8 July 2003

Michael Savage "Wiener" Outed

The virulent right wing talker, who just got dismissed from his MSNBC duties, has a little secret, according to this publication. Radar has posted some letters from Michael Wiener (Savage's real name) to friend Allen Ginsberg. Here's a photo shot of one of the letters ...

No wonder the venom. And it reminds me of that comedian Bobcat Goldwaith's bit where he says "I hate you because you're gay and I like you and you're pretty..."...

In case you have trouble deciphering the handwriting, here it is in text mode:

March 8, 1970

Dear Allen:

After speaking to you on the phone about how nice the black-white thing is in mountain villages in Fiji, I walked downstairs to the school courtyard, where a little–known black brother looks at me, takes my hand gently, we do some old–world Lower East Side finger tricks, and he peacefully kisses the back of my hand – I do the same for his hand. I told him about our brief talk, and he says, "I must have felt the vibes."

Michael Weiner
Botany Dept.
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI

I am not familiar with this publication, so I cannot ascertain the probability of truth ... YMMV.


I must admit, I'm a bit surprised at his leftist past, but then again, not really. Many former liberals and/or passive bisexuals have "grown up" and seen the error of their ways. While I experienced a liberal jaunt in the early '70's, once I graduated from college and had to face the real world, I rapidly matured and naturally evolved into a conservative. It is my opinion that most liberals really have never had to face the reality of the working man (limousine liberals), or they are are a minority in the role of a parasite on white society who will always prey on every handout the Democrats offer. They will vote the straight Democratic ticket every time and will never change or be forced to see the errors in their thinking.