23 June 2003

Seven Hours of G. Gordon Liddy a Day on Tape Delay?

Oh Lord, what hath the Valley of the Sun wrought to deserve such a fate?

Apparently, John Dayl is no longer part of the KXAM AM 1310 programming schedule.

KXAM now down to almost zero local programming - there is the radical libertarian revival morning show with Ernest Hancock, but that show has all the feel of brokered programming, even though I do enjoy it. Matt Gerson still has his person-to-person gig Wednesday thru Friday and Radio Cafe with Don Sandler is still on the Friday schedule. But other than that, it's all bargain bin also ran crusty old syndicated talk fare.

Is Gannett going to swallow up the independent Gerson radio franchise like it is rumored to be bidding for Freedom Newspapers, East Valley Tribune owners?

Media mergermania maniacally manifesting...

6 June 2003

KFYI Goyette Show Stealing Show Theme from KTAR?

This afternoon, KFYI Charles Goyette eagerly launched into his show, asking the listeners to fill in the cast for the new Hillary Clinton A&E movie. Further down the dial, KTAR Michael Hagerty, filling in for Preston Westmoreland, also shared the same exact topic, though his show was not as "fictional" as Goyette's. Hagerty provided some details on the planned movie, specifically, that Sharon Stone has got dibs on the lead role.

Just a hunch, but considering that KTAR runs promos all day billing the day's talk show fare as juicy plugs while KFYI national programming precedes Goyette's show would indicate the KFYI'ers latched onto the competitor's themes instead of coming up with their own show. I guess banging on the bishop was getting old ...