28 March 2007

Chorpenning should be shackled during the day and only be released at night to work twelve-hour shifts changing adult briefs, colostomy bags,…

Shrimplate has posted an impassioned piece on the unpardonable scandal at the state nursing home for military veterans.
Patrick Chorpenning can resent me; for thinking, that is. For thinking that he's a liar and yet another completely out-of-touch-with-reality "administrator" that basically takes home a big paycheck and a lot of vacation time for being a stupid irresponsible jerk and bullshit artist.

With family members who serve in the nursing profession, Shrimplate's words echoed many of their gripes… …and there sure seems to be validity to charges of nepotism. A director of interior design for a nursing home? And a paid internship while positions dealing with front line patient care were gutted?

25 March 2007

Expect the max, unless you're a Republican State Legislator

Zelph, in a aznetroots post notes some blatant hypocrisy by AZ Republic columnist Laurie Roberts.
Columnist Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic, normally a crusader for harsher DUI enforcement, hopes they take it easy on Rep. Groe: Assuming no prior DUIs, I hope it is pleaded down so she can stay in the Legislature. She may be just what we need there.

Here, Ms. Roberts strikes a different note than she does with State Representative Trish Groe.

This sort of double talk from media blow-horns isn't even surprising anymore…