4 March 2005

We are tired of Democrats pretending they care about the problems facing average Americans

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the ITPAA 2005 Weasil award based on her support of outsourcing and co-chair position on the "Friends of India Caucus" in the Senate, a group of senators that supports issues important to India, including outsourcing and H-1b and L-1 visas.
"It would be nice if she co-chaired the 'Friends of America Caucus' instead," Kirwin noted dryly. "India doesn't need representation in the Senate - America does."

"Politicians have forgotten that people in Delhi don't vote for them, but those in Dallas do. That was a lesson that (former Presidential hopeful Senator John) Kerry learned in Ohio," Kirwin said, referring to the candidate's loss of that state in the 2004 election by 100,000. Kirwin added that the ITPAA has a very strong base in Ohio.