22 February 2007

Dr. Mike Out, Stephanie Miller In

KPHX AM 1480 morning host Mike Newcomb is out at 1480/Nova M to make room for the Stephanie Miller radio show.
Apparently the Drobnys wanted him in PMD to make room for Stephanie Miller, and he didn't go for it. KPHX listeners are complaining because of the time/effort/cash he/they put in the bring the station back.

Newcomb goes from flagship unit and president of the fledgling network, to being out on the pavement. These are preliminary reports, so obviously I do not know whether the parting is as detailed above or is a mutual separation on kind terms so Newcomb can go off and pursue some another passion.

If it's as described on the Radio-Info forum, then this a terrible move by Sheldon Drobny. After collecting $100 "Founder's Club" subscriptions, he simply discards the most popular on-air talent asset Nova M employs, ensuring a dissatisfied set of listeners, who no doubt, will be promptly asking for refunds.

Drobny was one of the founders of Air America, and now it appears he's destined to have a lead role in the disintegration of another liberal/progressive talk radio network. Perhaps there is some sinister conspiracy at work here…

Haven't seen any "official reports" declaring this, either on Nova M web site, Mike's site or Mike's forums.