10 August 2003

Bush administration persistently manipulates scientific data to serve its ideology

Politics & Science, an online repository for investigating the Bush administration's promotion of ideology over science, has released a report that finds numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings. Beneficiaries include important supporters of the President, including social conservatives and powerful industry groups.


The "politics and science" piece is an excellent summary of our emperor's blatent misleadings. i don't know if he's just dumb, a slave to corporate lobbyists, or has some kind of political/financial motive, but we cannot allow this to continue. capitalism has gone completely out of control and if it continues to be corrupt we will lose it forever. corperations CANNOT be allow to become government. also... lets not forget rumsfelds aspartame coverup. do an internet search for "donald rumsfeld aspartame" and you'll be amazed at what you find. you may never drink a diet coke again. -d.
Don't you just love the Bush administration's euphemisms such as "Clean Coal Technology" and "Healthy Forests Thinning" or better yet "Faith Based Charity"... Either these people are being sarcastic or they think Americans are stupid as dirt.

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