15 October 2005

Format changes could be in the offing for KXXT

James Crystal Enterprises sells three radio stations for a sum of $20 million. One of those stations, KXXT 1010 AM is presently the Phoenix area Air America network affiliate.

Since the buyer, Communicom Broadcasting, purchased another Phoenix radio station that features religous programming, it's a complete guess to what a potential format change has in store.

Communicom Broadcasting executive VP Carl DiMaria confirms for Billboard Radio Monitor that his group, owned by Rich Kylberg, has bought three AM stations from James Crystal Enterprises for $20 million.

Format changes could be in the offing for KXXT. DiMaria wouldn’t offer any suggestions other than to say “We’re not sure what we’re going to do there.”

While other Valley radio stations have abandoned local talkers in favor of syndicated crapola, KXXT 1010 AM features the best of local talk show host talent, including Mike Newcomb and Charles Goyette. That is, if you arn't guzzling the neoconservative "Archie Bunker" Kool-Aid poured out further down the dial. Even though a preponderance of Air America programming is comprised of Democratic shill-dom, it's refreshing to have a balanced over-the-air palette of political pundits, and it will be a disappointing development if the public interest becomes further ill served.