6 October 2002

AZ Election Roundup Part I

Just some thoughts on recent developments on the Arizona election campaigns and ballot propositions:

Matt Salmon battles with public integrity questions yet again. Let's see, he's running as the UNclean elections candidate, preferring to pitch his chances with "big money" special interests, he's been the benefactor of an ugly telephone smear campaign that he expressed outrage over the insinuation that he had anything to do with it, he's seemingly contradicted his "small government", traditional conservative politics with his lobbying for a boondoggle "pie in the sky" project, and now it is contended that he's lied about his lobbyist work. His contract with the city of Phoenix specified that he was to perform "lobbying activities". But Salmon says he did not meet with congressional members despite the confirmation of several in Arizona's House delegation who stated that Salmon has met with them a number of times to discuss Phoenix's legislative agenda. Which is it Matt? Did the contract that paid you $150,000 go unfulfilled or did you indeed lobby without registering as prescribed by federal legislation that you voted into law?

More on Mr. Salmon, some takes on the ballot propositions and a word on the independent gubernatorial candidate...
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