19 January 2004

Conservatives recognize that America has a need for labor that Americans are unable or unwilling to fill...

... at the wages being offered.

Jeff Flake didn't properly end the sentence in his defense of President Bush's open immigration campaign that no doubt will insure full campaign coffers for Republican candidates in 2004.

Just another politician, completely out of touch with the electorate on a hot issue. On Saturday I heard Son of Jake speak on a local radio show and gleefully toss out the tidbit that his family eagerly employed illegal aliens. An elitist privileged son who cannot fathom the everyday existence of working Americans and the economic harm inflicted upon them by the hiring of unlawful aliens. It truly is an outrage.

Congressman Kolbe faced off against jeering protesters in Sierra Vista last Thursday:

"He (Kolbe) has turned his back on America," said protester Todd Evans, president of the Southeast Arizona Republicans Club. And while Evans said he was not protesting in his official capacity as president, he added, "Many of us believe he (Kolbe) doesn't deserve to be a Republican. We have been betrayed by his ideas."

Among the protesters were about a dozen members of local citizen border patrolling groups, including participants in American Border Patrol, Civil Homeland Defense and Ranch Rescue, each calling upon Kolbe to abandon his guest-worker proposal, jointly authored by Kolbe, Sen. John McCain and U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake. All are from Arizona.

In addition to waiving signs and display illegal immigrant garbage left on private property throughout the county, protesters, which included several children, displayed a mock-up of a U.S. Border Patrol agent with a knife through his back, with the words "Kolbe Amnesty" on the blade, as well as baby doll nailed to a crucifix.