15 July 2003

Pat Robertson and Operation Supreme Court Freedom

The religous broadcaster urges his followers to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court in response to the its recent ruling that decriminalized sodomy.

On this morning's KTAR David Leibowitz program, the host put forth a proposal for a retaliatory prayer offensive - to pray that one of Robertson's grandsons turns up gay.

Perhaps Robertson is merely scurrying for a deflection of press coverage over his defense of his African business partner, Liberia dictator Charles Taylor.
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6 July 2003

Pat Robertson Engages in Illegal Mining Operation in Liberia

Pat Robertson, despite chiding Americans for hedonistic pursuits, has been a business partner of Liberia's President Taylor, the infamous West African warlord/president now being asked by President Bush to step down in wake of a recent UN indictment.
We now know that in April 1999, Charles Taylor and Pat Robertson signed a document labeled "Mineral Development Agreement between the Republic of Liberia and Freedom Gold Limited". By signing his agreement, Taylor was, in fact, assigning gold mining concession rights to Pat Robertson from an established businessman, Ken Ross II, whose Bocon Jideh gold-mining operation dates back to the Tolbert administration.

According to the GQ article, Pat Robertson has committed at least US$15 million of investment to Freedom Gold. The terms of contract call for Freedom Gold to spend about US$500,000 annually in investment and rental fees in Liberia. "The agreement gives Freedom Gold the right to mine, sell, export and explore minerals, with an additional 3 percent royalty rate to be paid to the government of Liberia."