2 October 2003

Rush Limbaugh Resigns From ESPN NFL Countdown Show for Insensitive and Inappropriate Comments

And I was just getting ready to pen a piece on how I would not watch ESPN NFL Countdown again until his evil, hate filled presence on the show was no more.

It was a ridiculous decision by the braintrust at ESPN to instill such a vitriolic, politically charged blowhard. What on earth were they thinking? Though, I lament that it's a sad sign of the times that the viewing audience increased - I hope the rise was more due to the trainwreck factor than the hordes of intolerant dittoheads flocking to their annointed shepherd.

On Sunday, Limbaugh put his foot in his mouth and has been defiant, using his daytime talk show to defend himself for this absurd, inexcusable comment:

"I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,'' Limbaugh said.

There's a conspiracy in "the media" to have a black quarterback do well?

Donovan McNab, the target of Limbaugh's ill thought remarks, clearly summed up the incident - and really posed the question that should be brought to ESPN - why wasn't Limbaugh called out immediately by fellow hosts for this incredulous verbal guffaw?

What an illustration of how polarizing his presence is that everything that exudes from him is so politically charged, that ESPN would reign in the existing show hosts, allowing Limbaugh to extend his bully pulpit, purposefully unanswerable, onto mainstream television viewing audiences.

I wager that for weeks ahead, Rush will be assaulting political correctness and the SCLM for his demise from a second career in NFL broadcasting...


Foot In Mouth

Everyone who talks makes verbal mistakes. Minor slips of the tongue, obvious errors of fact, "Freudian slips," off-color remarks out of place, jests taken the wrong way, and indeed the "politically-incorrect" mark happen in some degree and proportion to the amount one talks--and Rush talks a lot. Most are glossed over and forgotten. Some are covered with an immediate correction or apology. Sometimes an apology is demanded and a sensible person will almost invariably apologize immediately--reserving to another time any attempt to make the same point.

The vicious, vituperative, unforgiving attacks by the left in every press outlet at their disposal, however, is not a matter of courtesy, but of propoganda. It is an issue of fact, subject to rational discourse, that the NFL might be yielding to pressure from the media for affirmative action in filling quarterback positions. It would be an appropriate topic for discussion in a free discussion of sport--but the NFL/network sport shows are entirely devoted to promotion of the league--nothing truly controversial is ever to be mentioned. In the face of this incident being made a full-court press cause celebre by his enemies, the show's producers folded like a defensive line of dyspeptic kittens.

Rush should have known better than to lie with flea-bitten dogs.
No, it wasn't "foot in the mouth" at all - it was a calculated and premeditated piece of speech.

Or maybe Rush is permanently under the influence of those painkiller pills that Florida authorities are investigating him for obtaining illegally, allegedly...
Every commentator on this page drips with hate for Rush Limbaugh. How do any of you have the gall to call him "hate filled?"
You are all a bunch of hypocries!
he just said what everyone is thinking, but is too scared to say themselves.
He should have kept his comments to himself knowing of what would happen in the mainstream media.Although what he said is right.
This is in regards to not only the comment Rush made about Donovan, but to a lot of what he has to say..Lets keep in mind Rush is in the media, actually he is in a form of entertainment.Knowing this I wonder at times do he really beleave some of the things that he has said, or is he just touching some of the under current in fellings in America..Just think what if he actually sat back & laughed at some of the things he has said through out the years, & wondered to himself how he actually got people to worship him.....BY the way philly's going to the big game.....
philly lost and mcnab sucks these comments are well deserved
in a town where people cheer for career ending injuries this is well deserved
In my opinion the statement that Rush made was definitely politically incorrect. If that was his opinion he should have kept it to himself or worded it differently. The media likes him because they like to see him perform he does amazing things.
I love this post. Previously, the author quoted Al Franken as saying that conservatives love to take small quotes out of context and run away with it. What did this liberal and all others across the country do with Limbaughs 2 minute dialogue? Take one sentence and declare it racist. Even stupid ass Dean.
Get real, people. Get a brain. The week before, they had discussed the new NFL policy about interviewing ALL coaching applicants. Rush had shown the hypocrisy to such a policy. Wh yexplain this at all? All you liberals do is hate hate hate. Your pessimist, apocalyptic views on anything makes me sick. Well, for the next four years, ladies, your world will still be dark and gloomy. Better get ready now.
Thats why osama and company destroy those damm buildings because you white folks are dead weight
Learn to spell and construct sentences Hugo. But then, your grammar wouldn't match your idiocy. Nevermind - forget what I said, remain ignorant, dead, weight.

What Rush said is a big deal because the left made it so. So what if he thinks the media wants a black QB to do well? Where is the racism? I challenge you t odfine "racism".
This is 2006(Apr.19,to be exact).I think
by now,most people except the robot "dit-
toheads" have caught onto ol' OxyContin's-
I mean Rush's game-divide people with his
racism while he defends the corporate in-
terests that are robbing the U.S. blind
(and paying him a quarter-billion dol-

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