12 June 2003

Egypt Bans The Matrix Movie

Egypt's pre-screening "official" senior film committee has deemed the Matrix harmful and may cause troubles and harm social peace.
One Egyptian critic, Wael Abdel Fatah, said: "The press launched a campaign to stop showing the movie, saying that it reflects Zionist ideas, and promotes Jewish and Zionist beliefs."

So it was banned, because these 15 individuals saw it and think it's bad for the rest of Egypt. Now arn't they tainted by the violent content and religous themes?


Dude, Egypt's totally f___ed up.
egypt is just afraid of people finding the truth
, this is more than just a movie, people are starting to ask quetions...questions that lead to
more questions,how were we made, .and by who
I dont beleive these people just want to start trouble its a good movie

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