials in 1946
Old School: this is why I stay on the fence. What ever happened to diplomacy? Carter was not a good president but it seemed like he could get people from "opposing" countries to talk to each other. So did Reagan. Instead of swindling, drugs, tartin around and bad business, Clinton and GW should have learned how to talk to other leaders. If leaders are talking, soldiers arent fighting. At least they shouldnt be.

Some studies of interest:
Obscenity regulation: 2 studies talked to kids 5-16 about words they hear on tv, on the radio and from their own parents in different parts of Chicago area. All of them seemed to know that curse words were for grown ups during frustration, excitement, anger (one kid: "Bono was just really proud of his award") and they didnt care about Janet Jacksons boob. Parents need to start doing their job and quit asking the government to do it for them. There oughta be a test to take before you can spew your
reproductive juices at each other.

Dictatorships, human rights abuses: 15 year studies show that equatorial countries have the longest histories of abuses of their own people by male dictators, military revolutions. I am not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination. Just an interesting pattern, eh boys? This last bit leads me to believe that democracy is impossible in these countries. Are all you hateful name callers (both sides!) from some hot country?

To passionate, sometimes hateful liberals and conservatives: capitalism is out of control but socialism doesnt work unless you have a smaller population. I like my stuff but I can work constructively with others to make things equal. Equal opportunity is not "mandated hand outs" or "$$ makes right". Thats patriotism, not stoppin old ladies at the airport to check their shoes.

John Kerry and John McCain could bring this country together. Too bad he doesnt want to.
Had to came back to see how you all were doing.Everybody, have a good night.
I love Howard and even wrote the FCC but please stop with the politics. There is a lot of bull in this list if you take the time to go get the facts.
"Lower verern benefits and combat pay". That isn't true. Decisions a woman makes concerning her own body. Please, there a several things a woman can't do to her own body. We didn't belittle our allies and you can't battle terroism the way the French fought the Germans in WW2 either. Remember 9/11? Guess not.
Global warming? Wake up. This is the same group that was yelling "ICE AGE" in the 70's. By the way what cause global warming before we were here? The Grand Canyon has flooded something like 7 times, no SUV's around back then.
Saddam was a good guy when Regan armed him. Yep, what don't you understand? I think a lot of people in here need to read up on military history. I'll stop here.
I love the show and will continue to enoy it every day!!!! Take care Stern gang!!!!
KS To say that Clinton didn't do enough against terrorism may be true, in retrospect. But what would you say was Clinton's biggest challenge in office? Do the initials ML ring a bell? Yet even during that whole fiasco he bombed terrorist camps, and the repubs accused him of just trying to divert attention from what THEY thought was important; getting a BJ in the WH. "Wag the dog", they said. It seems to me that they made their priorities known. And when W took office, they adopted the ABC philosophy; anything but Clinton, which caused them to demote the one man who from day one took the terrorist threat seriously; Clark.
Over the past three 1/2 years, W has acted in such a radical, devisive way that the country is in a turmoil the likes of which it has never seen. Here's the scary past; he's done this with getting re-elected in mind. What do you think he'll do as a lame duck? He's already trying to re-write the constitution. He's already alienated Gays, women, most of Europe and anyone who makes less than 100K/yr, who do you thiunk will be his true base when he not trying so hard to impress people and get votes? If he gets re-elected, I'm going to switch parties and build a secret room in the attic just in case it doesn't float, because the constitution will mean nothing.
Please Antipolitic, millions of protested Regan in the 80's over him placing nukes in Europe. By the way I got a tax cut and I'm well under 100k a year. I guess you hate keeping more of your money?
Lets talk AIDS for a change. You folks on the "left" like to say Bush is anti-gay. What American President has done more to fund AIDS reaserch? "W" has. I know the truth hurts but it's true!
Why does Europe want to see him loose in 2004? G W that is.... Because it's best for them. What is best for the USA? If you can't figure it out maybe you should strap a bomb on your back and run into a shopping mall and kill people.
I will continue to fight the speach issue but I also understand what is the issue of this election,,,, 9/11 made that clear. Now lets see some tits!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmm, give me a beer!!!!
The important thing to look at when it comes to Clinton is simple. The thousands of pages of national security crap, what did it mention. Bin Laden was mentioned 3 times and what terrorist group was mentioned 0 (zero) times? What two towers were brought down in New York? By whom? Clinton new who they were......
Hummmmm,,,,,, I guess being honest to one's wife and child isn't important to some people. At the same time these very same people would love to be led by someone who lies and cheats on their wife and child. I love liberals! They fall prey to a man that cheated on his own kid and wife. AMAZING!
Clinton bombed a pharmacudical factory! You know that? Of course he "Wagged the dog!" He didn't do a damn thing for eight years to ward off terrorism, then they day after it came out that he looked us in the face and lied, he decided, "Oh, YEE HAW, Today's the day, yuck yuck!" He didn't even go through the porper chain of command to do it! You talk about executive privallage! Where were all you libs during that bombing? Where were the protests? It didn't seem to bother you then. Where were you when he rented out rooms in the white house for money or sold weapons to China and Korea (which we are dealing with now). And as for ML, you're right nobady died, BUT HE LIED UNDER OATH! If you or I did that we would be in jail. Not writing a book 5 years later, that's for sure!
The sudanese offer Bin Lauden to Clinton THREE times! He didn't do a damn thing! Maybe he should've stop getting Bjs and playing with cigars for ten seconds and three thousnad people wouldn't have lost their lives!

PDR! Thank God for you! Thses people are Lunatics! The stuff the believe is amazing! I guess that is waht you get when you only get your news from one source! :)
I love this list. It clearly demonstrates how hypocritical the majority of Republicans truly behave in order to advance their own little greedy agendas. Democrats are for the most part good critical thinkers. In contrast, Republican’s promote and believe in fallacies.
Under the Bush Administrations, our freedoms are less secure than they were when the country was first founded. It is unsettling to know that the President of the United States makes decisions regarding stem cell research based on his religious beliefs. It is extremely hypocritical of Bush to give a eulogy on behalf of Regan, considering he refused to support research that could have very well saved the former President’s life. One can argue that perhaps from a moral standpoint the President is correct, but then one must also wonder why President Bush was adamant about going to war against Iraq when God’s teaching promote forgiveness and that killing another human being is wrong. Why then are the current President's moral beliefs not brought up into question? Why then did the President not seek the guidance of the Pope? Maybe it’s because mixing religion and government will never work – it is wrong.
According to me? There is a connection between Saddam and Al Queda, The training camps were there, The Czeech Intelligences said Amed Atta met with High Iraqi officals on April 9, 2001. They have found letters that have connceted Bin Lauden and Saddam. The wmds would still be in Iraq in terrorists hands! The longer we waited without going after him, the more time he had to hide or sell. He was actively trying to buy nuclear weapons, to use on us or sell to terroists! Remember this was a man that used chemical weapons on his own people! Libs were complaining about Aghanastan. and once again, SEPTERMBER 11 Changed EVERYTHING! WE can't let people like Saddam aquire weapons, it is dangerous to us all!
Bad presidents should not be given more than 1 term in office. Bush is the biggest liar scumbag to ever take the oath. I thought that honor would go to Clinton and was convinced that he would be the worst President during my lifetime. Then Gore ran against Bush. I was certain that either of them would take that honor from Clinton. We were left to choose between dumb and dumber. Once again we are forced to make a bad decision. The way I see it is give an asshole only four years to fuck up the country and make his mark. If he is worthy of another four give it to him. Bush isn't worthy, so Kerry is next up. Get him out in 4 and it is the next rich brat's turn to milk the middle class, send jobs overseas, make false promises on healthcare and education, and make his mark on history. It is about time that we vote the rich out of office (I mean Congress) and put the middle class back in their place. That way the pool of candidates will eventually improve. But I will not see it in my lifetime and neither will you.
Democrats as critical thinkers! LOL! I just had a great idea! Kerry should pick Saddam as his VP! I mean you all think he is such a swell guy!
What I mean by "tollerant" libs!? Look at some of these comments? Conservatives are hateful, greedy little agendas, Bush is a dunderhead, Nazis!? All Democrats want to do is hug kittens, and help old people. But those big menaie republicans want to kick puppies and run over the disabled! In your minds you say how open minded you are, until someone disagree with YOUR ideologies. Then their Jesus freak, gun nut, war mongering, gay hating, red neck, nazi facist, homophobic, take way old people's medicine, enviromental hating, corporation lovin. Jack asses.
Bush has every right to be a christian, could you imagine if he was a muselim or Jewish? Would they attack him in this way? Democrats HATE Bush becasue he is a christian and he is republican.
All you repukelicans enjoy tossing stones at all the foibles of the democratic leaders beware;people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
GW is a friggin' "reformed" drunk,a drug addict,a loser who'se had everything handed to him including the presidency.
Rush Limbaugh?!Another freakin' junky with a big mouth,Micheal Savage a true hate monger,Shaun Hannity?!-just a plain old annoying whiney geek. It wouldn't suprise me if it were found that conservatives have a higher rate of death by cancer,heart attacks etc because thier hate and fear eat them alive from the inside.
They can't seem to handle anybody that live outside of thier definition of "normal".
If Bush wants to be the 13th disciple or the 4th Beatle or whatever goes on in that mongoloidic brain of his let him run for Pope.I don't think he'll have long to wait for that but until then let him keep his religious conservatism in his church where it belongs.
What goes around comes around and sooner or later some republican boob will F up and then they'll all scream bloody liberal murder when someone makes a big deal out of it.
I'd rather have Clinton getting blown in the oval office that Ronnie Raygun and Bush sr cutting all thier secret Darth Vader deals for arms,drugs ,who knows what...
If Clinton knew one thing it was this,he played both sides which is pretty much how things neeed to be done nowadays.We are not a country united,we're about as divided as can get right now.Somewhere in between is where everything needs to meet.
Dear flying Dogman,
Thank you for being a true model of a "tollerant" liberal.

