8 July 2003

The true story on the Niger Yellow Cake uranium

A letter implicating President Bush has been discovered...

Dear Mister Gaorge Bush:

Please keep this in the strictest confidense. You do not know me, but my name is Umbuto Johnson, and I am the grandson of Ashtari P. Johnson, in charge of the nuclear programme of the African country of Niger.

For severale years, my grandfather had been secretly selling radoactiv materiels to the little known country of Iraqe. He was given the sum of twenty million dollars by Saddem Hussan, of Iraqe, for this materiels. When my grandfather was discovered, two years ago, he was shot by the government. The money from those sales however remained hidden to all.

Before he was caoght, my grandfather shared with me his secret, and gave me instructions on how to move the moneys out of the country. In order to do this, I need the help of a trustworthy American friend and this is why I am seeking to write to you today.

In order to recieve the moneys I must pay a fee bribe of twenty thousand American dollars. I do not have this moneys. If you can send to me these moneys, I will split my grandfathers moneys with you.

Please tell nobody of this message, for I fear I will be in grave danger if it is known. I am relying on you, George Bush, to keep my secret. Respond to me and I will tell you how to send the moneys to me.

Your frend,
Umbuto Johnson


How do I get in on this deal?

Please let me help you. I feel so sorry for you.

Should I meet you in Africa?

My account number is 45822229234.
Routing number 85743
Wachovia Bank,
Wichita, Kansas
There's a sucker born every minute...Sheesh! Anyone who believes this bull is really NUTS!! And very naive' and stupid!
FUNNY! Snort, chuckle.
I'll send yuo twenty thousand pounds of horse manure, you con artist
I cant believe I just read that!
Kind of Funny Sort of!
Hey Umbuto come here to the U.S and tell someone that story & see what happens.
can I send you my money Western Union?

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