22 August 2006

John Dougherty gone

Arizona's premier investigative journalist, John Dougherty, has quit his Phoenix New Times post. It's really a shame, even if Dougherty's work is not noted by many — discounted because his articles run in the alernative press weekly Phoenix New Times. But Dougherty has served as a courageous muckraker in taking on corruption and malfeasance of Valley authority figures, where mainstream media entites scurry away enraputured with "avoidance at all cost" philosophy when it comes to coverage on Arizona power brokers.

For years, Dougherty has reported on corruption and misdeeds of Sheriff Arpaio's office and on the plight of polygamous Mormon sects in Arizona. Recent targets in Dougherty's crosshairs include county attorney Andrew Thomas, the Phoenix Coyotes, state secretary Jan Brewer and the state government's disdain for the Havasupai.

Here is an interview John Dougherty did with Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! on the topic of John McCain a few years back.