P.S What about Clinton selling secrets to China for campaign money?
GOP=grand OLD party,and thats just what it is old rich greedy men.That poor excuse for a leader led us into this war for that precious oil and don`t let them fool ya,it was all about oil.First thing that happened,the Navy seals secured the oil fields,second thing that happened,Halburton(Cheeney was c.e.o. of this co.) was given a multi billion dollar rebuilding contract.That horse faced buck toothed condelezza rice has an oil tanker named after her for christ sake.Do they think were idiots?
Did any else notice how we wer`nt allowed to express our views about bush?Has anyone else noticed that our news is government controlled and we only see what they want us to,just like sadam did to his people?when bush was gov of texas he made it a point to kill as many people as he could and as fast as he could?The man is sick.The whole election stemmed on the state his brother was gov. of but there was`nt no funny buisness goin on there was there.Remember the BIG deal the republicans made over President Clinton getting a B.J.?Yeah thats it boys waste some more of OUR money.Our victory will be one in November.Lets all speak up and be heard by our vote.ANYONE but BUSH 2004 is the slogan.oh,before I go let me make a prediction,OSAMA BINLADEN WILL BE CAPTURED SHORTLY BEFORE THE 2004 ELECTION.It is bush`s wild card and hes gonna try to make himself into Americas hero,don`t be fooled.The real heros Are out there fighting for us,thats what they do,even if their leader lied to them.The real heros were rushing up the stairs of the twin towers on 9/11.Not rigging elections and doing all the same stuff sadam has been doing.
Once again no sited facts . "just the everybody knows" argument.
Dear Kerrysucks. Relax dud! Your going to give yourself a hart attack.
Lets get something straight Republicans are neo nazi asshole who are overly religious. They love backing the rich asses and are all anti abortion its youre choice I say dont be sayin there good for the country watch Bowling for Columbine and any Michel Moore film in the 80s the U.S gave the tali-ban guns and traind them how ironic that they attack us with that training. I also hate G.Bush always talkin about god Im an athiest and have nuthin against peoples belifes but keep it to youreself and the being gay is immoral stopsayin that do you know whats immoral having a Human with a low I.Q as president fuck George Bush makes Auetizm look like Albert Einstien on Speed. Bush is like tryin to enslave us like in THX 1138 listen to the song by the greatest band on earth The Misfits We Are 138. So fuck rthe asshole republicans I hope Kerry stomps on bushes ass during the election. one more thing fuck the electoral college and Fuck are so called president because he so damn stupid. long live Howard Stern the King of all media.
obviously another "critical thinker" for the Democrats.
Holy Crap!!! You mean gays can get married? I thought they only got married as a cover for being gay!?
Dear Kerrysucks.
I never said I was tolerant of anything.I won't tolerate these asswipes going about telling me I have to live by a christian doctrine and or rules.
I just love the sour grapes coming out from the conservatives as thier idiot boy of a candidate sinks lower and lower and his chance to best dear ole' dad go right down the toilet.
Bush has played his cards with the religous right and guess what?It's not as strong as he thought.
Yesterday at the commemoration of the Clinton portraits at the WhiteHouse he ingratiated himself upon them.Do I smell a new strategy here?
Even idiots like Micheal Savage are turning on him for that.He can't have his cake and eat it too,oops that's right,he likes pie...
Kerry supporters and anybody-but-Bush folks: You would be better-off focusing your energies on people who are on-the-fence with respect to the upcoming election...unless you truly enjoy these polarized message boards. When the participants are as polarized as this group, neither will agree. I'm a liberal, most of my family is conservative (neocon to be exact). We don't really discuss politics very deeply anymore because we really don't agree on anything. I've found it more useful to talk to folks who are inquisitive about current events and put my own liberal shine to the discussion; and I now always do my best to avoid extreme, emotional, name-calling tactics. That approach really doesn't work, particularly if the individual is on-the-fence so to speak.

However, I did enjoy the parts of this board that I read. Both sides (right and left) are throwing-out all the same types of quips I've used and heard for the last 10 years. Have fun everyone...and don't expect anybody to ever give an inch on this board. peace out.
This whole page is greatly amusing! Thanks for the laughs guys! Anyways - I think its so funny that everyone is so busy arguing about Democrat and Republican you all are missing the whole point. The point of the privilege of electing someone into office, is to pick the best man for the job. And President Bush (god, that makes me cringe to call him that) is obviously NOT the best man for the job. He's made that loud and clear. Not that Kerry is a strong opponent, but Bush has had his moment in the sun, and it wasn't a pretty one. It was more like the fat guy wearing a speedo at the beach lathering himself with tanning oil.....yuck. Anyways- all I would like to know, is what happened to the presidents that did great things for OUR country. Not freeing Iraq and making other countries laugh at us considering our "fearless leader" can't speak his own language in full coherent sentences. The presidents that built highways, desegregated schools, brought this nation together. Hasn't that all fallen to shit? Everyone needs to open their eyes. This isn't an election of Republican and Democrat. It shouldn't be. This November should be the celebration of the right of every U.S. Citizen to choose who they think will be the best leader for their country and which man will help the U.S. flourish. Doesn't anyone else think that our president, the person we vote into office, should try to meet our needs and make us happy? The people that give him his f'in high paying job?
I guess I'm wrong and I guess everyone loves paying $2 for a gallon of gas.
Wow, lot's of hate. I find it ammusing (please excuse my spelling, I DO have a career in radio media where ofcourse absolutly no writing skills are required) that both republicans and democrats believe that the best way to win the hearts and minds of the opposite party is to BASH BASH BASH! Is it ok to be a conservative who believes in principals and core values, but not in people? Is it ok to be idealistic and liberal? I guess not... Point is, Bush does not define a conservative, nor does clinton define liberalism. My personal conservative beliefs are base n principal and personal philosophy, not the speaches of one man.
One more thing. It seems as if everyone has gone craaaaazy. Is there's anyone still sane out there; anyone who doesn't just blindly recite the pack mentality of "Bush sucks for no good reason". Well, remember what the great Rush Limbaugh allways says "Stay Optimistic" "Don't let the doom and gloom get to you" and "I feel all covered with flys right now..."
This is an incredibly insightful list of the new nazi (republican) movement in America. It is hauntingly accurate at the same time chillingly truthful... You can't convince someone of the truth but you can point to truth. This is one of the finest examples of Truth I have seen in a long, long time...Republicans are now worse than the Taliban. They want to deny women's basic human rights (but if rich white men could get pregnant abortion would be not only a constitutional right with its own Amendment it would be a weekly Christian sacrement) they hate gays and lesbians, like the islamic fascists, they want to impose religion on people...Its scary how Jesus freaks like bush hate the poor so much when their so called savior was a homeless champion of hope for the poor... Republicans are not only off the scale insane... they are off the scale evil, cruel, apathethic, and sinister to the core...
wow paul, that was a little crazy don'tcha think? I think lumping all people that may hold one particular belief in to a "Catagory" is a little discriminatory and, dare I say it, Racist! And... What's wrong with being rich and white? I think you have proven yourself to be just as bad as those you critisize. "they are off the scale evil, cruel, apathethic, and sinister to the core... " I don't consider my self "Evil", but perhaps you would crusify me for my beliefs just like my man jesus. Republicans (of which I am not, I am a conservative, there's a difference) are not evil, we're just rich and white apparently...
Howard you damn Jewish Bastard don't you even think of backing down to these fucking bastards (the fcc)you have fought them before and you have to fight them again and if you have to run for fucking the white house.... Damn Howard you just dont realize the impact you have on people do you? Just don't quit o.k.
This website is a gem, as is the radio show on KFNX, Mike Newcomb. Why? Not because of the liberal message..ooops.. the Progressive Message. It's because the hate and vitriole that leaks from these liberal sites simply reinforces my moral and ethical views as a conservative. Reading this site encourages me to declare I'm a Republican and Proud American!

The liberal message is clear..."We hate hate hate...We despise, despise, despise." The "Progressive" Message of liberals is all about saving the planet, except for humans, who are all expendable, especially babies, third world starving citizens, and of course, anyone who isn't in a Union (oh yeah, conservative media who perish in Iraq; notice how they cheer).

Liberals, when incited to defend their beliefs, resort to calling the Conservative Enemy: Nazis, Dumb Fucks, Stupid Jesus Freaks, Hate Mongers, Racists...you name it. There is no love for a liberal; only HATE, ENVY, DISGUST and APATHY.

I'm Pro-Life for obvious reasons (ironic Libs are anti-Capital Punishment); ironic libs want federal regulation on everything under the sun, except when it comes to the "Sanctity of the Uterus" (whatever). The Million Mom March wanted Gun Control to save the youth, but cringed when the government passed a partial birth abortion bill to save the..uhhhh.....Youth. Hmmmmmm....

I support the liberation of Iraq, because I support the citizens and their thirst for freedom.(ironic the Libs want Saddam back, or felt that no citizens were killed until we entered the country; ironic they feel "those people" don't want what we have).
I support allowing third world countries making modern changes to their famine ridden homelands (libs want them to remain innocent noble savages despite the high death rates). They prefer they all die as savages and not as long-living
"Victims" of Western Culture.
I believe GOD should remain in the Pledge; that a cross on the LA Seal is harmless, as was the cross on Danforth Chapel and the Ten Commandments in front of a courthouse in the deep south. None of these examples was an attempt at Establishment. Ditat Deus forever, Arizonans! Only a Liberal would ever be threatened by such harmless symbols of our history.

I believe I'll vote for Bush. Hopefully he'll re-embrace hisconservative roots, investing time in school vouchers, tax reform (CUTS-doesn't that scareyou all), and Social Security Privatization.

I know that liberals fear Privatization because in the words of NAACP leaders, "Poor black people won't know what to do with their money."
Contrary to populist opinion, The Liberals are racist for believing this garbage and supporting affirmative action.
The Liberals are inhumane for allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent people die in the name of "a clean world environment".
The liberals have managed to turn a baby in the womb into a fetus, so they can justify the right of a woman to terminate a life (I know there are good reasons for abortion, but now it's birth control-i.e. sickening Partial Birth Abortions).

