18 July 2003

KFYI Bruce Jacobs Repeats Urban Legend About Clinton Draft Record

I don't know why he was ranting on Clinton, being that Clinton hasn't been president for nearly three years now, but KFYI morning host Bruce Jacobs was serving up shrill yelpings, regurgitating a circulated hoax about Bill Clinton being "a fugitive from justice" for his draft avoidance. I thought that this was beaten into the ground, after all, there were 13,461 stories in the mainstream media covering Clinton's "dodging the draft" (in contrast to 49 stories on W. Bush going AWOL from the National Guard).

It is gravely irresponsible to advance and promote such slander to the radio listener assemblage. But then again, the Bruce Jacobs show would never allow facts to get in the way of a clangorus, ignorant blustering.


who cares? clinton was a asshole. he cheated on his wife, dragged his daughter through that crap.
he did not take responsibility for his actions and he lowered the bar for those men or women that
will follow bush in office. in other words, if you favor clinton over bush, you need to wash your hands.
i am a liberal republican, and i generally split my ticket. i find democrats on the whole are close minded bigots that
claim they are not. if you do not agree with them, you are mean spirited...!... i believe that they could care less about the poor
and more about partying on others money.
how did i get to this site anyway... i just wanted to get a bio on that asshole jacobs.