18 February 2005

Juiced is about a lot more than just steroids

A MSNBC Keith Olbermann review of baseball star Jose Canseco's tell-all book contains additional juicy tidbits besides his admission of his (and teammate) steroid consumption. Including some commentary on Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens bribing umpires, and an encouraging word for aspiring young baseball stars concerned about the effects of steriod usage on the reproductive organs.
(Page 218) The simple fact is that Barry Bonds was definitely using steroids.

And believe it or not, Juiced is about a lot more than just steroids. It's also about players bribing umpires (page 162): "Fans would be amazed just how far some players - especially pitchers, even the best of them - will go to try to stay on the good side of umpires. Roger Clemens… was always very conscientious about taking care of umpiring crews. One thing he would do was use his pull to get them on the best golf courses… Some players are constantly signing bats and balls for them, taking pictures with their kids - even sending them Christmas gifts, like sporting equipment ordered directly from whichever company they have an endorsement deal with."

And Jose closes with good news for you youngsters just starting out on steroids (page 98): “One definite side effect of steroid use is the atrophying of your testicles. I can confirm that. Whatever size they start out, they will definitely shrink if you are taking steroids over a period of time. But here's the point I want to emphasize: what happens to your testes has nothing to do with any shrinking of the penis. That's a misconception. As a matter of fact, the reverse can be true. Using growth hormone can make your penis bigger, and make you more easily aroused. So to the guys out there who are worried about their manhood, all I can say is: Growth hormone worked for me.”