29 December 2003

Dave McGinnis is an exemplary man

According to Bill Bidwill, though it still meant Dave McGinnis was getting fired despite yesterday's Cardinal victory that was simply stunning and one to remember.
Arizona Cardinals President Bill Bidwill has relieved Head Coach Dave McGinnis and his coaching staff from their duties effective immediately.

The victory yesterday was one for the ages. Trailing 17-6 with a little over six minutes left in the game, the Cardinals came back in a most improbable fashion, in stumbling style to a 18-17 comeback victory. Knocking the Vikings out of this season's playoff pool.

Viking fans who seemed to outnumber Cardinal fans, whose hopes were crushed, were taunted exiting the stadium.

Some suggest that the Cardinals should have just rolled over as the win was really just a big loss, considering that they forfeited the top pick in 2004 draft.

Some other memorable games in Sun Devil Stadium over the past few years...

23 December 2003

Claude Lemieux would have loved this place

Phoenix Coyotes new home in Glendale opens for NHL play Saturday night.

An Arizona Republic article describes five ingredients for success offered by the new digs - pride, true home-ice advantage, intimate fan surroundings and greater revenue streams.

Will it be enough to erase reported losses of $25 million and turn a tidy profit? I did not renew my season ticket plan ... it's a lot of money ...
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