14 August 2001

Did Jack Welch order NBC to call the election for Bush?

From the liberal-media-bias-my-arse department comes this guest column penned by U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman. Under oath, NBC president Andy Lack confirmed that an advertising and promotion videotape existed and promised to supply congress with the tape. But the network is now flatly refusing to release the tape. Welch, a strong Bush partisan, allegedly interfered with the election call at the network.

NBC is a special entity. It exists because it has the use--without charge--of the public airwaves. In return, it has been given the duty of serving the public interest. That brings with it special obligations, including the duty to earn the public's confidence by adhering to the highest standards of conduct.

I don't know if Jack Welch acted inappropriately on election night, but it's a question that's both easily answered and worth answering.

The question now is why GE/NBC won't do so, even at the risk of breaking a sworn commitment to Congress.

Hmm, let's see - one network, FOX, employed the cousin of the Republican presidentital candidate as its election coverage chief, another network, NBC, had its owner influence the call of the election. More proof that the charge of a "liberal media bias" is no more than a myth ...


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