25 May 2005

Arizonans Give Governor High Rating for Job Performance

According to a KAET poll, 79% of registered voters in Arizona rate Janet Napolitano's performance as very good or good.
Sixteen percent gave her a negative rating. Almost two-thirds (63 percent) of the Republicans interviewed gave the governor a good performance rating, as did 95 percent of the Democrats and 80 percent of the political independents.

The survey also found that 56 percent of those interviewed felt the legislators who recently completed their 2005 legislative session did a good job. Thirty percent gave the legislators poor marks and 14 percent said they had no opinion. Seventy-four percent of the Republicans, 60 percent of the political independents and 58 percent of the Democrats gave the legislature positive marks. Voters over 65 tended to be less supportive of the legislators than younger voters.

Voters tended to support the governor's decision to veto several bills passed earlier this spring by the Arizona Legislature. The most support for a gubernatorial veto came over a bill that would have allowed patrons to carry guns into bars, as long as they were not drinking. Seventy-nine percent agreed with the governor 's veto of that bill. Seventeen percent opposed the veto and 4 percent were undecided. There also was strong support for the governor's decision to veto a bill that would have allowed pharmacists the right to refuse to fill prescriptions if it would violate their moral principles related to birth control and contraception. Sixty-five percent supported the veto, 28 percent were opposed and 7 percent had no opinion.

24% of the respondents were registered independent, giving more creedence to the notion that Arizona is definitely a swing state.