The liberal loves Money and is never satisfied with simply living within their means. After 10 years at my job, I still makeless than 36,000. But what matters is my Wife and Son, my Family, my Home and waking each day knowing I'm the luckiest man on earth. I couldn't be a liberal, because I don't have time to be angry, hateful, callous and greedy.

Ironic, I didn't use God once. But I'm a Christian and proud to be. Liberals feel that they can shake the shackles of religion by declaring themselves atheists. They've created a religion out of atheism as a result. Ironic isn't it? They're trying their best to force their new faith down all our throats, nuch like the communists and fascists did.
you are wrong about any connections between saddam and osama, just plain wrong, and even bush and the rest of the government admit that. i agree that allowing saddam to gain nukes is something we couldn't allow, but apparently, the world had done a pretty good job of it since 1991, without killing american soldiers, 10,000s of iraqi's and turning even our friends into our enemies. as for allowing wmds in the hands of bad people, in order to continue the war in iraq ( which we now MUST do), we have had to pull troops out of s korea. north korea actually does have nukes. when are we going in there? in addition, according to you, and your interpretation of the world tribune article, weapons that were under inspection by the un are now dispersed through out the planet BECAUSE of our invasion.

as i have said many times before, i don't have a problem with our country fighting a war to defend us from a threat, but i expect my government to be correct about the threat and the proper tactics for dealing with it. this adminsitration was 0 for 2.
by the way, conservative, many of us have not called anyone names. as for the 10 commandments, not "only would a liberal be offended" by them being outside the courthouse where ALL americans are supposed to recieve justice, but so might a hindu american, a buhdist american, or for that matter, an american indian. as a jew, i can tell you how i felt as a child in a class in a public school where i was the ONLY jew, listening to teachers recite prayers about jesus. i applaud peoples beliefs, but when you assume that because the majority believes in something that anyone who disagrees , or is offended has no right to feel that way, you diminish that persons freedom. how would you feel if in another 20 years, there were tablets inscribed allah akbar in front of a court room that you had to enter? surely no one could be offended by a phrase as simple as god is great? there are plenty of places for faith and religion to be expressed, but our government and its offices are not one. the attempts in the past few years to do so, to force one religion, fundamentalist christianity, upon us has done more to divide this country than anything else. the founding fathers intentionally made this a country free of ANY national religion. the country worked for 200 years that way. why do you feel it has to change now?
I am so comforted by the fact that Christianity is the most attacked faith in a free speech forum like this. The bible predicted it would happen and it is playing out like a masterpiece. When Jesus said "they will hate you on account of my name" he was right! I enjoy the severe polarization created by convergence of religous faith and government policy; it means that we are on track. Take a look at the higher level of tolerance toward other religious faiths by secular humanistic mainstream socity.
For some reason I was just put in mind of this old Dr. Seuss story...it was about these things called Sneetches...some of them had stars...others had no stars on thars....reading all this just made me think of that...dunno why...

I know being so "tolerant" as yourself it is surprising when a conservative like Bush is gracious, but he respects the office of the presidency that was why he was polite to Clinton. It is called class.
According to whom is there no connection? I never heard the president say there isn't any. What I do know is the Czeech ( Intel) government had reported, (I think I read it in the Washington Post last month), that the have documentation that Ahmed Atta met with High Iraqi Officials on April 9, 2001. This is the Czeech Intel. Also they have found letters linking Saddam and Osama, not to mention the Al Queda training camps, and that AL QUEDA is FIGHTING IN IRAQ RIIGHT NOW! As for Korea, you know who you have to thank for that. :) Also, we will get to them. The wmds were a danger becasue we had to shut Saddam down. We didn't want him building any more of them, so he could use them on us or sell them to other terroists. It's like a big drug dealer. You wouldn't just leave him alone so he gets bigger and stronger. You get in there and bust the ring up. That was why it was important to go to war. THE WROLD HADN'T DONE A BETTER JOB OF IT SINCE 1991 BECASUE LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11.
I am with you! Couldn't have said it better myself!
You're right I am optimistic! This country is an Awesome country! This very best in the whole world! I am not one of the "Hate America first crowd."
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
Bottom line on religion: This country, no country, should be run soley and completely based on any religion. Religion and politics have no business being one in the same. It is a dangerous road that will lead to polariztion, greater intolerance, and persecution. All religions can and should exist peacefully next to eachother and in tolerance of eachother. But, alas, this is where it fails. Nearly every religion has its factions that push their anti-other agendas and lead all to conflict. Anti-Catholic, Anti-Jew, Anti-Muslim and on. I'm always stunned by the shear intolerance of 'religious' folks of those not like themselves. I grew up in a predominantly Protestant region where any Catholic was looked down upon...an Appalachian region where you were Baptist or Methodist and nothing else was acceptable. I was born to a Catholic father and Baptist mother, and forced by the Catholic Church to be raised Catholic. I completed CCD and my Confirmation for my father's sake...not my own as even at the age of 16, I knew I had no place for 'faith' in me...I asked too many questions.

Now I live in a region of the county full of 'bible churchs' and I have been on the inside of some of them and I can tell you that they scare me. The teaching of judgement and intolernace and the 'if you can't save them, destroy them oh lord' attitude is unsettling. They have the agenda of 'it is us or them' and they promote it through their church teaching and into their youth. It is a worry as the gap of intolerance continues to grow; and the shroud of conservatism closes about them. The unwillingness to look at the big picture, to consider alternatives outside their 'belief system' all point to a doctrine of knowledge being evil; ask no question lest you be accused.

Where is the compasion and tolerance? I think this is the overwhelming message that is flowing out of the ultra-conservative christian community...not what I would hope is the greater majority's favor of tolerance. It is always the vocal zealot that draws the most attention and ire. The demeaning and distrust of the 'christian' are being driven by these moguls of hate and intolerance. The waves of whiplash are born by this and now are lashing back at the ultra-conservative/non-accepting righteous few.

It is my hope that more moderate, more thoughtful christians would stand up and call these zealots to see that they are preaching hatred and not love and tolerance. Where is the 'hate the act, love the man' creed? There is none...it is fading away to be replaced by the 'Do as I, believe as I or be destroyed...'. Is that not troubling?

Have your freedom of religion, practice it as you will, but also be tolerant of those who choose not to practice. There are millions of Americans who were born and raised in religious homes that have left their church...as there are many who have found the church coming from a home of none. Tolerance people. Without it you have only hate. It is a wonder how many christians are so eager to find meaning and ties to the bible for the 'end'. The references to persecution in the name of Jesus growing and fulfilling prophesy...it's been happening forever, it's nothing new. Can you say that the 'christian' agenda does not polarize? Does not seek to create a splintering of America? A choice of against or with? I hope to be wrong, but fear I am not.

