9 July 2003

Ben Miranda Calls Randy Graf a "Racist or an Uneducated Fool"

Critics of the proposed Protect Arizona NOW are tagging proponents of this initiative as "racist". State representative, Ben Miranda (D), came right out and played the race card against Randy Graf (R).
"What drives them is race, there is no other explanation for what they are doing today," said Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix. "To call Randy Graf, and I wish he was here, a racist or an uneducated fool, is perfectly on the dot."

It's a preposterous charge. Many Arizonians are opposed to illegal immigration, yet are not racist by any means. I'm sure there's some marching against illegal immigration that are motivated by bigotry, but to affix a racist label to a substantive voting block is an outrage. I oppose illegal immigration because, um, it's illegal. Without even venturing into pro or con arguments on whether or not mass immigration is duly needed, it would be a sorry day (and some may suggest this is already the state of America) if everyone decided which laws should be obeyed and which should not, and then acted accordingly upon those whims.

But, let's examine the selling points of the proposed initiative and see if any tint of prejudice can be found:

The initiative will require proof of citizenship to register to vote AND require proof of citizenship to receive any non-federally mandated benefits/goods/services. In other words, everyone will be required to prove they are a citizen to register to vote, and the initiative will ban using taxpayer funds for programs or benefits for illegal aliens unless mandated by the federal goverment.

I'm not sure I can support such a proposal, but I don't think it's the "most ridiculous, outrageous and discriminate petition campaign we've seen in Arizona" as state representative Steve Gallardo (D) proclaimed.

Another thing that irks me is the sanctimonius tone of both the daily newspapers, always quick to suggest that opponents of illegal immigration are unenlightened, misguided fools doing the bidding of evil.

Let me reiterate - I can wish all the blessings and have all the sympathy in the world for the illegal immigrant, the individual, but still be drastically opposed to public policy that sanctions and legitmizes breaking of the law. Change the immigration laws if more immigration is desireable. Don't sidestep the rule of law.


