10 November 2004

Flu Who

Typical Communist healthcare...shortages; long lines, and a more-or-less genteel Black Market. Note who gets the state medicine--the old; the sick, and, of course, the children--favorite "victims" in the view of The Left.

Capitalists want the middle aged, middle class workers, who collectively have all the money (before taxes), to buy their own family health services from among competing private providers. They offer health care for the poor through teaching hospitals and free clinics...wherein the poor present themselves as practice subjects to defray the cost of their health care. After all, if we don't keep the bourgeoisie healthy, how can we exploit it.

The Plutocracy wants medicine to be "Big Medicine," and Big Medicine to be (unconstitutionally) federalized medicine. This flu vaccine shortage is a typical example. Production has been outsourced to maximize profit by cutting labor and regulatory costs. The system enevitably malfunctions. The victims of The Plutocracy get bad medicine, grossly overpriced.