25 October 2006

Why should he do anything but lie back and count the votes they'll get for him?

Rosemary French of Sedona in response to the Arizona Republic endorsement of Arizona Republican Congressman Rick Renzi.
It's a good thing for Rick Renzi (1st Congressional District incumbent) that The Arizona Republic Editorial Board thinks he's doing a good job. Nobody else seems to.

Citizens for Ethics, an independent, nonpartisan committee, places Renzi on the list of the 13 most corrupt Washington politicians.

The Federal Elections Commission found enough problems with Renzi's 2002 campaign to order a full audit of the congressman's campaign coffers.

The League of Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan organization that rates members of the Legislature based on their voting records on environmental issues, gives Renzi a zero (out of 10).

Constituents are becoming increasing frustrated with him. He does not physically reside in his district and he has not bothered to show up at any of the five candidate-debate forums.

The fact that Renzi is one of the most corrupt members of Congress bothered the editors at the Arizona Republic not one iota.

Now Renzi may be embroiled in two separate federal probes, one about land swaps, another regarding favorable legislation for a military contractor that employs his father.

I pray Arizona voters go to the polls this November and do their earnest to eradicate the Republican culture of corruption from Washington. Even better if they reverse the recent abomination of legislation that has transformed Americans from citizens into subjects. But we may have to settle for a cup of less than evil.