The day IS coming people, but it is the day of choosing between far left and far right. There soon will be no middle ground and as I see it, that's just how those on either end would prefer it. Have your religion, I welcome you to it, but please, gives those of us who choose to go without it that right. The imposition of religion is the source of the evil against itself.
ks knew you couldn't resist responding. actually, am beginning to seriously doubt you have a job, or a boyfriend, or a life. amazing that this seems to be the only amusement in your life. ah well, to each his own. since i'm stuck on hold on the phone...i'll use my time to write to you! (see, i've already gotten to sneer at you and appear to be a more productive citizen! isn't this fun!) have doubts you actually went to the sites i posted. in fact, i think you might be....exaggerating. or maybe, like ronnie reagan, you just wanted to believe that you had, and so now you do. yes, yes, yes the one site has the dreaded environment word in it. more than once! you act like you don't breathe air or drink water. though i'm glad the 'libs' have become the 'green' er party...its fun to tease you about this. though i am surprised (shocked!) that a good christian wouldn't be interested in protecting 'gods creation', unless you're trying to say that creation isn't true? anyhow. back to the page i posted about. now, if i follow your logic (well, MIS-use of logic, A-buse of logic,etc..) you found the 'emnvironmental crap' amusing. am not sure how lead causing mental retardation in children is 'emnvironmental crap', and am damn sure it isn't amusing. you have serious conspiracy theory issues if you believe the cdc is some sort of front for snail darters. maybe if instead of having stats about how it damages living breathing babies they instead ONLY TOLD OF DAMAGE TO A FETUS, it would interest you. hard to say. how can anyone respect this decision to load the cdc with political appointees. what is so important about having lead in paint? i concede now that the site about hhs tommy thompson was too subtle for you. moving on. the page at the aclu site that i was directing you to was some of the 'conservatives' who have joined the aclu in the wake of the patriot act, and actions taken by the the king and his court. no, you didn't hear me say 'gun nut', what i said was die hard nra guys. they know who they are. :) perhaps if you take that particular page and think about it in conjunction with the latest blast against bush by the generals/etc... released the other day....you'll see that what i was pointing out was that our basic freedoms are under attack and americans from all political persuasions are becoming more and more vocal/mad/active in reaction to this happening. (guess what? i talked about nra guys TWICE w/out saying if i 'approve' or not!)
so what are you, personally, doing to further your cause? i mean, besides nattering on and making shrines to limbaugh? oh, can't resist. al franken says about himself and others on the radio talk circuit...they are 'infotainers'...an honest assessment. al may be 'just' a comedian, but he is also smart, and honest, and still funny. what a grim world you repubs yearn for.
well, to be honest, i've been off hold for almost five whole minutes. five minutes wasted! i need to get out there and pester some kool aid drinkers!!!
kerrysucks.........i will repeat that there is NO CONECTION BETWEEN SADDAM AND ALQUEEDA, ABSOLUTELY NONE. According to who? according to our government, according to our president. in addition, there is no connection to saddam hussein and 9/11! the only reason alq'ueeda is in iraq now is because after we invaded, converts to al q'ueeda have gone there to fight us. president bush was specifically asked this question in his last press conference and he conceded the point. our government has acknowledged that hussein was not involved in ANY way with 9/11. even if there was (which again ther was not) obviously, wmds had nothing to do with 9/11! the un sanctions were in fact working to prevent iraq from gaining control of wmds. they may not have been supplicating themselves, but as of the date of our invasion, they had no wmds that the UN had not uncovered and either destroyed , or earmarked for destruction before we told the UN to get out before we attacked.
as for korea, we can't "get to them", they are now a nuclear power that must be dealt with at the negotiating table. you can blame the past administration if you want, but they only completed their nuclear weapons after gbw began describing them as part of an "axis of evil", when they knew that ther ewas no advantage to not completing them.
but the point i have been trying to make is that we have been led into an ill advised, and ill planned experiment to bring democracy to the middle east when there are real threats (al queeda, iran, north korea) that should be the focus of our attention. a few idealogues had an idea that they pushed ahead with, IGNORING THE EVIDENCE THAT SUGGESTED IT WAS THE WRONG MOVE TO MAKE. terrorism has increased, we are less safe, not more, and have less influence in the world than at any time since before WW2. we are spending our resources trying to stabilize a country that was already stable, that was everybodies problem then, but is our problem alone now.
sometimes incompetence alone is the cause of our problems, not other religions, or other americans. sometimes, people who want to believe something so badly (like that iraq was part of 9/11) despite the evidence to the contrary, can do more harm to america than all our enemies ever could have.
All of you have issues or just too much time on your hands! I'm all for being politically aware but this is ridiculous! Actually nevermind it's amusing, carry on!
i was mistaken about the press conference, it wasn't stated then. it may have been either c. rice at the 9/11 hearings or another administration official, but i'll find the exact quotes and post them.
Welcome back, being a teacher school ended on Thursaday, I am on summer break. I did look at those sites! It was more of the same rheteric. See what shocks me the most about liberals is that they are so concerned for the enviroment, but when the people of Iraq were being tortured by Saddam they did and said nothing. I guess saving a tree is more important. And saving babies?! I thought they wanted babies dead!? Isn't that what everything revolves around? See I put human beings above all us. Conspiracy is what YOU are about! The enviromentalist were about the Ice Age in the 70's , then global warming, etc., notice neither has happened. The enviromental movement in of it's self is a conspiracy theory. All the enviromnetalist claim to care about the enviroment, but they drive cars (oil and exhaust), they travel using planes, (more oil and exhaust) Paint their houses, ( EWWWW lead). When I think of enviromentalist I think HYPOCRITE! As for conservatives, REAL conservatives, joining the ACLU? It isn't going to happen. When did I ever say I was making a shrine to limbaugh? This brainiac Al Fraken God of yours is failing miserbaly in his radio show! Is it even still on? Last I heard he had to for go his salary. YOU are choosing to swallow everything Al says hook, line, and sinker, but why do you always bring up Limbaugh? So you happen to believe Al Fraken is right, so he is right, and Rush you happen to believe is wrong, so he is wrong. Well that is just like your opinon, man. And as for a grim world, I love Ameirca! I think this country will be just fine. Rush the guy you hate so much promotes optimism. I don't go around wringing my hands worrying about trees and paint. I am glad to hear that you support the second ammendment then! Good for you!
Uh, KS...there is NO more lead in paint...hasn't been for years.
Yeah, you're right. No ice age..yet.. did you ever realize that they just don't 'happen' overnight? Environmental change can be drastic due to overbearing human pressures, or slow and methoical like an ice age or changing weather patterns that create new deserts or flood plains, etc. A little geology goes a long way here also. A conspiracy theory? Now that's funny. So you're one of those folks who thinks that "God made it, the Bible says we have dominion, so it's our to abuse and trash all we want, F* the soil, the air, the water, let my kids sort it out...". I hope not, I already know a few of those and their world is about 2" in diameter. Btw, not all of us listen to or care for Franken. Funny? Sometimes. Annoying? Sure, sometimes. Politically aware? Yeah, with a grain of salt. Motivated? Sure. At least someone is.

One last thing...give those of us who care about the environment non-fossil fuel vehicles, and cheap solar/wind energy and we'll use it. Oh, that's right, your side doesn't want us to have that...it would undercut their profits in oil. See, again, what pisses you off is that the assumed 'we' can think broadly and for ourselves.

And so you know where I stand. I own guns but don't support the NRA as I was a member in the past but no longer support their contrived agenda; support 'choice' but don't know that I could do it myself if I were a woman but still think each woman can decide for herself; think abstinance is great but needs strong contraceptive support; believe that you can change the channel if don't like what's on tv/radio; that parents who don't/can't parent are a greater problem; that many hard line conservatives blame the rest of us because it's easier; the rigtheous wrong are dividing this country at an alarming rate; that immigration is an issue that needs better controls where you're welcome to come in but by all means do the paperwork or your butt is on the next train out, period; term limits are long overdue; we'd all be better off driving hydrogen/electric hybrids; a few bad apples really due ruin the barrel; and that we have jumped the shark by initiating a pre-emptive war. We can never, never go back; Rush is a boob who incites division and hate; and although I know we can never all just 'get along', it is still something worth striving for by example.
Alan I listened to the 9/11 hearings and have read article after article and THERE IS A CONNECTION! EXPALIN THE TRAINING CAMPS, EXPLAIN THE WMDS SCRAPS AND MISSLES THAT WERE ILLEAGAL that were just found!? SaRIN GAS? Al Queda was in IRAQ BEFORE THE WAR, DRUING THE WAR, AND NOW AFTER THE WAR! When was the last time we were atacked here in America?! When was the last time 3000 people died on our soil? If you are talking about terrorist attacks in IRAQ, We are at war! A Lot more Americans were attacked by the Nazis after June 6, 1944! YOu are ignoring evidence, you know why? I am willing to bet you listen to CNN, the three networks and the New York times! They are against Bush! They aren't going to report anything that can make Bush look good! NBC didn't report the sarin gas, that is probably why you havn't heard about it. The DNC had no where to go with Bush and the War so they came up with this spin, "Oh he lied!" No conncections, no WMDS. Well whenever they find anything, WHich they have found, they panic! Becasue every time they make a discovery there goes their whole arguement! I saw an Iraqi scientist interviewed the other day, he said Yeah they had wmd, and they hid them! I know we are going to recover a lot more, Hell we already have. Right before the war A report came out that the Isaral Intel said that the wmds want over to Syria. Saddam was stalling before the war because he knew he had to hide and disperse. If we just sit around and do nothing the terrorist are never going to stop! Look at Spain! I want them all gone and if it takes 30 years to get rid of them fine! Why are you concerned about Korea then? Ask yourself this; Why do you believe the CIA and the administration about Korea? What do you think would have happened it Korea was the one we were at war with? The same damn thing. "Bush lied they don't really have nukes, he was just saying that to get their Korean BBQ."
I feel bad for you guys, You spend you time hating christians and worrying about trees. Then you tell us we are intolllerant . I agree with you about immigratation. I was reponding to someone else about the paint. Choice starts before you go to bed with someone. I mean hopefully you do know what happens when you have sex. In this day and age if you don't use birth controll, that is ridiculous. Are you in support of the president's energy policy?
KS...regardless. We started an illegal war. The U.N. had it's mandates and only the U.N. under international law had the right to initiate war. We are still wrong.
I don't see it that way, WE were the ones who lost 3000 people. The UN agreed to 1441 but would not hold to the deadline. We can't run our lives by what the UN says, we have to to what is best for us. Maybe if it was 3000 trees you would feel differently! :)
Alan I just saw the president have a join news conference with the new President of Afhghanastan, and he said that Zaquiw(sp) was evidence that there was a strong conncetion with Al Queda! Zaquawi is the guy that is leading the insurgents and I have read somewhere that he has been in Iraq for a long time (Pre war) ! I just saw it right now! So the president does beleive that there was an connection!
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
ADAM/CAPTAIN KIRK: no sir I am not racist... I am white but I am "honest" enough to admit that if rich white boys could get pregnant we would have drive through abortions in Wal-Mart and abortion would be as simple as apple pie.. And where did I say "all" republicans.??? Most indeed want constitutional grafitti to fuck with civil rights of women, the poor, the accused, and gays and lesbians.. for a group like the republicans to claim gov't out of our lives is a total con... they want gov't out of business so they can sodomize America and mother earth day in and day out while spend all their time trying to make laws against women, the poor and the gays.. They are clearly just like the Taliban trying to restrict women, ideas, and stick that god damn crucifix so far up our asses it will get stuck in our throats...
mellow in pa. great big smiley face. there are guidelines for lead in paint....from the cdc(center for disease control) the cdc was recently going to LOWER the acceptable limit, having found that even very small amounts cause harm. bush replaced three members of committee writing said recommendation, and they are now contemplating RAISING the acceptable level. at least two of the three appointed by bush have ties to the lead industry. the site i had directed to ks (in a posting waaaay up the line) was a scientific journal response to this nonsense.

