17 September 2001

Be patriotic and buy stocks

Yes, as predicted, the economy and the stock market specifically is taking it in the shorts. A 685 point drop, the largest point drop in history, in the Dow Jones average today is already being termed "Bleak Monday". Our economy was already reeling from massive numbers of layoffs and technology sector slowdowns. Now it looks like we're in for a full fledged recession, if we weren't already.

I know a lot of people are flying flags to show their patriotism and love of America. While I think flag flying is a wonderful way for you to publically display devotion to your country, I am reminded of my pastor's repeated exhortations of how to verify that you walk the walk as a Christian - simply examine your calendar and checkbook. So when my wife urged me to sell our stocks, I resisted her plea - and stated that I know of no better way to show these demonic terrorists our firm resolve than to keep our money in the market and to continue investing. We're going to take a hit, and I realize that the affluent money changers will profit on the steadfast financial course of myself and others as they move funds to bonds or alternative investment vehicles. But, it's not like we have a fortune invested - in fact, it's probaly a mere pittance compared to others - just building a retirement fund for the golden years.
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