27 June 2004

Godwin's Law

I was thinking the same thing when I viewed a Bush Cheney 2004 presidential campaign commercial that suggests Democrats are the party of Hitler.
The Republicans' excuse for running an ad comparing John Kerry (and other Democrats) to Hitler is that the Democrats did if first -- when MoveOn ran an ad on Kerry's behalf comparing Bush to Hitler.

Except, of course, that MoveOn never did any such thing.

Watch the video and judge for yourself. I find it deplorable that the Republicans sink to a level where they liken their political challengers to Hitler.

The op-ed advertisement that selected to run during the Super Bowl (and which CBS did not permit to air) contained no Nazi references at all. This latest act by Team Bush Cheney is akin to Democrats running commercials that boast how the terrorists wish for George W Bush to stay in power or interviewing white supremacists gleeful in their support of Bush.

And the way the mainstream media reported this story is irksome.

Adolf Hitler's image has surfaced again in the White House race. President Bush's campaign is featuring online video of the Nazi dictator, taken down months ago from a liberal group's Web site and disavowed, in a spot that intersperses clips of speeches by Democrats John Kerry, Al Gore and Howard Dean.

One commercial is an official pronouncement from the party that is in control of all branches of government. The "online video" referred to in the ABC article was a contest submission left on the cutting floor. Good Gates, should the Republicans be lambasted

What is Godwin's Law?