20 September 2001

Steve Long was Bin Laden's Worst Nightmare

Here is a touching piece on U.S. Army Major Steven Long, murdered at age 39 by suicide pilots while working at the Pentagon. It elicited an emotional response for me, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Regrettably and ironically, Usama Bin Laden and I now have something in common: Neither one of us will ever get to meet U.S. Army Maj. Stephen V. Long.

"Steve jumped into combat in Grenada with the Rangers in 1983. He received an Army Commendation with a V for valorhe personally destroyed a Cuban armored vehicle with a bazooka. He was later injured when his helicopter was shot down in Grenada. He later became an officer and served with the 82nd in the Gulf War. He was a fast track officer in his field. He had a wife and a step-son. It's a shame that this hero was murdered by cowards. Steve was well known, well liked, and will be greatly missed."

While I write this, NBC-TV is airing a report from Ft. Bragg, saying the 82nd will be among the first units to be used to fight Islamic radicals and Bin Laden, and final preparations are underway for utilizing Steve's old airborne pals.

Maj. Steve Long didn't work at a fancy investment company on Wall Street, doesn't have relatives walking the streets with his picture, and to the best of my knowledge never appeared on a panel with Larry King or Don Imus. He was simply a patriot doing his daily work, stolen from his family and nation in an instant.

I sure will be praying for the success of the 82nd Airborne Division. I've been praying for all the family and friends of the dead and missing resulting from the incomprehensible 9/11 attack. And I'm praying for our nation's leaders to guide our military might to snuff out our enemies.


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