We are a nation of immigrants. They come from all
countries for all kinds of reasons. They yook yhe dirty jobs and suffered the usualdiscrimination that faces all immigrants. One difference, they
learned the language, they faced the challange of
learning the laws, for the most part they obeyed them. They filed all the required documentation,
dotting all the I's and crossed all the T's. When the time came, they took the oath of allegience and embraced America. The "ILLEGALS" have taken
the low road. Stealing across the border in the dead of night. They start out by willingly breaking the law. They owe us no allegience and
do all in their power to subvert the system to
further their ends. They have formed an unholy
alliance with powerful officals that cover for them. Official who snicker at the concept of
I came acrosed the border for many years with knowing that the other half of my family was divided when the U.S.A. took over and and formed arizona so what does that make me,and the rest,of my famiy,illegal,wet bags,the new wave of "illegals"what to learn the language and do the legal paper work stay in the U.S,many are ready and willing to embrace and pleage their allegience to this wonderfull country but are faced with discrimination,and we do support officials that offer the posability,of helping us with obtining the american dream of "legalaty"is that a crime?
I now that "illegals" break the laws when they across the border, but when they try to remedy their situatin they are faced with discrimination,some times pure hate,did you now that when they do get their papers they pay a fine for entering this country illegaly,and happily pay it,to receive the american dream,so insted of opposing laws that would help these "ILEGALS"become imigrants support them,or just not oppose!Live and let live!
Please "gringos" do not forget that your ancestors also were immigrants who took over "authentic Americans" (Indians) lands in a total brute an illegal fashion. Also do not forget that your independence from England was initiated by a bunch of immigrants, who broken the king laws.
Furthermore do not forget how illegally your gringo’s ancestors immigrated to former Mexican territories and how illegally declared war and fought against Mexicans to take over their lands.
In some way I understand your xenophobia, because one of the usual reactions of the human being when facing his scenes is to hate others who, in some way reflect their same scenes.
Along your country history you and your ancestors are plagued of injustice toward other people and countries, therefore I assume you are genetically marked with the shame of your past and present and thus you hate every people doing the same as your ancestors and yourselves. I think this is the main reason of your hate toward immigrants.
Please do not forget, be smart, and be in peace with your soul and stop hating yourself and your ancestors through others.
enough already, ya were all a nation of immagrants, i get it. the problem is that to many people have come here in search of a better life and the jobs arn't here any more. and the other problem is to many illegals are in fact draining the social services safety net. im sorry that mexicans feel picked on but i did not ask mexican nationals to come MY COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. mexico has been a nation longer than the united states. and its not the united states fault that many mexicans live in squaller. now! before the lectures on U.S. owned multi national corparations exploting mexicans workes lecture. 10 years ago the nation of mexico was lobbing like a son of a gun for NAFTA AND WHEN nafta WAS PASSED, there was all kinds of cellibration in the streets of mexico shown on CNN ABC CBS NBC and other news media outlets. mexican workers were happy at the thought of good paying american jobs going south of the border. and that they did! now income has not risen in northern mexico and MEXICAN WORKERS ARE LETTING THEMSELVES TAKE IT RIGHT IN THE SHORTS BY AMERICAN COMPANIES. LABOR UNIONS ARE LEGAL IN MEXICO! I REPEAT LABOR UNIONS ARE LEGAL IN MEXICO! so here's a thought my fellow mexican brothers and sisters stand up for yourselves like we GRINGOS DID AND OTHERS' AND DEVELOPE A SET OF BALLS!!!!!!!! AND STICK UP FOR YOURSELVES. instead of comming to this nation and screwing it up! were i live in vancouver wa, we have been over run with mexicans and my neihborhood has a huge (UNDOCUMENTED WORKER POPULATION) and crime has shot up like a sky rocket, mexicans are now doing the jobs for a hell of alot less than native residnce do, such as construction which i happen to do. NOW PLEASE TELL ME WHY I SHOULD BE SO THRILLED ABOUT ILLEGALS COMING TO MY COUNTRY, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IM BEING UNREASONABLE,my property values have been drastically lowerd because of the UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS. graffitti is on ever mail box around, that wasnt ther before the undocumented workers moved in. and its happend in the last 5 yrs. oh and maybe, just maybe im being culturally insensitive. but its now manditorry that kids in elementry school take spanish, I REPEAT ITS NOW MANDITORY THAT KIDS IN ELEMENTRY SCHOOL TAKE SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hey im sorry if somebody reading this is of mexican ancesty or what ever, and ive hurt your feelings sorry about that. but there is a huge problem with the illegals coming here and the problem is them. and now the U.S. is being told by goverment officals in mexico, that undocmented workers have been paying into your social security system for years (which is true) and that we should pay those undocumented workers those benifits. ok! ill go along with that. if they can prove that they did in fact work under a phoney social sercurity number, fine pay them the entitlement .BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, the mexican goverment can pay the united states back for the SCHOOLING, THE MEDICAL, THE HOUSING, THE PRISON, AND OTHER COSTS THAT ILLEGAL; OOPS UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS HAVE COST THIS NATION OVER THE LAST 25YRS! WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHS sincerly tommy fuller vancouver wa usa
I see good viewpoints on both sides of the issue and it is so easy to bitch and complain. How about some positive input that will give us the greatest benefit for all. I am careful not to say a "solution" because today's solution inevitably becomes tomorrows problem.
Mexican imigrants only asked for a job, and a place to live.

We were required to furnish housing, utilities, transportation etc. for the Mexicans, meeting all OSHA requirements!

We were the first farmers to hire Mexican, migrant workers on the farm in the 70's, 80', and early 90's until we went bankrupt and lost everything we had. The Mexican had nothing to do with the bankruptcy! It was poor management.

They worked hard and did a great job! We did not understand their language, but we could show them how to do a job and they did it well! If they went to school at all, so they told me, they had to take English, so they could understand broken english.

We paid them $7.00 per hr. then and paid 100% of their Social Security to be sure it was paid!

The American farm workers, got the same pay, but had to pay everything out of their pockets for medical, and all the things above. There were no government funds to help any of us! All American workers had to furnish their own housing etc.