ks.........YOU have spun and twirled and CAPITALIZED and wrung your fair white hands...but haven't shared your feelings about children being poisoned by lead, and the fact that the bush administration feels compelled to raise lead levels in paint.
as for conservatives, real conservatives, joining the aclu....it has already happened. and on your watch, too.
i think you would benefit from a website called liberallikechrist. though....i don't know. you don't sound like anyone who believes what jesus taught. you don't sound as if you walk the walk, pootsie. if you are, as you seem to be trying to say, a christian, get off the net and go read your bible. w and his buds are not walking the walk, either.
as for birth control....thought all you repubs were shocked! at the thought of teenagers having access to birth control. do i detect a 'liberal' thought creeping into your text?? and expecting a drug addict to 'act responsibly' seems a little unrealistic, even for you.
i asked you in an earlier posting, what are you, personally, doing to help your community? my guess is....nothing. go to church, get your 'list' of who to vote for, write silly things on the net.... one reason i personally believe that the govt has to take some responsibilty for people at risk is because most people.......won't. too busy, too disgusted, not interested, i'd be happy to send a check but won't get off my butt.
anyhow. i'm going to keep on saying this.... READ THE PATRIOT ACT, find out why republicans and democrats are backing away from it and not automatically renewing it...read it read it read it!!!!!!!
is rush being optomistic that the aclu will save his big white fanny? are you being optomistic that if we have a president w/dictator powers you will be safe? is it optomistic to believe that americans are so stupid that we can never ever EVER manage to 'get off' oil? is it hopeful to believe that grandma checking her shoes at the airport keeps us safer than monitoring cargo containers?
am having second thoughts about net chat. it is very therapeutic to read your 'ideas' and be able to write back...and poke you some more.
if your argument is that the mainstream media (cnn, the networks, including fox) are all against the president, and refuse to break stories that would help his case, even though they would be big stories that would guarantee ratings and dollars, then we are at an impasse. i chose to believe that someone, at least in the government would be shouting about such proof until we listened. every official of this government, and the un including but not limited to our arms inspector (david kay, appointed by gbw) and hans blix, all agree that ther ewere no wmds in iraq when we invaded. every official accepts that iraq had no connection with al q'eeda prior to the war ( it was a secular nation, exactly what alq'ueeda is fighting) as for the training camps, it is true, that there was an al q'ueeda base in iraq , near afghanistan, in an area that was beyond the control of hussein becuae of the no fly zone. it was well documented and described prior to the war. the fact that alqueeda is there now, is simply that they know that there is an opportunity to take control of a major oil producing nation, and to try to give the us a black eye while attracting new converts.
Kl, You wouldn't be judging me would you?? HMMMMM? Wait PA, said there wasn't lead in paint anymore! As for reading the BIble I read it all the time, as GerorgeTakai would say, "DEEWWW YOOOOU?" and I didn't say that teenagers need to use birth control, I was referring to adults. And as Ronnie would say, "Well,There you go again!" You are judging me, you tolerant liberal you, have you ever read the Bible? What do you do to help your cause? The problem with most of you libs is that you read leftist propaganda crap! You are so woreied about some trees and oil yet you continue to drive around in your cars, paint your houses etc., and you don't care that 3000 people died! That site is great! I am going to your site right now. I will be back with comments! I can't wait! Oh yeah what do you do, are you a senator or something?
Hi Alan,

Did you see Pres Bush? I didn't say they would never break stories, but like NBC didn't even mention the sarin gas! They didn't even show the presidnt's press confernece! What about the LA Times? The had a poll out this weekend that had Kerry 7 points ahead and then admitted today that oops, we asked 13% more dems than Republicans. Again source please! I have given you many sources and you insist on the propaganda that you are being spoon fed! The government and intels from others did talked about the wmd, today the pres talked about the Al Queda conncetions, Un reports, If you CHOOSE to ignore facts than you are right ,we are at impass. You asked to give you examples and I have.Then you say, "Oh it's not a credible source", or you don't believe the facts. You said that there was no wmds, then you said there are but not enough. You just want to believe what you are being spoon fed. See I listen to the mainstream media and I look at conservative websites and then I read, then I draw my own conclusions! The other side does not want you to hear the truth! They want you to hear their spin only. Now what is wrong with people who always say don't look at that it is not credible? You have to look at both sides or there is no way to see the truth! When I asked for your sources you always say, I just heard it or it wasn't what I thought it was. It was because it is what they tell you to believe. Have you seen the Matrix? Take the blue pill!
Dear Kerry Sucks -
You are such a die hard Bush lover. You are actually very scary. If George W. Bush himself asked you to jump of cliff, would you do it?

In response to your comments, I’ll have you know that even if I am a registered Democrat, I don’t solely vote along political lines. During the recall election in California, I voted for Mr. Schwarzenegger. I am also of the conclusion that Ronald Regan was a fantastic President. If President Bush had any ounce of intelligence in his little brain he would aspire to learn a little more about Reagan's honest character. I was very supportive of the President until it was discovered there were no WMD's.

And stop with all the Clinton complaints. It’s really getting old. His term in office ended almost four years ago.

I mean for goodness sake. You said it yourself; republicans are for the most part: Jesus freaks, gun nuts, war mongering, gay hating, red necks, nazi fascists, homophobic, take way old people's medicine, environmental hating and corporation loving.
If Bush was a Muselim or a Jew, the Republicans would be the first in line to attack and question his agendas.
you better believe i'm judging you. and it doesn't look pretty. i know, *she said patiently*, that there isn't lead in paint any longer. that is because (pretend i'm speaking a little loud, a n d v e r y s l o w l y)the epa/congress passed laws against leaded gasoline, lead pipes, lead paint, etc...can you stand it? special interests fought against eliminating lead in the air/water/land for years.and apprantly they are back at it again, with bushs help. was this people fighting for other people, their health and well being? and requiring an industry to stop? yep. its called....oh this is tasty. the lib rant. you see, the paint industry all on its own didn't want to do this, but big old bad government told them it was harmful to the general public and needed to be stopped. you may have noticed that neither the paint industry nor the oil industry disappeared or anything by having to, well, protect the health of the public. it is fish in a barrel, pootsie.
very, very therapeutic. so now that we both can agree that there is a limit on lead in paint now, thank you, liberal ranters, we move on to the fact that the bush administration is moving to allow the paint industry to put more lead back in. by raising the acceptable limit. do you get it yet? maybe you would like to be first in line supporting your guy by volunteering to paint your house with the new level lead paints. or perhaps commissioning a lovely set of lead flatware? hmmm??? interested? i'm sure you trust implicitly the paint industry guys who say it won't hurt..much. lol.
refer back, if you could,a few postings to comments re being tolerant. i completely support your right to be a silly head, and not bother your 'beautiful mind' with ugly facts. but i so reserve my right to poke fun at you.
re reading the bible....go through the bible and highlight everything that jesus says and does. you will notice a common pattern....hypocrites do not get a special pass from god. rich 'christians' have a lot of explaining to do. no matter what the 700 club claims while cashing your check. getting off your butt and actively helping the needy is required. turn the other cheek, pootsie. is any of this sounding a bell? .
and since you weren't able to provide any background on your activism, well. i'll tell if you'll tell. lol lol lol
as a note, i like real conservatives, truly religious people ..the ones walking the walk.. and even the dunderheads who can look at a national debt of a trillion dollars and still put their hand out for a 'tax cut'. as long as they can explain it in a coherent manner, and really live as they talk. fiscal conservatives should support..well, fiscal conservatism. the religious people should take more care to live what they profess to believe before requiring others to believe, too. different views, different ideas, different beliefs, different values. it is what makes the world interesting and fun. so very trite, but true. aren't you done reading that report yet? are you busily composing a resounding rebuttal proving the nobel scientists wrong, all wrong? you go, girl, and if you post your pattern on the web, i'm sure many would be pleased to purchase you a piece of lead flatware.
its a joke, silly.
actually, a funny side note...lead poisoning actually causes a problem with libido....and was favored for forging chastity belts. say.... maybe you could propose this to be a plank in the gop platform. literally killing many birds with one (heavy) stone.
have you read about w/and his court declaring a new law that allows the president *any president, not just your hero w* to strip americans of their citizenship...b/c he says so? trust them...really. just trust them. get off the opinion pages, go to actual documents (congressional records, law cases, etc..) it isn't half as much fun as TALKING IN CAPITALS, but you get to know what is really going on.
Ca Latina,
At least you are honest and in touch with you true hateful intollerant feelings. If Bush asked me to do anything I would as always THINK first then come to my own conclusion. Don't get me started on WMDs again. That is just something the liberal media is spoon feeding you. You need to get info from other sources BESIDE the main stream media. If you want to know about WMDs scroll up! I have gone over it and over it. I will give you credit for liking Ronald Reagan. I am sorry you are a very prejudice person to think ALL conservatives are racist, nazi etc. Maybe I am African America and a Jewish.
Yes I am sorry I am late, I just got back from buying plates and flatware with as much lead as I can find! I called my doctor and I am going off the pill because I just bought a lead chastity belt. After I did all that I painted my house with as much lead paint as I could find! I mean George Bush is probably sitting in the oval office right now laughing hysterically and rubbing his hands together just thinking about all the lead he is going to put in paint.

Now on to the website; I don't know what to say. It was hardly an objective look. It was hardly a scintific study. It was leftist propaganda mixed in with scripture. Do it yourself scripture. Jesus did say don't look at the speck in other people's eye when there is a board in your own. If you read the Bible there were wars, consequences. I don't think Jesus would stay up nights worrying over trees and lead paint though. Maybe Jesus should have politely asked the money changing table attnedents to leave. I think Jesus was a compasionate conservative. Helping people is one thing. Jesus didn't like laziness (being idle) so I doubt if he would like people to do nothing all day and get money for it. I know he would never called people Pootsie. All your web sites are full of propaganda. The ACLU? Did you know the ACLU's main function is to go after christains? Out in Los Angles they fought like hell to get a little cross taken out of a flag. They worry about saying God in the PLedge of Alligence. So you pretend to be so "open minded" but you are judging me as a christain, and looking only at leftist sites! You need to broaden your horizons a little. Have some fun, take a stroll, or are you to scared of the air you might breath in, or that a tree might be in trouble some where. Hang out with a conservative listen to their side of things. :) I know it is a big step, but come in the water's warm (not from global warming).
hey Alan,

The Center for Media and Public Affairs studied ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from January 1 to March 1, the eve of Super Tuesday, and assessed the “evaluations of non-partisan sources and reporters” in campaign stories. Their findings show a historic result since they began tracking TV campaign news in 1988:
"Kerry had best press of any nominee we’ve ever tracked -- 81 percent positive. But Edwards had the best press of any major candidate -- 96 percent positive. The Democratic field got the best combined coverage ever -- 75 percent positive. Democratic primary candidates have gotten 60 percent good press since 1988, compared to 45 percent for Republicans."
Hey KS... I think you and I are actually starting to reach some common ground and understanding here. Scary, ain't it? I think were many of us in this thread are going wrong is in casting generalized sterotypical values onto the other side. I think we should be addressing the leadership of both sides and their machines. Those few in powere on all sides are the ones who set the tone, prescribe and implement agendas, etc. We really are making some far reaching generalizations at times.

I think the frustration of all is evident and name calling and assorted bashing makes us feel better for a bit while raising our bloodpressure for no gain. Regardless, debate is healthy, and at time amusing.

