20 November 2003

Rick Bloom's got a mike, and "funny" has a whole new meaning

Any press is better than no press, even a Phoenix New Times article by Robrt Pela that pans the KFNX 1100 AM morning show.

In other KFNX related notes, Mike Newcomb's On Second Thought can be heard 5-7 PM and Arizona's libertarian broadcast deacon Ernest Hancock has the weekday noon (12-1 PM) hour slot.

18 November 2003

Rick Bloom Show Daily Journals

Heard on KFNX 1100 AM weekday mornings 6-9 AM, according to Jabbertalky. The Rick Bloom Show with Dale Silverman has a nifty web page though I didn't discover any posted schedule show times. Chance has prevented me from sampling it so far, a browsing of the posted daily journal recaps tells of interesting guests like Arizona Republic writers Bill Goodykoontz, Paola Boivin, US Senator Zell Miller, AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard and NY Times economics writer Paul Krugman.

No online show archives availabe, but a KFNX internet stream can be heard here if luck and technology converge for you. It was troublesome getting a steady sound stream, perhaps Safari launching Windows Media Player sans plugin is to blame. And you'll have to endure some annoying sound distortion.