12 October 2001

House Panel Thwarts Terrorists by Banning Net Gambling

From a Wired News article by Declan McCullagh: Osama bin Laden is not, according to news reports, a terribly big fan of Western vices. ... Nor has there been any reliable confirmation that last month's suicide-hijackers, who completed the bloodiest terrorist attack in American history, were habitual gamblers. ... But that didn't stop the House Financial Services committee from voting 62-1 on Thursday for an "anti-terrorism" bill that limits Internet gambling.

And read inside the text of Congressman Ron Paul who voices his opposition to these anti-terrorism measures - he states it has more to do with a war on financial privacy than it does combating terrorism. He calls HR 3004 a "laundry list of dangerous, unconstitutional power grabs". Read more inside ...

It looks like we're creating a new American Gestapo ... the Reagan regime used the "War on Drugs" to set the foundation of the disasterous assault on civil liberties with forfeiture laws and increases federal and local search/seizure powers; now Bush is using the "War on Terrorism" to enact a new Orwellian world where all of your financial, medical, recreational, and educational activities are to be monitored 24x7 by Big Brother and his cadre of electronic agents.

Wake the fuck up, people. Turn off Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or West Wing, or whatever drivel that's playing on the giggle box. Write your elected representatives now. Oh, I forgot, most mail rooms are closed now because of the recent anthrax scares. You can email them but the deluge of electronic mail is typically ignored (Bob Stump doesn't even have an email address - he thinks he's doing taxpayers a favor by saving costs). Well, I suppose we're out of luck unless we have the money of Time Warner, Enron, GE, or any other corporate behemoth or industry funded right wing think tank organization (like CATO, Heritage Foundation) to buy influence ...
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