In the early yrs. only the men came. They sent home to their families in Mexico, most of their earnings, and never caused problems.


They told the Mexicans they had funds for their free medical care, free prescription drugs (often in the form of samples at the medical clinics). Free surgery, food stampe, welfare, prenatal care and free delivery and after birth care. Free prescriptions for after free surgery and care, and on and on!!

Yes! They got all of this, but they did not ask for it!

Our government decided we should give them all these things, and maybe more!
They had funds to pay Mexican students to work in the Medical Clinics.

There were no funds for our American Students to be paid at the clinics. It was considered volunteer work!

The Americans who worked on the farm, including our children, got no funds for any of these things things, but had to pay full price for everything out of their own pockets. The Americans and Mexicans made the same hourly wage.

We loved the Mexicans, treated them as family, furnished housing, and yes we had them work because there were few locals who would work with us in the fields.

Yes! Our government is the reason for all these expenses by deciding the Mexicans should have free everything-not the Mexicans!

Our government is so deep with all this 'free stuff' that I doubt it can every be reversed! Our Government has taught the Mexicans to expect and get all the freebies!
I came here from Boston and it is filled with illegal immigrants from Ireland. The number is growing every day.

But nobody cares because they don't look any different. They aren't causing any more or less problems than Mexican people here. Why should we discriminate based on race alone?

This country was built on people who came from all countries, both "legally" and "illegally" depending on what the politicians decided was polular at the time.
A quote (bracketed text is mine)

"…But are there no inconveniences to be thrown into the scale against the advantage expected from a multiplication of numbers by the importation of foreigners? It is for the happiness of those united in society to harmonize as much as possible in matters which they must of necessity transact together. Civil government being the sole object of forming societies, its administration must be conducted by common consent. Every species of government has its specific principles.

Ours perhaps are more peculiar than those of any other in the universe. It is a composition of the freest principles of the English constitution, with others derived from natural right and natural reason. To these nothing can be more opposed than the maxims of absolute monarchies [the equivalent of today's despots, tyrants and kleptocrats - Vicente Fox comes to mind]. Yet, from such, we are to expect the greatest number of emigrants. They will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty. These principles, with their language, they will transmit to their children. In proportion to their numbers, they will share with us the legislation. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass."

- Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia

Jefferson foresaw what we reap today - he would be appalled that we did not heed his warning.
"What drives them is race, there is no other explanation for what they are doing today," said Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix. "To call Randy Graf, and I wish he was here, a racist or an uneducated fool, is perfectly on the dot."

Ben Miranda is racist and is "umamerican".

If 75 percent of the folks of Arizona want the laws of our sovereign nation enforced, who the heck is Ben Miranda to say "bleep off people, I want lawlessness"?

Miranda is a horrible racist, who only wants to erase the border to further his hateful agenda.

Miranda is a horible racist that wants to bankrupt tax-payers, so his "own people" can flood the state and prop up his cause.

America doesn't need more racist's like Ben Miranda; we need less.
When you think of the illegal immigrant person, thinkof a person speaking the language of a conquered nation, people who slaughtered millions of their own people, native Am3ericans and continue act unciviled inthis country. They think the American dream is welfare,access tofree healthcare, education andahabitat house,a new pickup truck, and everything in Spanish. Think who is usally aprrested for stealing cars, T-bone redlight running accidents, rollovers in cars, illegal voting and screaming for"their" rights while in this country illegally.They come from a land rift with natural resources, yet through fraud and criminal means have turned their country into a third-world hellhole and want to turn this country into the same garbage dump. The U.S. is just a means to obtain a free ride for undeserving individuals. The whole world is made up of immigrants the once migrated fom Africa not want to immigrat to the U.S.. Mexicans will never be Americans, they'll always be mexicans living in America.
Randy Graf's real motive is to get people to fear an influx of non-white people. If he can get enough people worked up with such fear, they will elect him. He won't be able to do anything about the problem, because his solutions (e.g., use the military to keep out non-Americans) will not stand the test of following the US Constitution. In the meantime, he will (like many in the current administration) provide welfare to the corporations and to their stockholders at the expense of the multitude of middle and lower class taxpayers. Where does Randy Graf stand on issues such as jobs, healthcare, etc.? No one knows, because he is out drumming up fear of an invasion by non-whites into the USA.
Randy Graf's real motive is to get people to fear an influx of non-white people. If he can get enough people worked up with such fear, they will elect him.

