8 May 2003

KFYI-AM drops Heidi and Heywood for Bruce Jacobs

I think the intelligence quotient in the local Valley talk radio host pool just took a big hit ...

Morning talk radio will be less chatty and more teeth-grinding starting today.

KFYI-AM (550) announced Wednesday that it is dropping Heidi and Heywood, the station's morning show for the past two years. Edgy talker Bruce Jacobs will take their place.

Heidi Foglesong will remain with KFYI in an on-air capacity, but Bill Heywood will not. KFYI programming director Laurie Cantillo said the change was made in response to the latest Arbitron ratings. Those numbers, released last week, put KFYI rival KTAR-AM (620) way out in front of KFYI in both the morning and afternoon drive times.

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