To address you a bit more: Yes, I'd trade 3,000 trees for those lives lost on 9/11. I think that comparing the losses of that day vs. saving trees is a great insult and injustice. Just as you can connect and weave a ridiculous web of anti-liberal ideals, that side can do the same for the conservatives. Its those in power on both ends that are making all of those between them so polarized and militant. An interesting take on 'Divide and Conquer'.

Enviornmental awareness is a hugely ignored aspect of conservative politics. It is basic cause and effect. You create pollution, it poisons the environment, works it's way into water and food and back to you. It seems that many policy makers don't see that or choose to ignore it in favor of exploitation and profit. Personally I see that exploitation growing.

Ah, what does it all matter? We all know that until one of 'us' is dictator, nothing will change. Right? ;)
The grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and etcetera is dreadful on this board. But I am most disturbed by the "Kerry Sucks" author. She/he claims to be a teacher who is now on summer vacation. If the "teacher" claim is true, I am very concerned about the state of the school system in our country. However, I honestly think the author is most likely lying about said profession. Overall, this is quite a collection of mental midgets dueling-it-out for the booby prize. I have decided to award the prize to "Kerry Sucks" for a consistent stream of incoherent drivel. Congratulations "Kerry Sucks"! Please tell everyone how you feel about being crowned "Biggest Boob".
associated press rports that 9 11 commission determines there is no evidence of any collaboration between alq'ueeda and iraq

KerrySucks: You're doing a fine job, bringing out the hypocrisy of the left on their opposition to the war; and their hate for all things. Wish I was a teacher rightnow so I can have as mauch funas you.

Alan: Do you really want to quote the 9/11 Commission? After all, they fainted with delight over Richard Clarke when he testified and made a mockery of honesty by his fake apology to the victims families, many of whom are probably convinced Bush is to blame. They are running from the truth behind Gorelick and her role in the "Wall". Oopsy.....there is a link between Saddam and all terrorist activities in the Middle East. It's called MONEY and MUTUAL HATE OF HUMANITY. Saddamand Iraq had to be attacked before he bacame a imminent threat. He knew that the UN was on the verge of simply giving up the weapons searches. He knew it would be a matter of time before he could restart his programs without the pathetic watch of the pathetic UN. But 9/11 happened; that meant we had to take the offensive. Taking the defensive would lead to another 3000 deaths, if not more.
ModPissed in PA: Let me be blunt and thoroughly realistic, not political; we as humans have found a way to violate the tenuous rules of Natural Selection. In other words, the only way to save this planet is mass genocide, or suicide. We all want to slow the effects of pollution, and in fact we have (Nixon's Admin, by the way). But we as conservatives are not going to destroy the economy and global economy by going to the extreme. The fact is, developing countries can't grow and help their citizens because of overly strict env. laws. We'll be driving gas fueled cars for another generation; oil is not a rare commodity as some would think. More later.
All the Republicans should go back to their mistresses and their bottles of Vodka and shut the fuck up those stupid morality drivin idiots. Gay marrige is okay if someone loves someone let it be. Kerry is a man of the people Bush is an Alfred E. Neuman monkey retarded imbisile. He waged a conflict its not a war against Sadamn to take the concentration away from osama and because his daddy was mas at sadam. I understand most of our leaders are idiots example Jimmy carter,Ronald Regan,Nixon,Johnson and many more but kerry did not make his placein society by having a president for a daddy or partying with his frat house like Bluto but a non cool version. Kerry was a war hero he did alot of shit for this damn country so vote for someone who isnt an idiot.
Dear Kerry Sucks
When a president wages war they are idiots clinton was an idiot war is not the answer but bush thinks it is tell him to fight in one than he shold talk what happend to the America the Kennedys dreamd of Oh i know he got us involved with the Mob and fucked Marilyn so the question is who killed marilyn again listen to the song by the Misfits.Now Mr sucks the point is all presidents wheter witch party they involved in makes mistakes or are just stupid in the early eighties the president gave wepons an traind the Taliban to be expert fighters go figure. so Mr. sucks please stop with youre morality drivin speeches and do what youre name says go and suck a cock asshole and I know a whitty remark is gonna come from you so lay it on me asshole its just shit typed by an ignoramous and on that note id like to say to all in the words of Glenn Danzig Have a dirty black summer. Howard is King
Arenn: Typical hate driven, ignorant rubbish from a blind devotee to the extremist pinko cause. You're so wasted on cheap Boone Hill and home grown shit that you can't even spell, much less rant coherently. Howard is King....yeah, now please get a life, you pathetic Kaczynski Fucking Wannabee. Better yet, go support your heroes, Saddam Hussein and Osama. Your hippy-loving, garlic-smelling kind is so pathetic; an embarrassment to liberal democrats who are decent and have a brain. They don't want you; Ralph Nader may need some sympathy votes, though.

You detest what this country stands for, but you're too cowardly to move to Europe where at least you can get year round welfare and join a local Taliban Club. Stop living off America's harworking class, you stupid pissant. Brush your fucking teeth, take a shower and peel the intestinal vomit off your yellow face. Get a job and contribute.

By the way, you shit-faced little mole, Kerry couldn't make it in politics without a billionaire wife to ease the financial burden of a politician. You must have forgotten, the enviro friendly candidate owns five cars including a SUV (oops, it's his wife's, nevermind). That must make you angry, considering you drive a Yugo.
i will vote for the dali lamma
Hi allan,
Come on Allan, it is more of the same B. S. It is like I told you yesteday, They have to try as they might make it appear that there is no link, because there goes their case! Here read this, I was thinking the same thing as i read your article.. Read this:http://www.newsmax.com/arch...
Another typical lib thing to do! Once you can't win an argument on merrit, you start attacking personally. So I guess yout right, "the truth does hurt!"
Arren ,
Seek help!

LMAO, rolling on the florr and laughing my ass off!
Proud Conservative,
Thank you! Go read Newsmax! The only two sources they are relying on is two top Al Queda officials! Yeaahh RIIIght, oh I beleive that terrorists are telling the truth! Don't you?
Hey kerrysucks,

I'll bet you couldn't spell cat if I spotted you the C and the T. By the way, what's your native language because it can't be english.
Conservatives don't hate the enviroment at all. It might shock you to know that I even recycle. But I think the left goes a little overboard with it.

I wasn't making fun of the deaths I was making fun of the absurdity of liberals and poking a little bit of fun! :) Sometimes I just wonder which is more important to you guys, becasue you get all bunged up about tress but 9/11 doesn't seem to bohter you guys.
A Pentagon report last year argued that President George W Bush was not bound by laws banning the use of torture, according to the Wall Street Journal.


WHETHER YOU supported the US invasion of Iraq or opposed it, you have to be impressed by the Bush administration's sheer incompetence. That issue, and not the wisdom of the Iraq war itself, should be John Kerry's trump in his claim that he would run a more effective foreign policy. Indeed, it would be hard to run a less effective one.


it's true. Texas Governor George W. Bush signed a memorandum on 17 April 2000 proclaiming 10 June to be 'Jesus Day' in Texas


Should you be scared of the Patriot Act?


'Steadfast' Bush's amazing flip-flops


Scientists: Bush administration distorts research


George Bush's war on nature


The Bush Presidency has been the most anti-environmental in the modern era.


Funny flash movie "How Bush stole florida" ala How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Watch at: http://www.toostupidtobepre...

Want more? Go to http://www.bushpages.com
Now pay attention, because this concerns you™
"arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. no matter who wins, theyre still a retard"

If you post here because you like to have your words seen and responded to, go get a live journal. If you think you are affecting your "opponents" opinion by spewing hate, name calling etc. instead of giving good unbiased (is there such a thing?) information you are wrong. As much as I wish people would listen to facts and reason, people feel the need to find things out on their own. Most of them just follow a crowd that makes them feel both slighted and imagine the crowd can fix the slight (like ambulance chaser lawyers do). No one changes their mind because some anonymous stranger screams at them. If someone did that on the street, you would not listen to their words. You might even pop them in the mouth. This is the equivalent of road rage only instead of hiding in your car and yell, you hide behind your computer. You posture, type poorly and insult but make no attempt to actually communicate.

Namecalling Angry Conservatives and Liberals: why did you come to this site? Did you think everyone would just drop their opinions and agree with you? I was curious to see the list. What I found is a small amount communicators falling on deaf ears and a huge mass of propaganda. Conspiracy theory. All of it. One website you post is more biased than the next.