Here is a good site that confirms Mr Graf is correct:

I was a little surprised by Ben Mirandas' diatribe. If there was a fool who wanted to stop his own political career it is Ben Miranda. Personally I don't decipher what colors or races are breaking the law of the land. I just know those people are breaking the law... Protecting Americas' borders has become more important than ever.The slow curtaillment of Americas' sovereignty must stop. Mr. Mirandas' remarks do not serve the citizens of Arizona or those he portends to serve...Arizona citizens or illegal entrants? Playing the race card was a poor example of political prowess and will not elevate Mr.Miranda in anyones' eyes other than law-breaking border crossers.
Has anyone considered a law that imposes a 10 year tax on all workers granted amnesty paid by the workers employer. The tax would be set at a level to make the amnesty worker more competitive with American workers. The tax would start tapering off after 5 years to zero. This would allow us to be humane to the illegals while protectiong US workers. The tax money could be used to pay for combined Mexico/US intense border patrol. All new illegals would be exported. We may want to grant Mexico money to start welfare programs for deportees back in Mexico. This money would only be paid if Mexico could prove it was eliminating illegal immigration by focused public policy. Also, the 14th amendment needs to be re-interperted to NOT define any baby born in the US as a citizen after the amnesty date. The amnesty date could be set back 12 months, so you would have to prove you have been in the US for over a year to get amnesty. The tax money could also pay the Southeastern states for their welfare system costs of the past decade due to illegals. The states ought to sue the US government for failing to protect them from the economic impact of illegals. American workers would have 5 years to train for another job or adjust thier standard of living. The Amnesty Tax would be a win-win solution.

Just my thjoughts on immigration. Keep up the good work !


Don Whitehead
My maiden name is Graf. I would like to know if Randy Graf's ancestors came from Switzerland or Cologne, Germany. I had an uncle who headed west after he came here from Germany and nobody ever heard from him again. Just wondering !
My Sister, her husband and my mother live in AZ near the border and I'm scared silly for them. We need Graf and Tancredo dodwn there to clean that up. But the Big Boys have something else going on.
This is crazy. Either the illegal population needs to go or you and your party will. I have met not met a legal citizen who wants the borders open. I have not met a legal citizen who supports any form of amnesty, no matter how you color it – comprehensive or any other word you use. We have waited too long and your inaction speaks volumes. The borders are still wide open and we, the silent majority, are still supporting 12 million illegal people who, quite frankly, need to go back to their own wonderful country. Let them spend the same time and energy lobbying their government to build a better Mexico. We are furious and we do vote.
I think we have all missed the point- illegal is illegal and anyone who enters the United States (Illegally) knows the consequences and will the pay a price of money or thier life when they make the journey. The United States has enabled the migrant worker - and that means all of us. (AMERICANS AND NON-AMERICANS of all color,race and religious backgrounds) Look to your right and then left and tell each other you don't like to save money - Yes, we are all cheap and want something for free or we want to pay as little money as possible; can anyone say Walmart? When was the last time you bought anything that said MADE IN THE USA. If we are to make our economy strong we need to bring ALL our jobs back to the United States and buy from AMERICAN COMPANIES ONLY. So, please don't put blame on ILLEGAL Immigrants, accept you own SHAME.
i think its very degrading that people can sit here an call other people "illegals" like if they were non human. when we talk about illegal things...we talk about drugs, weapons, etc....we talk about items. not humans. it is an impossible subject. humans cannot be illegal if they are seen as non-existent in this country. if anything....the U.S. made them what they are. so lets really think about how we refer to people who want nothing more than wat you and i have here in the united states... the opportunity of having the "american dream"

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