19 September 2001

America's Reichstag Fire?

A court reformer/cable TV program producer is claiming that the U.S. Government had prior knowledge of the massive 9/11 terrorist attacks. Reportedly, the French CIA and Israel Mossad penetrated the plots and "confirm the validity of this story". According to the author, Sherman Skolnick, the attack notice went unheeded by Bush administration officials.

Foreign television networks were preparing lengthy documentaries that would scandalize George W. Bush - The subject matter included how forty million dollars in dope funds were used by the Bush Family to reportedly corrupt South Florida DEMOCRATS to abandon the recount even ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling installing George W. Bush as President.

The purpose of the "terrorist" attacks was to effectively paralyze the financial infrastructure of the U.S. Some of the most important stock and bond houses in the world, with their key people having loads of inside knowledge and hard to replace trading tricks and expertise, were located in the known-to-be-targetted twin towers of the World Trade Center, New York City. It was like blowing up the main "financial factory" and destroying their inventory.

I believe the theme of this story would make for a good Oliver Stone movie. What do you think?