Lets be a little more self aware people. Especially those that make no effort to either type correctly or spell properly. (I choose to eliminate apostrophes on purpose, in case you were wondering.)
ks....you, my sweet pootsie, won me $50!! it was predicted you would try to rationalize .... but i knew you wouldn't let me down, and put my money on leftist conspiracy. good girl!! well, it was all for a good cause. we took our winnings to a local food pantry. the nuns were glad to see money for their cause, though they scolded us for teasing. we had to confess we'd do it again.
you support a regime that, with all the troubles in the world, has the time, will, and resources to worry about putting some lead in paint. that was the point of the lead, you knucklehead! seriously, lead poisoning ISN'T funny, and should be prevented, b/c it isn't curable.
read the patriot act, pootsie. and keep up the good work!! the next pootsie pile goes to the aclu, in your honor.
Wow I am impressed! I thought you would take you money directly to the ACLU yourself the first time. If you want to keep on supporting those knuckleheads that take away christian frredoms go right ahead! Why didn't you give it to Al Fraken? He could probably use the money! I still don't get how you are so concerned with lead in paint and trees, and whatever else, when you could be blown up by terrorists? Oh, and your buddy Kerry has an SUV (OH MY GOD!) another liberal hypocrite!
Ding! Ding! Here comes the tolley, we are going to The Land of Make Believe; Here is another site you might enjoy; http://www.freewebs.com/bre... Have fun!
From this day on I choose Anarchy in America like the sex pistols would say anarchy in the UK fuck all of you. And fuck the hippies and fuck the democrats and fuck the NRAI cant wait tll I go to Ireland all you can suck dick God is Dead there is no god religion is fake a sham I am lestrange.
Hey Who Cares.
Maybe you can't read!
I am amazed! As a psychologist, I realize there a plenty of sick people in this country, but Lestrange...at least you know who you are! Michelle is no doubt a person who would cheer when an abortion clinic is bombed because she only values the lives of the unborn. However, what does she think children become??? After they grow up, I suppose it's open-season, right?
A Straight Normal Person is anything but normal, and straight??...well, that's questionable. It would appear that he is a latent homosexual, himself. I think thou doest protest too much!
Anyone over the age of 4 knows what has been going on in the world since Bush and his brother stole the white house. They know that Bush was NOT elected president in 2000. They know that he is a liar, a thief, a phoney, and an illiterate who would be in prison had it not been for his daddy bailing him out of trouble. People who bring up Kennedy .... well, he's been dead, now for 41 years, so what does he have to do with anything? Was the idiot who is bringing him into the picture even born in 1963...I doubt it.
If you voted for Bush in 2000, you're getting what you asked for, and if you vote for him again in 2004, God help you...God help us all! It really does go to show you that ANYBODY can be president of the U.S. Scary, huh? Maybe Lestrage should run. As sick as he is, he couldn't do a worse job than Bush, and he's obviously as intelligent and articulate as Bush. I see no difference between the two.
Poor God! I’m not sure if he’s laughing or cringing over what is done in this world in HIS name. Who am I to say that homosexuals shouldn’t be married? I am not a homosexual, but it won’t hurt me, or my lifestyle any if marriage is afforded them. I am sick and tired of people trying to force their beliefs and their morals on others. The whole idea of democracy is that each of us are entitled to our own beliefs, and yours don’t have to agree with mine, but we all have the right to our own, without being persecuted because they differ. I'm not for abortion, either, but who am I to make that decision for another human being? Interestingly enough, when asked if she would like to see Reagan on a $10.00 bill, Barbara Bush said, “no, because the next thing you know they’ll want to put Martin Luther King on one”. What does that tell you about Mrs. Bush? The people in France are more in tuned to what is really going on in this country, as they waved signs “Heil Bush!” while he visited there. The closest person Bush can be compared to is Hitler. Both men believed that they were chosen by God. If you doubt my word, read the Patriot Act. Find out what is really going on. Another thing! Who in the Hell do we think we are referring to the President of the United States as “The Leader of the Free World”????? The only thing Bush wants is just what Hitler wanted...to rule the Entire World.
Bush as already made it clear that he thinks Americans can have too many freedoms. Which freedoms are you willing to give up? Do you realize what freedoms you have already given up while you sit in your homes oblivious...watching TV and playing computer games? WAKE UP!!! Vote for ANYBODY but Bush, and you can't go wrong.
Mr. Suks you do relize this so called america(USA) we live in belongd to Aative Americans to who most of our ancestors slaughterd,Raped,spread Disease,and took advantage just because we wanted to get awy from percecution. Remember the true people of this land are the Native Americans whether it be the Blackfeet or the camonche. This place does not belong to us this is why I choose to move to the place of my people either Ireland or Spain. oh and did I mention That Native Americans were here first what do you have to say to that Mr. Sucks.
Lestrange, Are you trying to tell us that Native Americans were here first? Perhaps that is why we call them natives. And your point is?
Sorry to hear that you're leaving for Ireland or Spain. You say that is where your people are from...which is it? Ireland or Spain?
Lestrange, I suggest you get a dictionary, maybe you could get someone to read it to you on your trip.
P.S. We'll miss you!
you idiot My fater is irish and mother spanish im going to one of them you imbisile.
also this thing where you post shit i dont give a shit how i spell on it get a life an d stop going on the computer last post ever.
I'm part Indian, part Irish, part British, and who knows what else might be thrown in. My ancestors came here for a better life. That's why I was born here. I'm an American! I'll stay here. Have a nice trip (if you can decide where you're going).
One question for the stupid shit Arenn.....how many ancient cultures were slaughtered and forcefully relocated in Ireland and Spain? Obviously, you feel you have at least a fragment of a brain, so open up a history book, shit for brains (no, not an old Swank issue) and find one place on this planet in which people haven't pushed people out.
And Peacemaker, you would have made Mr. Neville Chamberlain proud to call you an enlightened Appeaser. What was it he said....Peace in our time. A little homework would do wonders for your ill-mannered attitude as well.

The mantra liberals scream, "I'm sick and tired of having people forcing beliefs on others" is quite humorous and hypocritical as well. What do you think you guys are doing? I don't want to be forced to accept abortion, gay marriage and adoption because of you.

I don't want to allow the left to chip away at our moral fabric, creating a society of apathetic, uneducated citizens who actually believe abortion helps lower the crime rate; that our elected presidents are comparable to facsists; and that somehow, the world was better off with Saddam and Bush is trying to rule the world.

Well, let me assure you all that Bush will be elected for another four years. Get ready for it; that is, start making up some conspiratorial shit to excuseKerry's defeat. The left is soooo good at it.
To Neocon: "Hate driven ignorant rubbish"?
You need to read your own posting again.

"Stop living off America's harworking class, you stupid pissant. Brush your fucking teeth, take a shower and peel the intestinal vomit off your yellow face. Get a job and contribute.
By the way, you shit-faced little mole, Kerry couldn't make it in politics without a billionaire wife to ease the financial burden of a politician. You must have forgotten, the enviro friendly candidate owns five cars including a SUV (oops, it's his wife's, nevermind). That must make you angry, considering you drive a Yugo."

This sure sounds hate driven to me. You must know Lestrange personally(VERY personally) to know that he lives on welfare and doesn't brush his teeth (you even know what kind of car he drives), but you know nothing about BUSH! You say that Kerry lives off his billionaire wife...that may be true (are you jealous you don't have a billionaire wife/husband?) but how do you think Bush gets his money? WORK FOR IT? (LOL) Bush gets everything from daddy. Bush can't even link a full sentence together by himself. How do you suppose he became president in the first place? Before you discuss Hippies, which you obviously know nothing about and garlic-smelling people...what?...you need to educate yourself as to what is going on in the world. Do you really think Bush cares about YOU? YOU are just a pissant as far as he's concerned, and he'd just as soon crush you to get what he wants. He laughs at people like you because it's people like you who vote for him...and with your vote, he'll do just that.
Neocon - "I don't want to be forced to accept abortion, gay marriage and adoption because of you." The only way YOU can be forced to accept abortion is if you have one.
I don't want to allow the left to chip away at our moral fabric.......YOU said it here! Notice that Neocon said OUR MORAL FABRIC...she means HER/HIS MORAL FABRIC. Who the Hell are YOU to tell us what our moral fabric is?
I was born into a country where the citizens spoke English, and if someone from another country wanted to move here, they learned to speak English. Now, I am the minority. People are coming to America demanding that I learn to speak THEIR language and accept their ways. I have no problem accepting their ways, but I speak English, and will continue to speak English until I die. I don't wish to learn to speak Spanish to 'get along'. If you don't want an abortion...don't have one. If you are against gay marriages, don't get married. If you are against guns, don't buy one. I can ignore your statements on here, and you can ignore mine...that's freedom...that's democracy! If I choose to pray or not to pray that is my decision as an adult...you may choose to do whichever, as well, but don't force your views on me. You have no right to tell me NOT to have an abortion or not to marry whomever I love...gay or not. Next you'll be telling me I shouldn't marry a man who has brown hair or is a Catholic. When and where does this stop? You live your life the way you believe your God wants you to live it, and allow others to live their lives accordingly. And...when God starts talking to you and whispering little things in your ear, call me. You'll definitely need a psychologist.
P.S. Oh, and as far as abortion lowering our crime rate? I don't know where you heard that, but ask Susan Smith or whatshername that drowned her 5 kids. There are parents killing their children all over this country. WHERE DO YOU LIVE???? Do you REALLY think abortion will stop if it's illegal? You are probably too young to remember what life was like before abortion became legal...educate yourself...look it up.
Drugs are illegal....does that stop people from doing drugs? Prohibition...do you know about that? People didn't stop drinking then, and they never will. It's obvious you are very young, and very naive'.

I feel your frustration and I agree with you about the lack of experience (and I think, lack of an ability to objectively analyze an issue as an independent thinker at a level deeper than five-cent news quips) regarding the author(s) you addressed.

However, I will admit I too had very simplistic views on issues when I was younger and full of piss-and-vinegar (as mom said) during the Reagan and Bush 1 administrations. It was during the Clinton/Bush 1 campaign that I began to delve more deeply into issues. It was also during this time that I realized that I had a personal responsibility as an able, intelligient, compassionate, and understanding individual. When I realized the need to combine responsibility with compassion and looked at the two parties (unfortunately we really only have two parties) I knew the Democratic party was the only choice. I also realized that I was a liberal in the truest sense of the defined word. A word which has, unfortunately, been vilified since the Nixon administration.

However, the sad truth is that there are many in our great country that do not have the ability to think and analyze independently; or choose not to think that way. Honestly, it is easier to operate in that state of mind than it is to be an active participant both verbally and mentally. It is easier to say, "I know they have my best interest in mind. I don't need to question anything." If anybody does challenge this comfortable and soothing set of operational parameters, the result is not a discussion but a tantrum type response similar to that of a toddler that is frustrated with a situation and who lacks the ability to deal with the situation.

Unfortunately, the current self-centered attitude prevalent in our society (global as well as local) does not seem to be shrinking, but I think it is growing. I think it will take a major paradigm shift before the situation reverses and I feel it will continue to get worse.

Anyway, in the meantime, all I can do is move forward and try to spread my message in the simplest ways I can: By example. I also try to avoid political discussions unless I know I am dealing with an individual who is open to discussion about issues at a deeper level (Left or Right); this rarely occurs.

