4 September 2003

Do you think there's any correlation between the heat, the lack of clothing and increased teen sex?

KTAR David Leibowitz poses an interesting question in response to this "amazing factoid":
"The four worst states in America when it comes to kids having kids?

"Florida, Arizona, California and Nevada.

"You'll note that each of these places is hot, with plenty of teenage girls flouncing about in nothing more than Daisy Dukes and strategically placed duct tape.

"Where are teenagers least likely to get pregnant?

"North Dakota, Minnesota and New Hampshire - places full of sleet, tundra and clothing stores called Contempo Virgins."

Is this validation for fundamentalist Islamists who codify strict dress code restrictions for women venturing outside of the home? Um, only if you shove aside the belief of freedom to embrace a safer world. And as we should all know by now, a safer world can be much more barbaric and oppressive. A lesson the adherents of tighter restrictions, loosening of privacy protections and watering down of civil rights should heed...


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