27 July 2005

How we will say thank you for their incredible loyalty and support throughout the work stoppage

The NHL is back in business after a divisive feud between owners and players resulted in a year long lockout, and the Phoenix Coyotes are lowering ticket prices to lure fans back to the Glendale Arena.
The Phoenix Coyotes announced today the team's season ticket pricing for the  2005-06 NHL season. The Coyotes have reduced ticket prices on nearly 15,000  seats in Glendale Arena ranging from 11 to 25 percent. The average ticket price  reduction is 12.8 percent.

The prices for top level, center ice seats appear to be most reasonable to me — $23 and $15 respectively, except for the first few rows which are $38.

New league rule changes will be in effect for the 2005-2006 season, in an effort to open up the game amd revitalize fan excitement over NHL action. Most significant of these are the removal of the red line for offsides passing and the introduction of a shootout to settle ties.