So, I feel for you peacemaker. Don't get frustrated. Lead quietly by active example. I guarantee you'll reach a few people within 3-4 months if you do. Hopefully, those people will vote. Take Care All.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading all these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading all these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading some of these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for so graciously putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading some of these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for so graciously putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading some of these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for so graciously putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
To hell with America a bunch of ass holes I say and stop comparing everything with hippeis and judging people like I used to let people say what they want I respect kerysucks opinion and evryone eleses let all opinions be heard
To hell with America a bunch of ass holes I say and stop comparing everything with hippeis and judging people like I used to let people say what they want I respect kerysucks opinion and evryone eleses let all opinions be heard
To hell with America a bunch of ass holes I say and stop comparing everything with hippeis and judging people like I used to let people say what they want I respect kerysucks opinion and evryone eleses let all opinions be heard
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading some of these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for so graciously putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
I'm with you. Even I know that an argument about politics and/or religion is a nonsensical argument. After reading some of these comments, I guess I just got carried away. It is also a breath of fresh air reading a posting as long as yours without being bombarded with ridiculous uneducated statements, accusations, and profanity. Thanks for your input, and for so graciously putting me in my place :-)
I'll see you at the polls.
Oops! Forgive the spam. I only put this on here once...or so I thought. Don't know what happened.
Yes, I too was once an american who sat on the fence not caring about anything at all. That is, until I realized that by doing so, I was simply allowing others to dictate how this country should be run, and how we as a culture should change to accommodate a few. I realized, this is my country and this is my culture.
You are the problem, Peacemaker. You argue how I canforce my morals on the rest of the country. I'm not. But what are laws? Enforced moral directives that shape our actions. Hmmmmmm....your post suggests anarchy is preferable to a well run society. The abortion issue isn't about forcing women to accept my moral beliefs. Good God, could you get any more shallow in your argument? It deals with the fact that an innocent life is expired. Life doesn't begin with birth, but with conception. You disagree, of course, otherwise you would bepro-life. Ignorant of me? Hardly, a large number of people believe the same.
It's ironic that liberals would oppose the Iraq War and our attempt to create a democratic nation on the grounds that they aren't interested and their culture doesn't embrace our values. Interesting....you oppose changing cultural values of foreign peoples, but condemn those of us who are trying to preserve what culture we as americans have left. You want to CHANGE our cultural attitudes dealing with abortion, gay marriage and sex in general. Our country has the reputation of being prudishand very conservative in how we reactto certain issues. I'm proud to be a prude.
You argue that Bush thinksI'ma pissant and doesn't care about me. Why should he? Do you really think a president should care about each individual? I'm my own person. I'll take care of myself.
Of course you haven't heard of the claims about abortion and the crime rate. Why would you? You're only interested in forcing us to allow abortions on demand! You don't care about facts!
I don'tthink repealing Roe V Wade will help anything. Sounds funny, huh? If that were to happen, the country would be embroiled in senseless turmoil. I think there are good reasons for abortion (we all know them). But onemillion per year(average)? I don't thinkthat's good for any of us. The only way to stem thispracticeisfor the public to become aware of what is happening. Right now, public polls are split on the issue, meaning more and more people are opposed to it. Maybe something will happen soon.

I can understand why you and others (BillyG)sound so confident and superior over the "uneducated" fools like me. I read it all the time. Liberals are academic, because they major in LIBERAL Arts and get a well rounded education,as opposed to bucktoothed redneckslike me who clean out latrines and drink Bud allday (I LOVE BUD).
Afterall, I have the same opinion about you guys on the left. Selectiveeducation, not objective; always magnetized to conspiracies and constantly believing the conservative right equals fascism; embracing Peace as normal,but war and violence as somehow designed by the evil of man.

My independent and rational thinking led ME to the conservative right, not the left, because I couldn't accept half truths and extreme generalizations that lead to more lies and hate. I can't understand how liberals can actually speak and sound as if they're actually educated and independent thinkers. But you see, that's the nature of politics. You think I'm a toddler, young and naive (and a woman for some reason). I think you're ignorant and full of demented ideals. Fascinating isn't it? And quite emotional. Ironically, it was also in the Clinton years, especially after 1995 that I realized I would never support the democrats and especially the left after what they were doing to the political scene.
By the way, I'm a thirty something male with a liberal arts degree. I make shit for money, but love life, because I'm comfortable with who and what I am.
Arenn is obviously a child. Perhaps, I should've left him alone and kept my hands off the key, but I couldn't help myself. You'll notice, however, thislong winded, right-wing dribble had no bad words, or hateful text.
My stupid space bar doesn't work. Sorry about the bundled words.
Came across this web-site by accident, how sad!
Everyone can state their opinion, but the reality is if you don't know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you'll be wishing you had a different opinion on that glorious day where He returns for his children. If I'm wrong, I have nothing to lose, if your wrong, you have alot to lose!! That's truly the bottom line in this life, who are you serving? Most people serve themselves and come up with ridiculous web-sites as if they have nothing better to do in their lives. Why don't you take that energy and passion and help your fellow Americans in some other way besides using ignorant words and destorted viewpoints to express yourself. Get a life!!!
Neocon, I apologize for making you think that I thought you were a woman. I said "he/she" most of the time, but did write "her" once. I actually had no idea what sex you were as the name Neocon says nothing either way. I was correct about your youth, however, which was apparent in your postings. I, too, apologize for my postings regarding Lestrange. As I mentioned to Billyg, I just got carried away with the nonsense. I know better than that, and Billyg, with his wisdom, gently reminded me that becoming "frustrated", as he put it, was futile, and a little childish on my part. I have no wish to change your views about life. Life will do that for me. As you grow and learn, you will realize that the more educated you become the more you realize you know very little. I can back up any argument with facts. I can tell you there is no God and back it up with facts, and I can tell you that there is a God and back it up with facts. So, which argument is right? Abortion is not the only problem existing in this country today, however, it seems to be the only one you're interested in. As I mentioned in previous posting, I am NOT for abortion. I, personally, believe that it is killing a human being. I also believe that Susan Smith killed two human beings already born, named, and living their lives. Killing is wrong...before or after birth. That is not just my opinion, it's a commandment. However, I cannot force others to believe that commandment and I cannot force others NOT to kill. Killing has been going on since the beginning of this world, and nothing you or I say is going to change that. Nor is who we elect as the President of the U.S.
BTW, there have always been laws against killing. That was my point about abortion laws. Abortion is NOT going to stop just because there is a law against it. Instead, we'll go back to back alley abortions where more people die due to botched surgeries and unsanitary conditions. Do you have a daughter, Neocon...as sister, a wife? What if the Dr. told her she would die if she didn't have an abortion? What if she were raped at age 11? What if the baby would be a vegetable and abortion was recommended? Would you prefer the child live under such conditions...if you call that life? Would you choose to lose your wife so your child would be born...maybe alive and healthy...maybe not? Whatever your decision...it should be yours and your wife's....not mine, and not the government's. How do you feel about birth control, morning after pills, etc.? Aren't they affecting possible lives?
In a previous posting, you said, "I don't want to allow the left to chip away at our moral fabric, creating a society of apathetic, uneducated citizens who actually believe abortion helps lower the crime rate; that our elected presidents are comparable to facsists; and that somehow, the world was better off with Saddam and Bush is trying to rule the world".
Nowhere did *I* say that the world was better off with Saddam, and nowhere did *I* say that our elected presidents were comparable to fascists...I was just talking about BUSH. HE is comparable to Hitler. I am not the only person who can see that. Other countries can see that as well. I'm just wondering why Saddam seemed to be the target of Bush's war. Does anybody remember Osama bin Laden? If we can find Saddam in a tiny little hole, why is it so difficult to find the 7ft. tall dude responsible for 9/11? It wouldnt' suprise me if he was presented sometime just before election. Do you know who gave Saddam the wmd? Do you know what he did with them, and why there aren't any left? All I am asking you, Neocon, is to learn the truth before you get on here and start putting other people down for their beliefs. Propaganda comes from both sides...you, as an intelligent adult must sift through the propaganda and decide where the truth lies, and you will find that it always lies somewhere in the middle.
P.S. Neocon, One thing you said puzzles me. You seem to be so concerned about the lives of children, that your comment: " I don't want to be forced to accept abortion, gay marriage and adoption because of you." interested me. What do you have against adoption?
I meant gay adoptions. As for abortion, that was just the topic of the moment, as it was being bantered about. I'll leave it alone after this one point. Your questions you asked are challenging, but you see, that doesn't give us all free license. I find it strange that the Million Mom March would call for sensible gun control (which in reality is insensible), but they'll oppose in one loud voice sensible restrictions on the abortion issue (partial ban; parental consent; 24 hr waits). Strange. As for the Iraq War, that's also a no brainer, but I have to go. Bush is NOT HITLER; he is NOT taking over the world. He is an elected president working under the will of the People. He does not represent a danger to our way of life. That's something that puzzles me. I'lladmit, other celeb conservatives rant about this election being so important, but I know if Kerry somehow wins, our country will continue to go on, it will survive...libs act like Bush is anti-christ and fear for all kinds of shit that won't happen. This war had to occur; the Patriot Act is necessary. Watchdogs are always alert to violations of the Act. 9/11 happened. Iraq was not immenent as Bush has said, but we acted before he was. More later.
Truth, Peacemaker is what we want to see. I don't think I'll ever agree with your political views, especially on Bush and the current situation. You and I have different views of this truth; that's the way it is. Bush is right, the War is certainly justified and I feel will be judgedso byfuture generations. Germans hated us after WWII for running things, we didn't leave. Technically, we could have just fought against Japan, but FDRknew we had a greater calling (to save this world). Bush feels the same now; not to save the world, but to exterminate the greatest threat to Middle East security and peace. Iraq was a threat, he had relations with Osama and planned attacks on the US (recent news). Gotta go.
Divide and Conquer...present people with controversial issues,watch them them passionately argue their beliefs and then ROB them blind...WHO stand to gain????
Abortion not going anywhere...lawyers feeding off both sides making beaucoup cash...
Sudanese offer bin Laden to U.S.,lawyers consulted on lagality of issue...
congress full of lawyers,Bill Clinton a lawyer,John Edwards an ambulance chasing lawyer..and an election decided by 7 UNelected lawyers...Are all lawyers bad??NO....but too many are not a good thing(Law of Diminishing Returns)...Brother Howard said it best in Miss America...Lawyers are out to f*** us in the a**...PEACE to all my lberal and conservative brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW back to my coffee............
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