30 October 2003

Deal Makers for Mr. Bidwill

Bob Boze Bell with a short take on what it would take to get him to attend a Arizona Cardinals football game.

16 October 2003

Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose!

Outside of let's say 25,000 or so fervent Marlin faithful in South Florida, most of America was rooting for those lovable losers that haven't won the World Series in nearly 100 years.

Not me. I am delighted to see them fall short again in the post-season. For if they were to go on and win baseball's fall classic, it might well be the demarcation of the onset of a new cataclysmic eon. A world where upside down becomes right side up. Or a reign of chaos over order. Perhaps shifts in tidal wave patterns or violent metamorphosis in climate.

Seriously, I detest the Cubs for several reasons. The biggest factor being the WGN superstation deal. For any other major league baseball team, except the Cubs (and Braves too), I would have to dish out a couple hundred bucks to watch the games on television. But not the Tribune owned Cubs, who can beam their broadcasts into the far corners of the world for the price of a small monthly cable fee. It also pains me to see former Pirates (my team) that were basically given away at the trade deadline help the Chicago club earn a division championship. On the other hand, perhaps the ex-Pirate tally is what did the Cubbies in - if you believe in that hooey. Finally, the power play the Tribune Co. exacted on ex-Commissioner Fay Vincent in the early 1990's when Vincent attempted to enact sensible geographic realignment. Which lead to Vincent's demise and Bud Selig's term as commissioner.

Hopefully, the sorrowful fan who snatched that eighth inning foul ball from the hands of Cub fielder Moises Alou won't contemplate suicide or suffer the wrath of deranged and manic fans looking for a scapegoat.

Spring training is less than six months away and the Cubs, along with the other already eliminated teams, can dream of a world series victory in 2004.

2 October 2003

Rush Limbaugh Resigns From ESPN NFL Countdown Show for Insensitive and Inappropriate Comments

And I was just getting ready to pen a piece on how I would not watch ESPN NFL Countdown again until his evil, hate filled presence on the show was no more.

It was a ridiculous decision by the braintrust at ESPN to instill such a vitriolic, politically charged blowhard. What on earth were they thinking? Though, I lament that it's a sad sign of the times that the viewing audience increased - I hope the rise was more due to the trainwreck factor than the hordes of intolerant dittoheads flocking to their annointed shepherd.

On Sunday, Limbaugh put his foot in his mouth and has been defiant, using his daytime talk show to defend himself for this absurd, inexcusable comment:

"I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,'' Limbaugh said.

There's a conspiracy in "the media" to have a black quarterback do well?
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