5 August 2005

Four-year non-stop album-rock block!

I'm definitely no expert on radio or rock & roll. But I knows what I likes when I hears it ... and I likes KCDX 103.1 FM out of Florence, AZ!

Everyone knows that the playlists of most "classic rock" stations these days are pretty tired: Zeppelin. Floyd. Stones. Aerosmith. Repeat.

Well boomer-era rockers, point your browsers at, click the "Listen Online" link, and prepare to hear songs you haven't heard since at least the Carter administration.

I first read about KCDX in a September '03 Phoenix New Times article called "Ghost Radio." Sounded cool ... way cool! Problem was, the station is situated in the Sonoran desert about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix, and their signal just plain don't reach up into my neck of the Valley.

I don't know if they were broadcasting online back then, but it wouldn't have mattered. I didn't have suitable computer equipment or high-speed internet back then. So KCDX fell off my radar.

Fast Forward to about a year ago, when we finally got a cable modem connection for our newer Mac. I was working at the computer one day, and suddenly recalled that magical mystery transmitter I'd read about a year earlier. After a quick Google search, BAM! I was receivin'!

A repertoire that's so classic it's fresh ... no commercials or announcers ... and of course, an online playlist (to help you recall the songs and artists when those "senior moments" hit you) ...

Go on and check it out, rock and roll fan ... Now!